Rare Kopi Luwak Coffee Tasting at Island Ink Jet on 18 May 2012 in Cornwall Ontario

CFNCoffey’s Coffee and the Island Ink Jet and Laser Toners are please to be able to offer samples of two of the world’s rarest coffees, Kopu Luwak and Reunion Island. The coffees will be served at the Island Ink Jet at 8 Third St. West on Friday morning, 18 May 2012 for a nominal price.

There is a very limited supply of these rare and expensive coffees so it will be first come first serve for as long as the supply lasts.

If you are a true coffee lover this is an opportunity to taste these legendary coffees.

Warning…There is a down side to this event. If you happen to fall in love with these spectacular coffees their retail price is about $140 per lb!

Island Inkjet

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  1. I had occasion to taste the Kopi Lewak last week at the Island Ink-Jet Internet Cafe, it was wonderful. Thank God I’m not a millionaire because if I were then I’d drink nothing but Kopi Lewak all the time.

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