Medical Arts Pharmacy Donates $60,000 to Maxville Manor Foundation – April 26, 2012

CFN – Further solidifying its commitment to helping people “age well,” Medical Arts Pharmacy today announced a donation of $60,000. (over five years) to the Maxville Manor Foundation.  But the pharmacy extended additional value by supporting the development and screening of  a short documentary entitled: Maxville Manor, A place to call home.


“The fact that my parents and maternal uncle (Maxville-born Conservative MPP, Osie Villeneuve) played such integral roles in establishing the Manor, given Maxville is where I was born, and given Medical Arts’ 44-year relationship with the Manor, I believed a documentary would be the best way to tell and preserve the story for future generations,”  Harry Haramis said.  

Approximately seven minutes long, the documentary was edited down from more than two hours of interviews with Nick and Marion Haramis (recently named Cornwall’s citizens of the year), Dr. T.A. Jaggassar (who has been the residence’s physician since the Manor opened in 1968), as well as Medical Arts pharmacists/owners, Harry Haramis, Josee Lemay and Suzie Pilon.

Written and narrated by communications consultant and journalist, MaryAnne Pankhurst (South Glengarry), and filmed and produced by Kevin Lamoureux of KAV Productions (Cornwall)

Cornwall Free News

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