Rob Ford Done- Booted from Office – Should Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger be Next? Post your comment below.

CFN – Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was turfed from office today.     The humiliation of office comes from the arrogance of his conflict of interest.

There really was no surprise no real other option Justice Charles Hackland who stated:

“His actions were not done by reason of inadvertence or a good faith error of judgement” 

Mayor Ford is not barred from running again.  The judge could’ve barred him from that for up to seven years.

The issue highlights abuses of municipal governments as Mayor Ford’s council supported his position which resulted in his embarrassing removal from office.   A complaint from a private citizen is what led to his downfall which leads this scribbler to suggest if  that might happen here in Cornwall over the implications of abuse by CAO Paul Fitzpatrick which have been covered up by Mayor Kilger including the withholding of  letters to council.

An internal report was initiated by investigator Judith Allen, but the city is refusing to give out any details.   The core is whether Mr. Fitzpatrick’s relationship with former Glen Stor Dun Lodge Administrator Donna Derouchie led to nearly $2 Million dollars in city costs and the loss of employment for City managers such as Robert Menagh who were caught in the crossfire and cover up.

Mr. Fitzpatrick has taken an early retirement, but the city has essentially had him on “executive leave” now costing taxpayers nearly $100K by the time of his official retirement.

City Clerk Denise Labelle Gelinas also announced her retirement, but many of those councilors on the personal committee who are at the root of the cover up have “convinced” her to delay her retirement until at least the investigation is over…

Further rumors emanating from sources at City Hall is that the Mayor & Mr. Fitzpatrick are worried that Ms Derouchie will be filing suit against the city once her settlement is over regarding the conduct of Mr. Fitzpatrick.   Ms Derouchie was on the Ontario Sunshine list for those making over $100K per year even though she was no longer with GSDL.   Ms Derouchie did not respond for this story.

Should Toronto’s council be held accountable for supporting Mr. Ford’s chicanery?  Should Cornwall’s silent councilors be held accountable for the cover up here too?   Should the Ombudsman of Ontario investigate the Kilger administration properly?

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  1. Holy Gilles Latour. I liked Rob Ford.

  2. I think Rob Ford has gotten away with lots of things the regular person would not. Driving while using a tablet, paving the family business roads using city busses for his foot ball team…and now the using city employs to hand out leaflets…

    Maybe we could look at how Bob’s son was hired to the Cornwall fire dept?

  3. Justice has been served!

  4. Rob Ford is a freakin embarrassment. However, he will buy his way out of this and be re-elected in a byelection. Crooks sleep together.

  5. Maybe thell send in justice glaude and his band of merrymen to investagate our city mayor and all his sheep.Then when everything is said and done thell put you in jail Jamie for telling lie,s. about the big boys.Thats how it works in this city i think.

  6. I heard about Rob Ford this morning while my son was watching the news on TV while I was getting ready to leave and go to Wal Mart. Right away I thought about “Bare Ass Bob Kilger” and yes I sure am in agreement that Bob Kilger should be thrown out of office. Bob Kilger holds meetings in secret away from the public eye and that is one area of corruption, the making of a list of councellors instead of elections, withholding mail from former councellor Mr. O’Shaunessey, hurting Mr. O’Shaunessey and Mr. André Rivette’s reputation, getting involved with Willie Wise and his so called investment company by going in Willie’s private jet to the Carribean, etc. etc. etc. and I can go on and on. One thing that was also illegal was making that “tax mahal” you all call a Benson Centre which was built with stollen funds from Willie Wise and Trenholm Healy and built on heavily polluted land that was not cleaned up. I also blame the province of Ontario where our former mayor Chiarelli who works for the province was in Cornwall and donated money from the province to build this building. Not cleaning up land on “brownfills” is illegal and the people of Cornwall have a very good case against “Base Assed Bob Kilger.” I bet that there is a great deal more that people can dig up against this jerk.

  7. jules, the Benson center is built on some what reclaimed land. The bigger travesty is the ski hill and the old Domtar site itself.

    I believe Mr Rose has surpassed his time for cleaning up the land though and should be fined. However when they all rest in the same bed or share dirty secrets nothiNG will happen.

  8. Yes I think that Kilger should be invested but unfortunately Cornwall is not as big as Montreal or Toronto.. and Kilger will not get caught.. too many covering his back including those in council..

  9. Holy Joe Fontana………one stays for worse crime one goes…..for lesser.

    Perhaps having a judge as his golf partner would have helped Ford……too bad he doesn’t golf…….

    and Bob’s not been to court that I know of so he could still get the honour role for photo opps yet.

  10. You are right Haley Brown but that Benson Centre has not been cleaned up at all. As for the Domtar Property and that Ski Hill all that needs to be cleaned up. In the southern US – remember the Gulf of Mexico where the oil spill happened well all the chemicals down in that Gulf are the same as what is in the ski hill. All that is cancer to the hilt. We used to walk a lot on the bike path in Cornwall and believe me we used to see an awful lot of pollution. Another bad thing is the fluoride in the water and fluoride is responsible for a great deal of health problems and it is something that Hitler used in the camps during WWII. All this is documented. It causes fluorosis of the teeth and gums, it is used to calm people down and it is something that is also used to sterilize people, etc. etc. etc. including dumbing people down.

    I always said that if you want legal representation you have to get a lawyer and even a judge from outside of Cornwall. All what is in Cornwall is in bed together. Cornwall is what I described as Peyton Place, Dodge City and the town where that fat man on the TV (I forget the name just now) is like the way things are run. The people of Cornwall are good people (I am talking about the little people not those rich no good for nothings) and I said before that everyone in the city from the top management down must go – completely eliminated. Fitzy has no right whatsoever to milk the good people of Cornwall nor has that woman Labelle-Gelinas nor anyone else.

    As for Robert Menaugh the city knew very well who he was and in those positions they are well investigated by the cops. Something really stinks to high heaven in all of this. Kilger and all his gang has to go.

    Remember when Menaugh hired a lady who had crones disease well he should have kown what this lady had and that she spends a great deal of time in the washroom. You don’t hire someone who has a disability and then fire them because they cannot perform the same way as other people. This lady was intelligent enough to sue. Who foots the bill but the little people. Those jerks (the wealthy) usually live outside of town where they don’t pay the high taxes like the rest of you. You are paying for all the jerks. The same when Fitzy got stuck in snow or mud at that woman’s house that worked for the Glen and called in the city officials to drag him out at $600. Fitzy should have lost his job over all of his stupidities. If this continues Cornwall will be bankrupt. Like Admin (Jamie) said it is going to take a long time before Cornwall can get down to making more projects. The taxes are going to go through the roof and I am not exagerating about that.

  11. Admin.Jamie……Now I know why you let “Jules” ramble on and on…..its’ pure entertainment. The Comedy Club has nothing over her one-woman show. She’s a blast…..always looking forward to her thought provoking comments.
    No wonder you have so many hits on your site.

  12. Rob Ford booted himself out of office. He broke the law, and told everybody who didn’t like it to eff off. A really brilliant guy, for sure.
    Is Kilger as stupid as Ford?

  13. Rob Ford is the best thing to happen to The Big Stink since Mel called the army in. Hes not going anywhere on the sham charge by a set-up judge. Kilger is guilty of serious conflicts like the Willie Wise thing and worse, his son getting that job.

  14. In reply to Hailey Brown’s comment of November 26 at 12:23
    Please go to the story of “Where did Claude MacIntosh get his information?” See my comment from November 23 at 10:23 and you will know how a certain individual was hired for a city job.

  15. Kilger got his son that job at the fire dept. simply by giving orders by word of mouth and not by any paper trail. I am surprised Jamie you never took him to the question directly on how of all the people who applied for this one job, his son got it. Many good people who had experience true experience got shunned by a hockey player, no conflict of interest? my ass, huge conflict of interest. Many are owed an answer Jamie, go after it.

  16. Author

    City BS to my knowledge Mr. Kilger’s son got his job fair and square. I even saw him perform his duties once and he seemed quite professional. I try to limit my comments to issues I have some bearing of fact on.

  17. Our admin is kinda biased, he wasn’t a fan of bob kilger before this article, and reading it, I see things haven’t changed. Coming from a guy that leaves every time the french national anthem comes up, My expectations aren’t really that high.

  18. YES! YES! YES! Kilger and his corrupt group should have been booted a long time ago!!

  19. Author

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    While 99% of our amazing commentators are insightful and passionate about their positions which I immensely respect those few that have rabies can really ruin it for our viewers.

    If you don’t see a comment you posted and are truly concerned you can email us at

    Thanks again for your comments. They are truly appreciated.

  20. Everyone that I talk to knows stories of just how corrupt Kilger is & has stories to back them up,some even have names of young gals without morals ,higher ups without morals,where there is smoke …there is fire his son might say !!! Kilger should have been given the boot years ago.he did nothing for Cornwall as MPP & even less as a mayor.

  21. Gotta agree with you Wow..I like Ford too..big, bright, bold and colourful..I like politicians with grit..Ford kinda reminds me of Gilcig..not the way he looks..just the character..take the city by storm..No doubt in my mind that Ford will retain office..either by this charge being lifted or winning a byelection.

  22. Thanks for calling me a whiner Jamie. Let it be known that I will never look at Cornwall Free News again. Like it really matters to you. GOOD BYE

  23. Author

    lol, no, you weren’t the whiner, but thanks for showing emotional stability 😉

  24. Author

    true story – while at Queens Park someone mistook me for Rob Ford. Of course in the 90’s while at Denny’s in Kingston with Steve Shutt & Larry Robinson a waitress ran up to me with a menu & sharpie and gushed “Mr. Candy I’ve watched all your movies!” My HOF companions died over that one….

  25. If you check out the Freeholder Jamie you will see that Giles Latour has been chosen to receive an honour.

  26. Sorry, I took it that way because you wouldn’t post my comments about Kilger. Must have been because I mentioned his name. Do believe me though, what I did say is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have the proof to back it up and if I could put that exam back together (the one that was shredded) I would gladly hand it over to you.
    So Jamie, if I’m not the whiner, I guess I will continue reading Free News because as I said in other posts, it’s the only news worth reading.

  27. Perhaps Gilles hand will shake, perhaps he will do the right thing and decline his recent reward for good behavior at this time. Should he be his narcissistic and wanting self, all the ‘good boy’ recognition to show how nice he’s been, he will simply keep it.

    A proof is a proof is a proof (according to Chretien)…….
    A show is a show is a show according to public opinion.

  28. Jamie Please forget my first post, it read wrong and if you can use this one…of course exclude this.

    Jamie, have no desire to disrespect your thought but you stated “to my knowledge Mr. Kilger’s son got his job fair and square”. Jamie, you are not correct on this one, dig deeper you will find the truth, many at city hall know what really went on about this 100%. I do not disagree, his son may in fact be great at what he is doing Jamie but he now has training and a few years to back his work up. In the begining he had nothing, many who applied were actual firefighters with loads of experience.This is the issue Jamie, by far was it won fair and square. I know if I failed a test in school I would not pass and get credit or a great paying city job.

  29. Author

    cityBS I have no proof that anything other than an above board process took place. IF there’s evidence that otherwise took place I’d be happy to publish such. Suggesting otherwise is crossing defamation lines which I would never do.

  30. Fair enough Jamie. I respect your position and…….Thank you, eventually proof of conflict of interest and other things will come to light anyway.

  31. Got to give it to you Jamie…….smart man!!

    Why is it that everyone who applies for a job assumes that they will get hired? If and when they don’t get hired, the accusations start. What is this?

  32. Author

    Well Stella optics are everything. There are a lot of related people with good jobs on the taxpayer’s dime in this town…

  33. It’s not surprising how the righteous right has reacted to Rob Ford’s demise. Just go to the ‘other’ news web site and see how News Director Bill Kingston is claiming that it is the ‘lefties’ who are wallowing in their joy at seeming their Emperor having to fall on his own sword. Truth is that ”he who is righteous in little is also righteous in much. Maybe the ‘righteous right’ should get their tough on crime from another book other than Harper’s now not so secret agenda. All be it a minor crime for Ford, when you compare it to the other fiscally conservative expenses of other CPC big spenders, like Bev Oda’s sixteen dollar orange juice and accomodations in London, England, fit for a queen or Peter McKay’s search and rescue helicopter rides to and from his favourite fishing hole, or Tony Clement’s spending like a drunk sailor which was written off as ‘bad bookkeeping’ and not the crime that is was of at least wasting tax payer’s money. Why even Stevey Harper got into the spending mood by having his shiny bullet proof limo’s air lifted into India at a cost of 32,000 dollars per hour to bring them over for his all expense paid vavation to India and the far east for himself and his wife. Rob got what he deserved. Problem is that the other crooks are still out there spending our money, while they should all be filling the super jails that the CPC are planning to build, but only for the ‘lefties’ that they catch like the mayor of London, Ontario.
    Maybe if all the politicians are in jail, where they belong, then Jim Flatulate can finally have the balanced budget he has promised for the past seven years. Till then, it’s just a lot of hot air.

    Dave White

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