BREAKING – FIRE strikes St. Albert Cheese Factory in St. Albert Ontario

st.alberts fire pic
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CFN – Fire stuck the St. Albert Cheese co-op in St. Albert Ontario this morning.   This is a breaking story and we will be updating it as info comes in.   St. Albert is famous for their Curd cheese used in many area Poutine’s, and their cheddar cheese.

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

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4 Local fire departments battling the blaze

no injuries reported

11:41 AM

Part of factory collapsed – nearly 10 crews fighting blaze – area homes may be evacuated.

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook



  1. We love their cheese

  2. I hope all is well!
    We <3 St.Albert Cheese

  3. By the festering fore fathers of nickodemus! I want all boots on the ground. Every fire man within a 200 mile radius, you have a call to arms. Your our last hope!

  4. Were was Kraft when this started?

  5. Very horrible news! Many people even come from the U.S. for their products.

  6. This is a sad day in history! I grew up eating St-Albert cheese. When I moved away from Cornwall, every time I would go down to visit my parents, I would stop by and pick some up. I was really happy when they started selling fresh St-Albert cheese in Gatineau. I really enjoyed the Cheese curds Festival! What will we do now! 🙁 sniff! Sniff!

  7. Help us, Cheesus!

  8. Sad, we can’t afford to lose such a great factory. Hope all are safe and they can repair/rebuild soon. Love their cheese and curds.

  9. OH NO!!! we come down from niagara to get curds and FRESH cheese…. hopefully they can rebuild, they do not need more jobs lost…sorry for the owners and workers!

  10. What a horrible thing to happen. At least there is no lost of life, buildings can be rebuilt but not humans. God Bless the owners and the people of St. Albert. Many of them were employed at the factory.

  11. I am a resident of St. Albert and it breaks my heart looking out the window across the farm land and seeing the massive amounts of smoke. My husband and I moved here last April and it is a small, beautiful and close knit community. The cheese factory is the heart of the community and this will no doubt have a huge impact on our surrounding neighbours, many of whom will be out of work, and the community as a whole, as this is itès major source of revenue. While I am grateful to hear that there are no injuries, I am saddened by the loss that this will cause to this beautiful little town I have come to call home. My thoughts are with all the fellow residents today.

    – Ashley

  12. Keep the faith, they can rebuild. I’m just grateful that no lives were lost. St Alberts cheese is too good to lose.

  13. It’s a sad day indeed. St.Albert’s cheese is a major part of my groceries. I just LOVE their products. 🙁

  14. I love St Albert Cheese… I live out of the Cornwall area and I make it a point to get a block of the famous mild cheese every time I can.

    I am so sad.. for the Family and the owners of this Special Place. St Albert’s Cheese have always been a healthy and safe product to eat. They have health at Heart… Lots of Courage to all concerned in these challenging times.. Heart felt ….

  15. Hope no one was hurt, will miss the awesome products, curds and cheese

  16. Thankfully no loss of lives but my sympathy goes out to the individuals (families) affected by this tragic event. Hopefully these jobs/positions will suffer only a temporary setback. A lot of history there people.

  17. Does anyone remember what year the cheese factory in Bonville burnt down,it was right beside Habitant.We went there as kids for curds,cheese & buttermilk

  18. I also live in Niagara and will miss their cheese and curds when I go down home to visit my family. Terrible news!

  19. I heard that they employ about 140 people. Those people can’t survive without jobs. Open your hearts and help if you can.

  20. This area was known for St-Albert’s cheese and curds. People come from far and wide to eat this delicious product! Hopefully they will rebuild and quickly restore their store for all of us who salivate at the thought of their products. No other curd tastes like theirs did!

  21. yea but one thing when they rebuild it is all gonna be robots or machines making our curds all those workers are now going to be out of work.

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