Waterfront Subterfuge Exposed. Roy Perkins pushed for Park Condo before Committee Term was Up

CFN – It’s looking like the “developer” Cornwall Ontario Waterfront Development Committee VP Guy Menard was referring to was his tenant Roy Perkins who sits with him on this committee.

Eric Lange & Roy Perkins

Documents received today by CFN; minutes from 2011 clearly show Conflict of interest issues and full knowledge of the committee and two of the City Lay Committee members, Councilors Glen Grant and Denis Thibault.

Ms Cassidy’s denial over the non disclosure of the fiduciary relationship between Mr. Perkins and Mr. Menard, but as these documents below show she chaired meetings covering the push by Mr. Perkins to get a condo developed in a public  park; possible to members of the committees benefit and certainly at the expense of the citizens of Cornwall Ontario.

Now that seems benign enough.  Red flaggish yes, but let’s look at the next document.

Mr. Perkins moved that the minutes from the first documents meeting be accepted…..

Now this document is outright scary. At this point if you’re sitting on this committee how on earth can you remain silent unless you’re  part of this stunt?

He felt that since the term of this committee is for 4 years, the committee must move quickly if they wish to do something within those 4 years.

Holy Gilles Latour!

Roy Perkins further advised that he felt that the Committee has to review the Waterfront Land Development Plan to see if it matches the direction that the committee wishes to go.

Holy Gilles Latour!    So the committee had decided this was the way to go?

Keitha Fisher advised that she felt that people’s perceptions change over time; i.e. what was a priority to them then may not be one now.

How did that work out at the Waterfront meetings Tuesday Ms Fisher?

Do you see a trend here?  Roy Perkins is doing an awful lot of advising.   Is Roy Perkins really that smart that this group would want that much of his advice?  Have any of you ever talked with Roy Perkins?

Roy Perkins advised that he would like to move forward with the development of a process that the Committee would have to follow to see if it would be feasible to develop the lands east of the Civic Complex to present to Council and that the members of the Waterfront Development Committee should present for support. 

Holy Gilles Latour!  There’s that Roy Perkins doing his advising thing again!

Conflict of interest?  Even one of the attendees of the public consultation nailed it down.

In this next video where lawyer Etienne St. Aubin called for the committee to resign Pat Finucan calls himself “neutral”  and suggests that the committee members had the best of intentions.  But my question would be best of intentions for whom?   For the people of Cornwall?  No, the evidence certainly isn’t pointing to that.

Your Lay Committee is headed by Mayor Bob Kilger; the man Mr. Finucan appeared in three videos for during the Mayor’s re-election campaign.  LINK

Members include waterfront committee members & City councilors Glen Grant & Denis Thibault.

At this point it certainly seems clear that this committee needs to be recused.  Lovely word that; recuse.

tr.v. re·cused, re·cus·ing, re·cus·es

To disqualify or seek to disqualify from participation in a decision on grounds such as prejudice or personal involvement.
And that good citizens of Cornwall Ontario and those reading elsewhere is what it seems we just may have.  A business person in Mr. Perkins, who with the co-operation, willingly or knowingly, attempting to divert a piece of land in a public park for private benefit.
Stinks huh?
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  1. I appreciate all the Gilles Latours.

  2. Author

    I thought you would Wow!

  3. Admin: I just want to say “thank you” for your dedication and perseverance in getting to the truth of matters effecting all citizens of Cornwall. This is what we used to call investigative journalism but unfortunately they don’t teach it any longer to journalism students.

    This report on the conflict of interest in waterfront development is like a breath of fresh air.

    In my opinion City Council has no alternative but to dismiss the waterfront committee, re-advertise the positions and begin again from square one. Anything less would be a travesty.

  4. Author

    Irony that the city is boycotting CFN Kevin….

  5. I just want to say thank you also in getting to the truth to many matters that concern all the citizens of Cornwall and bringing them forward to your many readers.. Thank you for all you do for us!! Boycott away city of Cornwall we still will learn the truth!!

  6. Kevin & Jane,

    Enjoyed both of your comments very much, and I’m in total agreement ! If “CFN” was not around, covering this waterfront story in the fashion that it did, I shudder, at the future of Lamoureux Park. “CFN” was direct, conscise, hard hitting and above all truthful. Documents, minutes, interviews (un-edited) were provided, as you (Kevin) mentioned, he provides investigative reporting, which Cornwall was sadly missing “IMO” !
    However, as was mentioned above, the City (us) is boycotting CFN, for what, I’m not certain, then the City should state publicly their case against CFN, then allow CFN to respond to their accusations.
    Their is also, a group of local, movers & shackers, that are hell bent on forcing “CFN” out of business. Perhaps, a boycott of the boycotters, would be in order ?
    Thank-you, for having our back !

  7. Talk about your unobstructed views. This document does clearly show that committee members turned a blind eye. Question is, why?

  8. Author

    Hi Mr. Magoo. I have stated since this sort of thing happened that if I and CFN left town it would not be over what the bad guys try to do, but because good people and businesses sit on their hands and allow it. I don’t want to be a part of that type of community. Cornwall is a super community with some amazing people.

    Beavergate and the two Waterfront sessions give me a lot of hope. Now if some of the business community can see how many residents truly support this kind of work as opposed to the local VW dealership that refused a $1 ad because, as they said, “It’s a small town” we can move forward and grow.

    We need more staff and resources to work with and that can only happen with support from the community. So please truly support our advertisers because without their support (and some of them are actually pressured to not advertise with us) there would be nothing for our amazing community of viewers to read.

  9. why can’t they just build them somewhere else , i haven’t heard alot of good things coming out of the McConnell condos, what about where domtar was, or does that affect Mr Grants view of the water front

  10. Keep it front and center in the news. Bullies tend to back down when they are being watched.

    Ask anybody who has had dealings with Roy Perkins just how he operates……..He is not a mover and shaker, he’s a taker.

  11. Someone was kind enough to give me a basement sump pump, which I finished installing yesterday. I needed a few parts and two lengths of hose to get it going.

    It would have been more convenient to have gone to Home Hardware for the parts, especially as the pump itself appears to have been bought there originally. However, in view of the waterfront situation, I went the extra distance to Home Depot.

    I got excellent service, and all the parts I needed, at a fair price. Thank you to the staff of Home Depot.

    Mr. Perkins, you’re welcome!

  12. Mr. Editor, (Jamie)

    Delighted to see Ed. Lumley’s solid endorsement of Lamoureux Park. Many years ago, the City of Cornwall honored Ed by naming the arena part of the Complex in his name & rightfully so !
    By him speaking out so forcefully in the Park’s defence, he is guaranteeing that the arena bearing his name, will remain part of the beautiful landscape that is Cornwall’s showcase ! It would appear, that he is not alone in his commitment to Lamoureux Park .
    Thanks again Edward .

  13. Hey Richard, too bad you didn’t go to Home Hardware. Perkins owns Rona on Marleau Avenue. You are boycotting the wrong store!

    Kevin and Mr. Magoo: I also disagree with comments that CFN is saving the day. There are countless other people that are voicing their concerns as well and generally in a more positive manner unlike the CFN which generally always has a negative slant – glass half empty which appeals to a lot of folks in Cornwall who tend to think that way as well. Not really that hard to figure that Roy Perkins moved to Cornwall got a job at Menard’s and worked his way up to become Manager. When the Menards wanted to retire, he bought in. Roy ain’t bright but give him credit for being a hard worker which is more that can be said about a lot of other folks.
    Hopefully all the stink against the development between Brookdale to Rae Street will sink in with our fine elected officials.
    Focus should be on Domar and Oil Tank areas.

  14. ^Yeah but Lumley hasn’t lived in the city for nearly 30 years so I don’t care. He got lucky and made a fortune. Good for him!

    I respect your respect of Mr. Lumley but feel the Freeholder only fished that story to deflect from Jamie and friends collaborative efforts which were truly the impetus to the uprising of citizens.

    I think Orwell said something like (paraphrasing), “Journalism is printing something that others don’t want to be printed. The rest is public relations.” Jamie is a journalist.

  15. Richard Please get it straight I believe you were meaning RONA as that is roy’s bus not Home Hardware the good people there don’t want nor do they deserve your comment.

  16. Author

    Personally I do not believe in boycotts per se. I would never suggest boycotting Mr. Perkin’s or anyone’s business.

  17. Folks,,,,, give Richard a break, you know what he meant , he just used the wrong name . He’s on our side ! lol
    Mr. “WOW”, my friend, very true what you said, but Mr. Lumley made a very public statement in support of the Park, which is more, than a lot of our elected officials. Whether you supported Mr. Lumley, while in politics or not, he came out with a very strong & clear message. Again, by his statement, he’s on our side ! lol
    It was not a collaborative effort as you described, it was an outright up-rising, of an incredible cross section of Cornwall, that for once, stood up and stated “enough of this BS” ! As, I clearly stated earlier, the CFN was monumental in it’s reporting & coverage of this story.
    “CornwallGetBetter”, CFN, does not always have a negative slant, as you state, they cover & report on stories, issues that would have never seen the light of day. That’s what investigative reporting is ! Most of these stories, are about serious issues, that require more than a quick photo-op ! CFN got the message out, in a very direct , factual fashion. Just my 2 cents, & remember Mr. Magoo is blinder than a bat ! lol

  18. Rona? Home Hardware?
    I always had the idea that they were the same company, however, it seems I was in error.

    My apologies to all concerned.

  19. I was very pleased to hear that Ed Lumley clearly defined what he thought to be the proper eastern boundary of our park. This endorcement clearly puts the credibilty of the water front group who were attempting to build a condo on the east parking lot of the civic center in question (as they were saying over & over that the parking lot was not in the park .) Thank you Mr.Lumley.

  20. I don’t care if it is in the east parking lot or the north parking lot at the civic center or any where else within that area, NO CONDO development IS TO BE BUILT THERE. PERIOD. Someone has lost their marbles for sure. Hey! How about opening a RV campgrounds right there? NOT. That how stupid it sounds.

  21. It is very clear that the public thought the only reasonable spot for condo development would be the oil tank land. Isn’t that what was in the water front plan? Perhaps someone could help me on that.

  22. i think this idea of a condo building in the parking lot is just a big smoke screen.This whole issue just doesn,t make any sence.I think their,s something bigger in the fish tank.Get ready all.

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