Does This Oreo Ad Offend You? Korean Oreo Ad Draws Fire – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig

CFN –   Does this image offend you?   It’s so odd here in North America, the birth place of mass produced Pornography, that the hint of the image of a nipple can cause outrage.

I’m sure Oreo’s ad agency is loving it.   It’s an awesome ad and millions have seen it and are talking about their cookies.    And look at that image, the safe and security of mom, the act of breast feeding which is one of  the most healthy sources of nourishment connected to their product.

Smart ad.  Smart roll out.  How sad is it that they could never use it here in North America?

Of course with Social Networking this image has gone viral although in most media the nipple has been covered with a box or image and I do know we’ll probably end up with emails or comments about us showing it in the raw, but really…. in an age with ultra violent video games, music lyrics, and Jersey Shore on TV are we really all that afraid and offended by a lactating nipple?

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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  1. I’m afraid it’s the cookie that offends me, all that saturated fat and sugar and wheat in comparison to natures perfect food for a baby.

  2. Yes it does offend me but not because of the nipple, I like nipples. I’m offended that they are trying to use breast feeding to increase the sale of their cookies which are far from healthy themselves.

  3. What’s more natural than nature at its best? A loving mother nursing her baby is nature’s bounty.
    The cookie is just a prop. A mother knows best when it comes to feeding her child and it’s not Oreos.

  4. Love it — very creative!

  5. This ad exemplifies what is SO warped with our values of women, nutrition, childhood, and the manipulation of desire and nurturance. I won’t even go into the negative responses in some nations towards the portrayal of the human form. As a therapist, child protection social worker, nutrition advocate, and someone concerned with the mechanization of food production and the attendant reductions in nutrition and resulting fallout of obesity, diabetes, and circulatory issues, I am appalled at the use and manipulation of what are arguably the bedrock icons of human existence for the crass pedaling of unnecessary and non-nutritious foodstuffs.

  6. Author

    Hey Dave1949, maybe they’re using Oreo’s to promote breast feeding? 🙂

  7. The cookie offends me not the breast feeding which is done in many malls all over as long as breast is not exposed etc..

  8. The only thing that bothers me about the picture is I wish I had breasts like that!

  9. Gee Jamie, how do I feel about this picture? Well, breast feeding is such a natural thing and I gotta say that baby is so adorable and as far as the oreo cookie, I could take it or leave it.

  10. Offend ? Hell no. Envy ? Maybe. Cookies and milk have just moved to another level.

  11. I’m not offended but it’s kind of a cheap trick to use the image of a nice breast to sell cookies. I’m not buying Oreos though and neither should any of you ! 🙂

  12. I want the cookie and the breast milk – lucky kid. Not offended at all as long as the cookie is a treat offered only once in awhile.

  13. Clever bit. Everyone knows kids love Milk and cookies. Bible thumpers and emaciated food ascetics all please lighten up. The stress you place on yourselves and others is getting tiresome and will kill you before a cookie will. No one is listening to your bleating.

  14. My word that is a beautiful breast. Cute baby. It sells me. Oh, am I offended? I’ve seen breasts before. Those didn’t offend me, either.

  15. Omg that is sooooo adorable! I don’t see anything at all wrong with this pic. Everything is soooo right. I only wish more people could see that we are mammals first, and that the breast is there for feeding. I leave the rest to your imagination and pleasure.
    Baby is adorable and so is the nipple. We all have them.

  16. Totally confused about CFN…

    I would suggest focussing on Cornwall and SD&G Counties!

    I really don’t care about Korea!

  17. Interesting is not interested

  18. What cookie???…

  19. Beautiful, natural, nurturing picture. Clean, pure, healthy come to mind. No dripping of milk, no crumbs, great coloring. Thousands of advertisers would be taken aback because they didn’t come up with this as a first. No doubt when and wherever it would be published mothers nurturing, loving ways will entice other mothers to see the wonder and Oreo’s sails and sales will sky rocket.

  20. what a beautiful milk carton

  21. Dirty Harry!

    Yes, not interested because it’s FAKE!

    You think that breasts look like that when nursing?

    This is all air brushed, perky and perfect?

    Where are the stretch marks or cracked nipples?

    Not that breast feeding is not beautiful and natural -it is.

  22. Pure advertising genius. Milk and cookies. I love it.

  23. . . . it’s a cheap shot to sell cookies – shame on that company who shall remain nameless

  24. Am I offended? No, not at all. In fact, I think the little boy in me is slightly envious. The next time I see the cookie shelf when doing my regular grocery shopping, what image will come to mind. Double dipping a cookie in a glass of milk. Cheers to a new image.

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