Why do you think Cornwall Ontario is Great? Your Letter Could Win you a Shopping Spree!

Cornwall SPRING 2012CFN –  Cornwall Ontario is an amazing place.   But at times it gets a bad rap; usually because of some very bad people (that’s not what this story is about) but this is a city of nearly 50,000 people and there are some great people in this community who do some pretty awesome things that sadly we don’t get to hear about usually unless they belong to a certain clique or two.

Canada FlagThis scribbler has even been accused of not liking the city that I choose to live in.   As odd as that sounds it gave me pause for some brain storming and discussions over the last few months and I kept asking people over and over again what it was that makes Cornwall special?

Cornwall City skylineAnd I received some very interesting answers; some of which aren’t printable, but many that are and then after a lovely chat with Messers Gerry Benson and former MPP Jim Brownell I decided what I thought would be an awesome way to share just how special Cornwall Ontario is.

And that’s by having you the public do all the heavy lifting.   That’s right, we are going to ask you to email in your letters about why Cornwall is a great place to live, work, go to school, grow or run your business, or just hang out and retire!

Jim BrownellAnd what’s even more awesome is that the top 100 letters will be getting some awesome gifts from our amazing sponsors!   People will be able to vote and rank each letter on site and via Facebook!

port theatre beatlesThe top vote getter will get a $1,000 shopping spree right here in Cornwall (at participating sponsors) and the other 99 won’t be left holding a $2 Timmies card like a certain institution gave out to their poor support staff before Christmas (not that you should ever pooh pooh any gift).

jg2Frankly I’m excited.    Most of those I’ve spoken with are excited about it too and the details will be rolling out in January including the first group of sponsors who also get to vote!

MXMAS red blue Pommier Clock AI can’t think of any better Christmas gift for we Cornwallites than a true reminder of why Cornwall Ontario is one of the most special communities in Ontario, if not all of Canada!

It’s time for my neighbors to show their pride and all you have to do starting today is email your letter to jamie@cornwallfreenews.com, info@cornwallfreenews.com, or santa@cornwallfreenews.com and it will be published!

Truffles WALLLet the voting begin.   The voting will end April 24, 2013 and there will be special awards during the entire competition with over $5,000 in local rewards going to the top 100 letter writers!

Show your Pride Cornwall and sing out loud why we Rock!

And sponsors don’t be left out!

Dial 613 361 1755 if you wish to participate in this

historic event in Cornwall Ontario’s History!



Season’s Greetings and may 2013 bring you all

Health, Joy, and Success!



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  1. I think Cornwall is great for many different reasons.The best reason is the people. I had the pleasure of working with many different people over the years when I was employed at Startek Canada. Each person has their own unique quality that made them them and blessed me with the pleasure of working with them. We did several fundraisers and donations to the community (agape baskets, HSPCA donations, Sparky toy drive, Relay for Life) just to mention a few and all those wonderful people pulled together to help others. I shopped a lot in Cornwall and their prices were reasonable and customer service was good. We should not judge by a few bad apples but looking at the others that shine and make Cornwall a great place to live, work, relax and shop

  2. Author

    Hi Eva, I hope you send in your note above into the contest. All you have to do is email one of the addresses in the story above and there will be more info coming out very soon!

    Merry Christmas and Happy 2013!

  3. I moved away from Cornwall at a young age. I still remember the beautiful town. People were friendly. My best recollection is ice skating on the streets.

  4. Cornwall Ontario is a most beautiful city, located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River and when the sun sets, it is a most romantic sight to see, especially with our ever changing skies.

    We Cornwalites are a wonderful diversity of cultures, customs and rituals which set us apart from most other cities such as ours. We host so many summer events, either in the park or in the sky, we enjoy fishing from the shore or in a boat or canoe, such as I like to do. By the way I never do catch any fish, but the view from the water is also evidence of a beautiful city.

    Ladies, shopping beckons you from the many brand name stores and gentlemen the Benson Centre and Civic Complex will satisfy the most enthusiastic sports minded.

    Our children are embraced by our citizens. We provide outdoor fun, swimming at our Aquatic Center, parks programms and winter activities as well. Our schools are the best because of our commited educational professionals.

    If you live here, no need to sell you that this is the best place to live, learn work and play. For those just tuning in you are in for a warm welcome for your body, mind and spirit.

    There is much awaiting you, c’mon in.

    I transferred here with my family in 1979 for a major retailer. I didn’t choose CORNWALL, I believe she chose me. Networking was never my cup of tea, though through it, I saw where it came from and how in CORNWALL things were accomplished…or not. That is part and parcel with any cities growth I soon realized. This was my first growth experience with CORNWALL. That makes CORNWALL special.

    Initially CORNWALL was structured around two spheres of think tanks. The one being of ‘the smell of money’, that was Domtar thinking. The other, the control center of all other growth, the downtown business entrepreneur’s consortium known then as CORNWALL City Council, the one and the same. That made CORNWALL special.

    Of course we see here and there over a few decades, a few adjustments, with twists and turns but through it all CORNWALL was finally coming together as a renewed community. She was a complex community of scared investors, of older business’s and new hope with the challenges being foisted upon her by ‘outside influences’, outside big box stores in particular wanting to locate here. They met and found CORNWALL different and yes, special.

    City council was still in a state of trepidation, even up to this day. Yet new hope sprinkles change. No longer the industrial magnate of old, we’ve swung the pendulum 180 degrees to clean industry, giants in the land, recognition thrust out telling the country ‘we are CORNWALL’, CORNWALL of Ontario. We are here and here to stay; to grow with you; to raise our families in a warm and inviting, affordable culture and we invite you to come home as I did, as so many of us have. That’s what makes CORNWALL special.

    The surprising move on their part was to allow the single biggest new investment into CORNWALL since Domtar itself and though they, through financial incentives, forced CORNWALL Square to locate downtown to preserve the downtown core, instead of away up at Brookdale Avenue and Toll Gate,
    CORNWALL businesses were preserved for yet another day. That makes CORNWALL special.

    So many more open minded people joined forces with the ever growing and expanding of Team CORNWALL’S world wide visionaries that current growth far surpasses that of the past 50 years and it is just the beginning. We have been in a state of fluid, forward motion with development, a renaissance of sorts is
    happening here, thanks to our Team Cornwall’s memberships, influences and directional recommendations. That makes CORNWALL special.

    One of my greatest involvements since coming here was the 15 years I spent with the United Way on the Board of Directors, one as V.P., and three as Team Captain, Retail collections (1600 places). I met great people like Jake Lamereaux, Ted Caslte, Cecile and Lorraine Robinson and Dick Aubrey of the
    St. Lawerence College, to name a very few. So many hard working Chairmen and members on behalf of those in need it was encouraging and incredible to be even a little part of this organization. The best part was the hearts of the city, the
    hearts and giving’s of our people and business’s always met the challenge. That makes CORNWALL special.

    So many service clubs and other organizations that with their people’ year after and year out put out, put up and come out to the raising up of the needy, the rebuilding of faith in there fellow man and humanity over shadows all else and at the very least compliments all else this fine community has been rewarded with.

    When the going gets tough and the edges get rough, the tough here get going. Neither language, ethnicity/culture holds us back. That makes CORNWALL special.

    Religions and religious tolerances (and political too) showing allowances and acceptance in a broad spectrum of forums (medias) has kept the peace, literally here in CORNWALL. That’s what makes CORNWALL special.

    For over 30 years now CORNWALL has tolerated my seeding thoughts, ideas, and ideals for social conscience raising and yes remedies in mind for our own city council to pursue, (including our non-smoking issues). My scrap books can attest to these.

    For the free speech we are all in awe of the luxuries we
    share in our city. The tolerance to disagree with my diatribes, yet to know that I as they have that right to express them…as each of us do. Especially for all that, for me personally, that makes CORNWALL SPECIAL.

    Because I see so much in store for this great and beautiful city with its premier lands such as OUR waterfront ‘Lamereaux Park’, OUR many hockey, soccer and so many other sports venues (so many for our boys and girls) as well as so much room for expansion for residential, retail and industrial development as well as our low cost housing and utilities relative to the rest of Canada. That’s what makes CORNWALL special.

    CORNWALL offers health unit and hospital services in both our official languages. As well our municipal services and most business’s do as well. That’s what makes CORNWALL special.

    Final expansion plans are in the works for our local Summerstown Airport. With this alone, Lear jets will be more quickly able to bring executive branch leaders to CORNWALL. By expediting this area of travel head offices could start locating here, especially with the changes going on in Quebec even offices from other major centers from Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto wanting to deal with the Quebec markets. That is what makes CORNWALL special.

    CORNWALL is gaining recognition as a central hub city to the USA, Quebec, Ottawa and all western access points that people will begin flooding here…..workers, students and like me, retiree’s. The dynamic, welcome mat is out here in CORNWALL, ONTARIO Canada. Our demographics are an excellent fit for all. Through it all we are a kind, gentle, strong and proud city…..AND THAT IS ‘WHAT MAKES CORNWALL SPECIAL’.

    Dave Windsor,
    525 Fourteenth St. W.,
    Unit 103,
    CORNWALL, Ontario


    I count 33 CORNWALL’S and 1000 words.

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