Coronation Street (Corrie) Canada Round Up – Coke Kylie & Toe Rags – Sunday August 26, 2012

CFN – I like to do the full omnibus round up on Sundays and this week’s has been fun!  I’m going to have some weekly round up fan and hope my fellow Canadian Corrie fans ring in.

Not sure about you guys, but this Stella and how mammarically gifted daughter can go anytime.

The Ryan being a little toe rag story line is kinda fun.  Watching Gail & Kylie bond is Corrie strangeness at its finest.  It’s wild how Gail is evolving over the years.   Totally nuts!

Steve hungering over Michelle is a side.   The Karl, Sunita, Dev thing heated up this week with Jimi Harkishin (Dev) actually doing a good job of acting.  I’ve teased him as coming from the William Shatner school of acting.    Shobna Gulati ( the very hot Sunita) has some fun too with Karl being the sleaze which seems to be his range.

The really hot Natalie Gumede (Krazy Kirsty) put the beats on Tyrone again, but then who hasn’t wanted to put the beats on Tyrone over the years?

Oh yeah, Izzy the chick in the wheel chair lost her baby.  Much drama and nashing of the teeth as she burbled with Garry the crazy ginger ex army dude.  I know.  You can drop a house on both of them which producers will probably do soon.

Isn’t it ironic how Corrie has had almost every type of minority and now handicap yet have never had a Jewish character?

What is up with that and as I shared on facebook, other than Adele have they not played any song post 1992 in the background including Michelle dancing to Vogue by Madonna this week?

Loved the garden gnome reference this week 🙂

Kevin and Sally nearly got it on again.   I found this clip on You Tube of Sally’s first appearance on Corrie.  Check out Kevin’s hair!

A quick rub down with an oily rag! 

Tracy & Norris are rumbling at Emily’s.   It should be interesting to see her back in high gear soon!

Tyrone telling the orange glowing Michelle Keegan (Tina) about Kirsty whooping him while Tracy Chapman is singing is a Corrie special.  They love tying songs to scenes hoping geeks in Canada will notice.   They followed up with Tyrone in the Rovers while “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” is playing in the background.

Now what I want to know is if Roy & Mary get it on…   🙂

To watch this weeks episodes on CBC click HERE and no, this was not an advertisement although if the CBC wants to shell some dosh this way we’d even plug Little Mosque on the Prairie for them.

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  1. I don’t remember ever watching a full episode of Coronation Street but I am hearing the term “Toe Rag” more and more. It was just used in an episode of Murdock Mysteries.

  2. I cannot believe it Kevin is actually wearing an earring, I never noticed it before…

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