MPP Jim McDonell Calls for Public Consultation Over Sale of Cornwall General Hospital – January 17, 2013

Pictured, sitting, from left, are concerned seniors Margaret Varin, Lilliane Carrier, Phyllis Leroux, and Murray Quenneville with local MPP Jim McDonell.

CFN – SD&SG MPP Jim McDonell is speaking out over the sale of the Cornwall General Hospital.

This afternoon Mr. McDonell spoke with CFN after issuing the release below.   He said categorically that he’s calling for a full public consultation over the sale of the hospital as is the normal procedure.

He also wants the ministry to do an investigation and stated that he will lobby for the extension of funding for the care beds at the hospital.

There is a need for these beds in our community that clearly is aging faster than we are providing services.

CFN has launched a petition requesting for a 90 Day Moratorium on the sale of the Cornwall General Hospital so that public consultations and a review are conducted.  If you wish to sign the petition click HERE.

Residents of the Second Street Rehabilitation Centre, located at the Cornwall General Hospital, are concerned about the prospect of the sale of the site and requested a meeting with Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell earlier this morning.


SD&SG MPP Jim McDonell
SD&SG MPP Jim McDonell

MPP McDonell commented: “I want to hear all the perspectives on the matter and this meeting was an important step in gaining a better understanding of the underlying issues. Most of the residents I talked to had waited some time before being placed at the Second Street site and they are worried about another move and the availability of another long term bed.  They were very satisfied with the care they were receiving and would gladly stay where they are, but were getting worried about losing what they have when the 32 beds are lost. One lady told us that she had been waiting over 2 years to be moved into the same residence as her husband and still has no commitment on when this will happen.  Clearly this is not the level of service our seniors deserve.”


MPP Jim McDonell chided the Liberal government for its lack of consultation on key issues: “Over the past 10 years, the Liberal Government has had the opportunity to consult with stakeholders, identify the region’s needs, design a comprehensive health care plan to address them and release it for public scrutiny. This was not done and now our residents are left to learn of important changes in the region’s healthcare landscape at the last minute.  This government has increased taxes significantly over the past nine years and we are not getting the health care that we are paying for.”


The CGH site is expected to be sold for as little as $2 million with services transferred to the Community Hospital and local care agencies. MPP McDonell stated: “We must stop the sale until a comprehensive plan is in place, identifying the community’s needs and the facilities required to look after them.”


MPP McDonell concluded: “In his 2012 Annual Report, the Auditor General identified an 85% increase in the number of people waiting for a long-term care bed between March 2005 and March 2012, while the number of beds only increased by 3%. In addition, Ontario’s population aged 75 and up is expected to increase almost 30% by 2021. The CGH could be part of the solution and we need a plan that addresses these additional demands before we lose it.”

Do you agree with our MPP?  Will you go to a public consultation over the sale of the Cornwall General Hospital?

To read our coverage of the Minister’s statement and video of Champlain LHIN’s poobah Chantale LeClerc stating that capital sales are not their mandate click HERE.

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  1. Glad to see ya woke-up Jimmy ?

  2. Yes, he is FINALLY awake. I don’t understand why it takes him so long to make a decision to stand up for his constituents!!! Don’t make me lose more faith in the PC party. Stand up and make decisions WHILE issues are taking place rather than waiting to see if they just go away. Regardless, Jim’s awake now please lets see some action!!!

  3. Why did it have-to take so long? Sure, jim can rattle the chains for so long of the liberals,but, this will not rid the den of inequity within the hospital socialites. the time is here,now,to change the destiny of not only the hospital concerned, but rid the cancer that prevails within the walls of the upper administration and the hospital committee.
    Sell hospital and a gold mine under it for a measly $2 million?
    Shake your head, folks.
    Where is the intelligents that lies up there.
    If this hospital is only worth $2 M, what is your house and property whorth?
    What is the city of Cornwall worth insofar as attracting companies and bussinesses ?
    Pass me bye, folks.
    That’s what would be said from those who wished to settle in Cornwall and establish a bussiness.
    Have a nice day, folks.
    Yeah, it’s nice to sit outside Cornwall,looking in from the outside.

  4. Come on now boys and girls, be kind to a respected member of our community. I know how easy it is to jump on a negative slant, cause I use them too.

    Okay, are we all awake yet…no doubt you’ll jump on me too…

    Jim by his position must see things from a moderators position, you know that. He has to see all sides of an issue before going off half cocked like the rest of us. The meaner we are, the less he and others will pay attention to what we have to say.

    Personally I think all he has to do is make a list from all that has been SAID ALREADY. Tell LHIN and the CCH Admin who only see from their own colored lens, like the Prov. Liberals who only see the GTA at the rest of the provinces expense.

    We have a bird in the hand here and they don’t give a rats ass if it flies the coup.

    Whether seen as overdue or not, what would you have him or anyone else do? At least the door hasn’t been officially closed has it.

    Thank you Jim,,,,,,,no, I may not have voted for you, however, I am proud of your effort. It’s never too little too late.

  5. Why is everyone referring to this building as the cornwall general hospital? the sign out front says cornwall community hospital. is this misnomer intentional or given in error? i agree with the angered seniors who feel let down by the health care system. thank you mr mcdonell for releasing the numbers from the auditor general. as a politician you took the opportunity to blame your opponents (this is no consolation to those awaiting beds) these seniors must be wondering if they will end up in a bed managed by the city, the cch executives, or just abandoned in their homes with an empty promise of home care. i feel for them and hope that a solution is found soon.

  6. It took Jim so long because of the petition. It’s 212 signatures now. Political operatives know that each signature/letter means that 150 people think alike.

  7. He finally grew some balls. Periard is about to be teabagged.

  8. This is confusing. The government is petitioning the government to not sell it’s own assets? Who currently owns this hospital? The people in the beds? The Government? Or somebody else?

    Current governments are going to continue to let us down. The only solution here is a free market based one.

  9. Perhaps Periard & Company wanted to sell the hospital for a mere $2 Million but I wonder how much was going into some peoples pockets…?

  10. Stan, you can ask Perriard & Company.

  11. The Government owns nothing the taxpayers own the soon to be retired hospital on Second Street . As do we collectively own General Vanier on Cumberland Street which would make a great facility to meet the baby boomers needs . Featuring fire safety, easy building access points, administration offices , large open areas for a multitude of uses, rooms easily divided into smaller living spaces with lots of natural light etc. etc. Renovation costs would be staggering for the hospital . Please just look at the outside of the structures with a critical eye and you will observe that money for maintainence was long ago diverted to other budgetary demands .

  12. Thank you Jim McDonell

    The public want’s consultation with the Hospital management and the politicians .

    The second street site is an ideal site for alternative level of care for the elderly that need transitional care prior to returning home ,that as well as waiting for those coveted long term care beds.

    The population is growing older and as Cornwall is becoming a retirement community the demand for these services will only increase.

    Jim McDonell’s comment of a lady and her husband in their twilight years was disheartening to hear,
    now this poor couple that spent I am sure many years together are separated in their final years .

    “One lady told us that she had been waiting over 2 years to be moved into the same residence as her husband and still has no commitment on when this will happen.”

    Lets hope for our great community; City Council ,Hospital Management and as well as you Sir can work together in the interest of the citizens to keep the second street site a viable option for the foreseeable need of elderly care in the future.


    Christopher Cameron

  13. What I am about to write may seem indoor taste but please believe me it is not meant to be that way.

    Didn’t Mark Mc Donald run his mayoral platform using the same premise, standing behind people in need promising to help them? He had a good heart and great intent, but the very people he was willing to represent are the very ones that let him down.

    I do believe these people need not only political support but also a team effort from all citizens. I would hope Jim is not standing behind these people in the same manner Jim Brownell did for his Lost Villages and kids from the UK.

    We all already know what needs to be done, what we need is representative able to take the task and accomplish what is best for our seniors

  14. Andre Rivette deserves kudos for standing up for the people of Cornwall,without him Jim would not have done a dam thing,he has no balls even now,just smoke & mirrors

  15. I say lets have a new Honest mayor for Cornwall -Andre Rivette-next election what do you say Andre ?

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