Canada Day 2012 ! Send Your Greetings on The Cornwall Free News!

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  1. Dave Windsor   June 19, 2012 at 10:30 PM

    Cornwall the Beautiful, reborn to a new era from our recent pre millennia of industrial giants to new more giant infrastructure as a transportation, distribution mega center. We are indeed a Canada wide hub receiving and redirecting millions of goods, services and yes, dollars in and from all over the world on out to central and eastern Canada. We’ve had Don Messer through our gorgeous valley now we have Don Smith pulling up his socks to raise ours as well. Thank you Don )with this brilliant community supportive communication).

    We have nothing but a promised land for fulfilling that dreams of intelligent citizens, even some with money, and what ever we come up with, if not for all mortal time as we’ll know it, for years to come in the least. We grow from the narrow minded protectionist thinkers of the past to the beyond and out of the box ideas of the future. Our time is now.

    I see our youth coming back, more and more seniors enjoying our water front along with them. Condos, culture and community blending in acceptance, piece and serene harmony. That’s Cornwall, a city of quiet bliss. ENJOY the harmony, with our neighbor to neighbor. Here we actually talk to each other. We say hello as we pass on the street and we pass it forward.

    Perhaps one day we too will have our boardwalk, 16 feet wide, running from Marina 200 to the RCAF Centre. We will have our expanded ;Lear Jet size airport, expanded highway 138, a 100,000 populace city beckoning and beaconing to the world….this is the best of the best…come, come see believe, stay.

    Dave Windsor

    Dave Windsor

  2. 2 sides 2 a Story   June 27, 2012 at 4:08 PM

    Well said David

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