Letter to the Editor – Harry Valentine of Cornwall Ontario – Standing Wave for Cornwall Beach?

The proposal for a beach along Cornwall’s waterfront has generated some lively discussion. Many believe that a beach could attract more visitors to Lamoureux Park during summer. If the Environmental Department of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne and Hydro One are willing, it may be possible to generate standing waves along Cornwall’s waterfront for the purpose of water surfing and perhaps water rafting in inflatable rubber dinghies.
The installation of a sewer half-pipe across part of the channel could create a wave to appear on the water surface, directly above the half-pipe. Fish may take refuge inside the half-pipe. A series of strategically-spaced half-pipes could generate a series of standing waves between the RCAF building and the Civic Complex. At some times, surfers could bring their boards to ride the waves. At other times, groups of people wearing life-preservers may be taken for a roller-coaster ride in a dinghy that riders over the waves.
The combination of a waterfront beach and waterfront surfing could attract visitors to Lamoureux Park during summer.

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  1. Inlet Beach Idea Extension:


    Have you examples of this being applied elsewhere.

    I would certainly have a potential for entrepreneurs

    to pull rafts over the waves, under contract perhaps.

    With so many people being attracted to the beach and

    mechanically produced wave we would also need more

    boardwalk or out look points for mom and dad along

    the length from the trees back to the complex to save

    bank erosions.

    The spinoffs of so many people would be a marketers

    dream come true. Fun heaven right here in downtown

    CORNWALL during summer months instead of being a sleepy


    Just imagine the possibilities. We’d finally be a go to draw

    point for our kids who may finally elect to live work and play

    right here at home.

    We need the support of the city fathers, planners and even all

    our senior members of the Legion. RCAF Wing as these good

    men and women have some changes to bring intransigence to

    change for the good of all. They have done so much along with

    the Rotary Clubs, Kinsmen/women and others.

    Seeing parking overlaps and other adjustments would be a difficult

    hurdle. We need city input on this one especially at the new fishing

    boat ramps. These are so important to so many we need solutions to fit all.

    This is not a small idea here folks, yet the beach and now the

    wave idea along with a short boardwalk with railings can all be

    eventualities for sure. CAN WE COUNT ON YOU FOR INPUT AND



    Think positive, be positive, will get positive. I’m excited already.

    Dave Windsor/CORNWALL

  2. I remember young Korey Kennedy coming up with the boardwalk idea some years ago when he was in council. We would have to give him the credit he deserves on this one.

    Yes I think that it would revitalize sleepy hollow for sure to get some sort of a beach on the go. So many people are bored stiff and we could see that when we go to Cornwall. We don’t see people taking an active part in their beautiful parks and something has to bring people out of their houses and take an active part. What you are proposing is a very good idea.

  3. on behalf of Harry Valentine an myself ‘jules’ thank you. There is a ‘however’ here though, whether it’s the boardwalk, the half-pipe wave idea here–above–or even parking, all would depend on having a beach first and formost. Anything else should be considered in a long term basis as build as numbers and community desire warrant.

    Admittedly even my own vision of thouands of swimmers is probably hidh. I am optomistic of the possibilities yet constraints of attitudes, finances and let’s call it ‘history of small’ here in Cornwall right from the squeezed in seating at the Civic Complex to just about anything we’ve seen done. The only superb project is the Benson Centre and yet despite that there are still those who demean the need of it at all.

    All I know is that all you have to do is ask any 11 to 19 year old and they get excited immediately about an in town, downtown beach. Frankly we owe it to them.

    Regarding parking concerns, we’ve just had 34 new spots added behind the amphitheatre. There are 50 or more behind the Civic Complex as well. Not all parking lots are used all the time at the Curling Club, Aquatic Center, Marina 200 or in the front of the Complex either except at peak time like WINTER and planned weekend events.

    I do not recall Korey’s comments regarding the boardwalk however, lets give him due if it is so, by all means.

  4. Author

    Dukers1 – why haven’t the current waterfront committee ever looked at these ideas?

  5. Why are so many persons apparently stuck on wanting a Beach in Lamoureaux Park? I can agree to a Beach in Corn. but not there. I believe I have covered some of the problems that would be encountered with those currently suggested plans. Might I suggest that another site be carefully examined . That Site would be East of Bergeron Dr. & north of Legions small diamonds . That site runs directly to the St. Lawerence river and while not in Lamoureaux Park is still very much in Corn. This new location has a better land mass to accommodate a beach without hurting other projects . And thats the way I see it.

  6. The citizens of Cornwall will need to choose as to whether they want a beach on the waterfront and its location. How many people who oppose the beach proposal are willing to look their grandchild in the eye and say, “I opposed that beach thing when they first started talking about it . . . . . and I forbid you go swim there!”

    The waterfront committee meets on Thursday, August 16th at 5:30PM at the Civic Complex. It is possible that they may be willing to entertain some input re a possible beach.

    With regard to earlier beach proposals from many years ago, they disregarded using modest little inlets that were away from the powerful river current. Most consultants look to develop something spectacular.

    To the people who support and oppose the beach proposal, lets hope that the waterfront committee would be willing to hear both sides of the coin. Perhaps there may be a need for a town hall meeting on the beach proposal. Depending on public sentiment, it is possible that Cornwall City Council may have to vote on this issue.

    Cheers to All

  7. Thanks Harry and Believe Me. My personal focus has been deliberate regarding the ‘little’ inlet by the RCAF Wing due to its openness, little use and many points of access. It can also be a Cornwall marketing tool for tourism. IT IS IN THE BEST PROXIMITY FOR PARKING AS WELL FROM THE MARINA 200 TO THE BOAT DOCKING BY THE RCAF WING…..REMEMBER NOW, THIS IS ALL PUBLIC PROPERTY THAT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE BOUGHT, ONLY ATTITUDES AND RED TAPE NEED TO BE HURDLED.
    No question though, our boys and girls NEED AND WANT a local and FREE beach. It is way past due.
    The bottom line is what area is most desired, most cost and cost return on investment can accommodate the numbers of people anticipated to regularly use the beach and can accommodate future growth for large beach parties with music, perhaps bonfires etc., etc. What ever other anticipated ideas people may have associated with a beach….like maybe an overnight campout now and then.
    Rules, rules, rules….become bylaws, bylaws, bylaws as we know somebody will want a rule for this and that. BUT THE BOTTOM LINE WILL BE VISIBILITY FOR SAFETY AT ALL TIMES. To that matter I also prefer the confinement more or less of the Inlet Beach proposal. Less likely to have people out into the St. Lawerence River itself.
    Of course all ideas and areas should be considered if they meet most of concerns we have all shown.

  8. Question fro Admin. was:
    Dukers1 – why haven’t the current waterfront committee ever looked at these ideas?

    The truth is that they have. 1993 and again in 2003 are on full report at the Planning an Recreation Department.
    I am not sure why nothing went forward at either of those time but can only speculate that other personalized projects won out with time, money etc.
    Perhaps you wouldn’t mind a followup with the Waterfront Committee or coucil members…those who were involve then if still around.
    Remember the high points in those years were the Museum, Marina 200, the Curling Club and the Aquatic Center….all for specific people more than full public access. The ‘public’ per se were not the ones controlling the pures strings of the day nor were they tightly into networking for a beach at those times.

    Hope these help your question…thanks Jamie.
    Dave Windsor

  9. Harry Valentine Very clearly you have brought forward a beach proposal for our city & most certainly you have put a considerable amount of your time & thought into it . Many persons my self included thank you for that. Any Beach proposal won’t come about overnight it’s a slow process & the right location has to be decided upon .I wish you good luck moving forward on this Beach project.

  10. Your kudos for Mr. Valentine are well founded. This man gives considerable talent with his background knowledge of engineering and of the entire seaway systems from Montreal to the Welland canal systems.
    Harry is well aware too of the many alternative that are within his three sites here with added 60 plus comments…many of which are yours ‘Believe Me’ so please add as you come to think of more.
    The next phase is a meet with the Waterfront Committee on Aug. 16th at 5:30..suppertime I know but I will be there to initiate and get the ball rolling because what is brought up here is the tip of the iceberg of what needs to go forward……plausibility, confirmations, costing out, grant availability (federal, provincial, municipal.) as well as a fund raising donation drive if necessary. Public desire and interest is important however when it comes to money out of pocket…already paid tax money, things can get heated. No matter the project these are necessary processes on top of city on site architecture fulfillment requirements via our over taxed Planning and Recreation Department officials. DO NOT PUT US OFF..YES OR A CLEAR REASON WHY IT CAN NOT BE DONE SO ALL CAN ACCEPT AND UNDERSTAND. TWICE NO (1993 and 2003) we were overridden with few sound ideas and a city of small in all they have done save a few wonders to behold.

    All of us must understand that this is a long hall ideas. Hard uphill battles and courage will be needed. Convincing drive and even protocols are vital once the Waterfront Committee decides it is appropriate and viable. This is our next step. Letting them realise in large numbers is very important to get the priority set straight yet still they might see other needs like condos etc. Even if people may not be allowed or room may not be big enough, numbers, signage/placards etc become a strong message if done in good taste with honour, honesty, integrity and true grit. I have talked to a number of people who are strong on an in town free beach. Text, use all methods to get them out, especially the teenagers. I do believe our media will be there too. Lets get on it…please..use social media devices to all your friends. Remember, there will also be the naysayer negativist present..there always will be. They have rights too though I often question their motives.
    Thank you


  11. Dukers yes I remember it well that Corey Kennedy mentioned a boardwalk some years ago when he was in council. I am late getting back to you because I was at the eye doctor with my daughter. My husband and I have the flu as well. Yes Corey wanted a boardwalk and wanted a restaurant but restaurants do not work even here in Ottawa. The best idea is your beach idea. I remember Corey talking about some other towns or cities having a boardwalk and thought it to be a good idea. I think that a beach would be more appealing to the public but get everyone’s idea on this project before going through with it.

  12. jules, yes, well, Corey Kennedy worked for me before being a coucillor. As with the boardwalk he got most of his ideas from others. Some from even me ‘such as’…. Regards.
    Just the same, beach first, other things later.

  13. I like the beach idea very much to get families and tourists out to see beautiful Cornwall. Young Corey did mention about a board walk and other things and yes I think that he did get ideas from others and that is a good idea Duckers on how to see how the public feels instead of just throwing something on people. The beach idea is a good idea.

  14. Dukers1 – Suggestion- Skip W/F meeting this month go and have a talk with Steven Alexander & or go direct to City Council with the Beach Proposal. They will hopefully ask Administration for a report & it will then be referred to the W/F com . Doing it this way will add strength to the position you advocate . (Don’t just put all your eggs in one basket) unless you have 100% faith in W/F Com which I don’t have.

  15. Believe Me, I respect your judgement. I have already committed as a guest only, not as a presenter at this time at the WFC meeting and yes, a letter to the Mayor and council making a request for a beach is imminent.

    I believe Mr. Alexander is currently on vacation. I have had occasion to work through him on something years ago and he was excellent with the research and completion of that project.

    The children in particular as well as families deserve a ‘beach’ atmosphere. It was nice to see so many in the pool across from St. Frances Church this morning as I drove by. I do not believe they want to stay in the pool the rest of their swimming lives. We are good at teaching them to swim but they need a measure of freedom of a beach scenario to exercise their talents.

    I do not believe that at this time other major considerations are on the table for the WFC so timing may be good to progress on a beach idea or two. No question that councils support and referral for follow up through Mr. Alexander’s office and the WFC is the right ‘protocol. These are good people who all work well together when the will is there for it.

    I understand that the WFC has two more years in their mandate at the behest of council. This beach plan can serve them well if it serves the citizens well.

    Who knows, next spring may see revitalization, a new direction and new life with pizzas for Lamoureaux Park. They were right about the splash pool; they can be right with an extension to that by adding a nearby beach. That is why Inlet Beach is worth the research. GO BIG OR GO HOME. WE CAN DO IT IF THE WILL AND THE DESIRE IS THERE. YES, BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME.

    Further to that I do believe that having an effective, monitored beach facility to showcase as even Perth and for a time now, Smith Falls now have among thousands of Ontario towns and cities, is a vital draw and an important culmination of the needs of Lamoureaux Park. All these are possible if we put out heads together.

    Again, thank you for your regular input. Much appreciated.

    The beautification of a beach with its trimmings will entice outsiders to move here, to shop here and to live here.

  16. Dear Mayor and Council:

    I write you on behalf of the ‘swimmers’ from the city of Cornwall. No, we are not a specific or splinter group, yet I believe Sir that it is time we as a community and at this time our City Council allow us to revisit the idea of developing a beach area for the citizens, particularly our juvenile and teenage children. Too many end up leaving because of a lack of services for them.

    As you may know, this idea has ben visited and then researched through our Planning and Recreation Department both in 1993 and again in 2003. I would like that since most or all other ideas for development within our park are over for now that we put our efforts into this one.

    This redirection can if done well will revitalize the spirit and life flow of Lamereaux Park. This is what a park is about, is it not.

    There are currently, as of today, approximately 70 comment responses to this idea on the site http://www.cornwallfreenews. Please do not discount it because of past issues. You will find that its popularity as a blog is filled with Cornwall issues and ideas that is our only method of community input participation for discussion other than Facebook and Google+.

    If you research under OPINION then Email the Editor you will look up three letters each with multiple comments with regard to a beach.

    Mr. Harry Valentine did amazing presentations/research based on his engineering capacity with the former Seaway Authority. Please allow me to suggest that you begin with his first one dated July 27, 2012, (mock up etchings included). I discussed the idea with him mid July and he did the rest. Of course I also added my own ideas along with the many others. It is Mr. Valentines second letter that added so much to the possible development of a beach, not in an out of the way location but right in the middle of the park itself.

    Personally this ‘Inlet Beach’ resonates well with the many people I have challenged with it while walking their myself each Mon. Wed. and Fri.

    This area may cost a bit more to develop sir yet I strongly endorse it as central to everything a park is all about. Many amenities are nearby and could be shared.

    PLEASE SIR GIVE THIS CONCEPT OF A WELL PROCESSED AND DEVELOPED BEACH FOR OUR CITIZENS YOUR UTMOST ATTENTION. This IDEA has been bypassed and IS passed over too long. It deserves more attention and follow up through our Planning and Recreation and Waterfront Committee with todays costs in mind and a targeting time frame of spring/summer 2013. Of course their research of any grant money’s will be needed as well.

    Thank you for your considerations.

    Dave Windsor
    Cornwall, Ontario

  17. Author

    great letter Dave, but we really are a newspaper 🙂

  18. Dukers1 Your statement re w/f/c at this time not having any other considerations on the table etc. I wouldn’t rule out CONDOS just yet ( They could be still discussing it behind closed doors ) .What remains as an outstanding issue and has been for the past 18 months is POINTE MALIGNE (LOOK OUT PARK) . You further state ” They were right about the splash pool ” splash pad ?( Wrong) It was the previous W/F/C who deserve credit if credit is to given NOT THIS 2011 W/F/ CONDO COM. Have a nice weekend .

  19. Nobody with a sound mind puts condos in parks. I have never come across such a thing. It is bad enough where I live in Ottawa with non stop traffic that most people don’t want to live near let alone a park. You have to be dead to be able to sleep where I live or just about dead. The traffic never stops flowing. Noise from people is hard to live with as well. Condos is where most seniors would live and that would be intollerable. I know very well what I am saying. Condos are to be built on Water Street near the ones of Mr. Markell and in a similar architecture. Mr. Markell did an excellent job on his condos. The park is for the people to enjoy. In many countries houses on water is for the lower class. I sure wouldn’t want to live near water. We have enough damage that was done in my building here in Ottawa because of rain. I have arthritis and my left arm and hand is completely swollen and I may have to see the doctor. Keep condos and any housing away from water. Again the park is for the people for recreation and not to live in.

  20. Thank you for the corrections and updates from ,Admin. and Believe Me”.

    I am sure the w/f/c realizes the condo issue is dead in the water.

    I also believe B.M. that unless a renewed proposal goes forward
    for further review of your strong concern for Pointe Maligne, with councils forwarding same that it is no longer in their sights.

    The outstansing beach issue has been in view time and again since minimum 1993 (formally), and before because I have written about many ‘CORNWALL, issues for over 30 years now. I could check my files. Best of luck on only 18 months.

    Everything is possible but networking is the best way.

    Jamie I hope you and the city work things out because you should get a share of their advertising dollars with what you have developed here with your valid and valuable newspaper.
    What each of us need is a clear and concise NO. Otherwise the doors are still open. Until then we continue.
    Best of luck to both. Give me a call. We’ll do coffee. (ie. let’s network to support each other).


  21. Check out this weekends letters to the editors on P 6 of Standard-Freeholder and another on P. 16 of the Seaway News regarding the ‘Inlet Beach’ proposal.
    A friend is pushing me towards the larger inlet below the Saunders Damn, while another insists the stretch where Waterfest was held at Queen and Second Streets, however I honestly feel they are too far west and out of the way to be of much secure, marketing of Cornwall center area and less accessible for a lot of people without vehicles or even bus moneies. We’ll trudge along aye.

  22. Author

    Hi Dave,

    Actually I’m toying with the idea of having a meet up for all the posters of CFN locally here in Cornwall. It’d be fun to chat and exchange ideas face to face…



  23. Author

    Hi Dave,

    As great as these ideas are I think the community needs to have the waterfront be a ballot issue at the next Municipal election. The people need to speak with a clear question.

    And I think it should be a major issue that anyone that runs for office should take a clear position on for voters to consider.

  24. A meet would be okay, yet me-thinks some would continue as a no show for anonymity reasons, not that I’m that sceptical :).
    Others of course, ie jules would be out of town.
    Hey, do one anyway as these are all interested and some even interesting people…who knows some may even be considered city fathers and future fathers (male/female) together.
    Just because we are not all executive or elected officials doesn’t say we can’t be part of the solutions. More often it is those of us in the wings who have set or planted the seeds allowing others to add the water to grow them. that is how I’ve seen myself over the years.
    Take care

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