Standard Free Holder Prints Retraction Over Claude McIntosh Profane & Vicious Personal Attack

Claude McIntosh

CFN –   Odd how long some retractions take, this one after Clause McIntosh of the Freeholder completely trashed two well respected people during the waterfront public consultation.


 in reference to a Cornwall waterfront committee meeting, it was reported that a “local lawyer” accused two members of the committee, Guy Menard and Roy Perkins, from the business community, of trying to “cash in” on a proposal to use parkland in the area for development.

The Standard-Freeholder retracts that statement and any implication that the lawyer had questioned the personal integrity of the two individuals in their role on the committee.

Not sure why such a grave issue was not a front page retraction or made by the person that created the issue?     What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

Our coverage of Claude’s faux pas.   LINK

Sadly, a couple of jerks decided to hijack the public consultation sessions at the civic complex to attack the integrity of waterfront development committee members,

That’s your quote.   And here’s your video of the event in question where Mr. McIntosh called Lawyer Etienne St. Aubin and Neil Macmillan “Jerks.”   Now that’s what I call profane and a vicious personal attack!   Especially since the esteemed Mr. McIntosh was not present!



  1. Screw Claude MacIntosh. He’s in the city’s pocket to dance with CFN. Holy Gilles Latour!

  2. Well Jamie, this certainly is no surprize or should be to anyone in this city.Claude McIntosh has for many years sugar coated the real issues of city mangement, officials, and is freinds who do wrong.He was just trying to protect Guy Menard and Roy Perkins and there commite by trying to influnce the people who read the freeholder.McIntosh will never need to bother with Mr.St Aubin and Mr.Macmillion in his daily ventures in Cornwall,But he will come across Mr.Menard and Mr.Perkins Quit a bit.He might even get a discount at there store.You Jamie talk about whats wrong with our city, well McIntosh and his paper have a hell of alot to do with it.

  3. McIntosh will always have to kiss someone at the city’s arse for getting his kid a job on the police force. Give or take 5 years from now there will be no freeholder anyway so McIntosh will have to work for Corus Ent. cleaning their bathroom and then stating like us on facebook, follow us on twitter after their news cast.

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