Canadian Flag Gets to Stay in Quebec Legislature – a few thoughts…. November 22, 2012

CFN –  Too many Canadians take being Canadian for granted.  In Quebec our flag finally, with the support of two political parties is now standing again in the Quebec legislature.

To Yves-Francois Blanchet of the PQ who requested the removal of our flag; turn in your passport sir.

And while you’re at it denounce the benefits you gain from being a citizen of one of the finest countries in the world!  And to hypocrites like Jacques Parizeau, (we know which hospital you run to when you’re sick) the same.   Maybe Mr. Parizeau can have tea with the new mayor of Montreal? 🙂

Canadians from coast to coast have fought for and built this country; English and French.  If it wasn’t for French Voyageurs shooting it out from tree tops in British Columbia Canada would not even exist as we know it.

If there’s a genuine political will for some people to separate from Canada; which two referendums clearly show there isn’t, then you can go pulling down flags.

Stop disrespecting your country.  It’s shabby. And to Ms Marois and her ilk the same goes for you.   If you can’t respect the country and people that gave you the right to be divisive, racist, and intolerant; rip up your passports and renounce any financial benefits gained.

People can work for change without this type of behaviour.   Disrespecting flags and peoples are not the way to promote your own dreams, or build them.   It’s time more people learned that lesson…and it’s time our Federal government started standing up for Canadians rights in Quebec…

An ex-Quebecer proudly living in Canada,

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  1. @Rosie…The ‘Flag” represents you not finding fulltime work?! A flag!!??from some other community ??! where you don`t even live or pay taxes?? wow! some way to browbeat our neighbouring towns..!!

  2. c`est drole said
    December 2, 2012 at 11:10 pm
    “highlander ..put up your own monument OH wait !!millions of dollars over the last 30 years of taxpayer money go to promote UPPER CANADA VILLAGE! a loyalaist idea// !!!so don`t bother putting down the small celebrations of the francophone community…We share the area too!”

    Only Ethnocentric people would plant a ETHNOCENTRIC flag at the entrance of a town or city!!!

    Where the he** is the inclusiveness, oh yah French ONLY right c’est drole!!!

    By the by for those uninformed ONLY BILINGUAL(FRENCH ONLY) can work at Upper Canada Village now….

  3. I like the Highland Games in Glengarry!! but I don`t feel threatened by all the kilts!! or the millions of dollars in contributions and allocations the governemet throush in to help it exist.. It is a money generator for Glengarry!! the flags flown proudly during that celebration..try to live and let live…Casselman is not hurting you and they are not a “gated community” closed to anything or anyone.. live and let live.. you don`t like it , don`t shop there…

  4. ON December 2, 2012 at 6:33 pm
    Highlander wrote, “This intent is to clearly serve the cause of Franco-Ontario Tribalism at the cost of the taxpayers .

    This does not represent our community as a whole but one cultural group out of many.”

    ON December 3, 2012 at 8:00 am
    Cory wrote,
    “See how huge provincial or the maple leaf flags aren’t flown? It’s not the Franco groups fault anymore, but yours, the public.
    A Shame, really.”

    Exactly why we must WAKE UP and put an end to this.

    A rally in the spring…? Parliament hill, thousands strong ? (be there 🙂

    An end to official bilingualism ( — AND OR — Canadian tax payers paying for it) and an end to discriminatory hiring practices based on language across the board.

    Canada may have two official languages but (as is the case with the “province” of Quebec – who have no problem blatantly saying so)
    Canada has only ONE common language. and as Conner says, “we have to stand up.”

    AND —

    Quebec MUST decide if it is a “province” within Canada and thus live by what it means to be a province within Canada
    (accepting the flag and the common language of this country)

    or their own “separate Nation” where by they no longer are entitled to our TAX MONEY.
    THEY CANNOT have it both ways any longer.

    We the majority have awakened…

    _____(o o)

    Steps PART 02

  5. stellabystarlight December 3, 2012 at 9:20 am

    ” I lived in NYC for long periods of time and never was this type of BS evident.”

    We are aware you have been there 6 months at a time and this is where you became radicalized( French first),because you had a hard time dealing with all those other cultures.

    Would you see a Spanish/American flag -never,nor a state and Spanish flag -there you are American first -your heritage after.

    Canada does not have a melting pot but cultural enclaves hence Patriotic to the enclaves first ,lastly then its country.

    Like yourself -FRENCH FIRST.

  6. C`est drole, please show us where the “millions of dollars in contributions and allocations the government” gives for the games is written. About 25,000 visitors over 2 days paying admission is the major funding. All work is done by volunteers, and local private companies and a bit from Hydro One also add to that funding.

    Canada has about 5 million people with Scottish roots by the way.

  7. ON December 3, 2012 at 9:36 am
    John Macdonald wrote, “Some people’s hearts are filled with hate.”

    Perhaps “those people” you refer to “whose hearts are filled with hate” are actually the people in Quebec who “hate” and want nothing to do with the English language —

    (you know, the common language of the damn country they happen to reside within and get tons of tax money from. I am sure you’ve heard of it john. It’s called CANADA)

    — or (speaking of flags) the Canadian flag itself.
    It MUST BE them you are referring to? Isn’t it?

    How on Earth can you say what you say without even SEEING this.

    I’ll tell you what… The Anglo’s didn’t start this cr@p. They let the French survive when they could have annihilated them. All that for what? So the French can now come back and forget the FACT that they WERE THE LOOSERS?
    The Anglo’s are simply reacting to their language, their country and their laws within their own country being trampled on and disrespected. They are reacting to being pushed around by a small minority of fascists who happens to think that THEY rule, not only that god forsaken “province” over there, but also the ROC as well.

    BZzzzzzzztttt WRONG !!! Off the stage. Put the gum on your nose and go stand in the corner.

  8. Let’s get LFA, CLF to organize some sort of Rally in the spring as Edudyorlik suggests. Hey, if hundreds of thousands of Quebec students can rally in the streets of Montreal over what they deemed to be exuberant student fees than why can’t we protest on the Hill over the dangers of forced bilingualism?

    I say let’s go for it!


    I also think we should start planting United Empire Loyalist flags in Quebec villages too.

  9. Cory wrote, “I also think we should start planting United Empire Loyalist flags in Quebec villages too.”

    LOL — HUGE SMILE Cory. Love it. Maybe we can open some ENLGISH ONLY clinics over there too. Hey, think about it, jobs for unilingual nurses.

    What’s good for… well, you know.

  10. It’s funny repeated, “The ‘Flag” represents you not finding fulltime work?! A flag!!??from some other community ??! where you don`t even live or pay taxes?? wow! some way to browbeat our neighbouring towns..!!”

    “try to live and let live…” Back at cha. Speaking for the English Canadians living in Quebec.

    You are indeed a fine piece of work… Cest drole. Rag on Rosie for writing her thoughts.
    You are indeed drole . Funny how Quebec doesn’t allow the statue of General Wolfe on the Plains of Abraham. What is wrong with the “representation of that statue?” Does it make you folk feel threatened by it’s existence and what it represents? You people JUST DON”T GET IT DO YOU? It’s always ONLY good when YOU want it. It’s only ever insulting when it’s YOU that is on the other end, and when YOU deem it to be. There is a sense that your ilk live in a fantasy world that has been painted up for yourselves. Well, guess what? The water paints you used have been sprayed with water and are beginning to run…
    The tables are being turned and the tide is turning.

  11. I like the way the freedom fighters need to take expressions from the french bloggers (fantasy world and many others) and add them in their posts….no mind of your own?

    Yorlik…we don’t give a sh#t about Quebec….got that? Yep the tables are turning…..OMG LOL Dream on hon!!! If it makes you feel good……keep dreaming **smile**

    Wondering what the student rallies in Quebec accomplished? I am also still wondering if the UN got in touch with you guys yet?

  12. ON December 3, 2012 at 4:22 pm
    stellabystarlight wrote, “we don’t give a sh#t about Quebec….”

    OMG!!! Stella .. Wait till all those nice people at that nice little restaurant you like to frequent in Quebec hear what you said about their almighty “province.”
    Yes, imagine that. It STILL IS — JUST — a “province.” Ho hum, maybe one day it will grow up, leave the nest and be a country of it’s own 🙂 Then you can be a REAL proud mamma…
    wha ha ha ha ha…

  13. Highlander……I honestly think you never came out of the woods **s** Get out and see the real world, there are tons of flags other then American ones flying proudly and people don’t complain, they mind their own business. OMG… have lots to learn.

  14. C’est drole. Okay I was in a hurry this morning…The franco-ontarien flag does not represent your culture as it should. It represents an organization and this organization is the office of Francophone Affairs. Under the office of the Francophone Affairs we have the French Language Services Act, under the French Language Services Act, the french population is guaranteed a right to receive services in French from Government of Ontario ministries and agencies in designated areas. Agencies that are not completely funded may ask to be officially designated, whereby they ensure the delivery of French language service. So you see C’est drole, this affects me. I work for one of those agencies and I can work part-time all I want but I cannot apply to my job if it is posted full-time because it would have a bilingual language requirement. GET IT NOW. So whenever I see that flag, I always think the same way.

  15. C’est drole. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a flag and celebrate your culture. I do and I am very proud of mine but the difference between mine and yours is that I’m not shoving mine in your face. Can only imagine, what you would be thinking, if it ever came the time, when the minority English in Quebec would be the ones getting the jobs in the majority French regions of Quebec and all the French unemployed/part-time workers would be reminded everyday of this discrimination by this giant Anglo/Quebecer flag. How would you feel C’est drole?

  16. Rosie
    December 3, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    Rosie I feel your discrimination ,you are not alone there are many of us (hundreds of thousands to millions)that have been systemically discriminated by OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

    December 4, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    Well said Rosie -Time for the awakening -English are waking up to this -speaking of haven’t heard from that man who attempted to shoot Pauline Marios-geez that’s been pretty hushed up hasn’t it ?

    Oh Rosie national post views on the Canadian flag being desecrated:

    Its a little history lesson as well.

  17. BIG NEWS in Alexandria, her highness Madame Meilleur to be honored & staking out Franchophone territory with yet another Francho Flag-in Highland park no less….

    Yup, let’s keep spending $$$ on Ethnocentric flags & continue to cut back social needs for our children & elderly!!

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