Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger Missing From Budget Session as Council Reverses Decision on Glen Stor Dun Lodge

Bob Kilger May 16 2011 SMILE

CFN – Mayor Bob Kilger of Cornwall Ontario ducked the final budget meeting where his council reversed a decision and found the money to fix the fire control issues at Glen Stor Dun Lodge.  LINK

Mayor Kilger hung up on this scribbler when asked why he wasn’t at the budget meeting this afternoon, twice.

Councilor Denis Thibault, in his best Ed Lumley tones, apologized as he reversed his vote.   The two councilors voting against fixing the fire issues were Denis Carr and Glen Grant who mumbled something about Micro Managing.

The good news is that thanks to Councilor Andre Rivette bringing the story to the public via CFN, and our coverage, information was brought forward to reverse councilor’s earlier decision to delay the upgrade!

Another win for transparent Democracy!

Special Kudos to Mary Anne Pankhurst for her coverage and research on the story.  LINK

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

Milena Cardinal


  1. Yay! Thank you for doing right for the safety of the seniors at the lodge!!!!!

    As for Kilger, well this is really getting old! Press the button, run and hide, skip meetings you corrupt piece of (moderated). Only good things happen when he is not around!

    Thank you council to those that voted in favor!

  2. I think there should be something done about the great sign destroyer. Beware gentleman we are not blind sheep anymore we put u in there we can take u out.

  3. A miracle happened, common sense prevailed at Cornwall City Council.

  4. Good move thanks to Andre… Yes to transparent democracy!

  5. I told all of you since the beginning that André is the very best person on council. As for Bob he can hide in his “jug” {MODERATED} comes. At least we can get rid of him and his “clique of crooks” and the sooner the better. Thank you André – un très grand merci de ma part.

  6. Jane Doe,

    Yes, much thanks goes to Andre, for being the blood-hound on this issue, and keeping his eyes on the ball ! In all fairness though, Counc. Samson voted along with Andre, so thanks Gerry.
    But much appreciation & thanks, has to be directed to the “CFN”, as without the exposure, that Jamie gave this important issue, the public would be in the dark ? That is why, we the public, have to support “CFN”, we have to rally against, the “clique” of businesses that are doing their damdest, to run “CFN” out of town. I am not advocating a boycott, but personally speaking, I have made a list of businesses, in Cornwall,
    that I will not step one foot in their establishments. Their are plenty of other restaurants, computer shops, retail stores & banquet halls, that have true business ethics. So far, many of our so called business leaders, are nothing more than a bunch of cowardly sheep, that are being cohersed, by a bunch of small time bullies !
    The true winners, in this fiasco, are our moms, dads, aunts, uncles & loved ones, that reside at the “Glen-Stor-Dun” !

  7. YES, YES….Kilger missing in action. Probably had to get some sleep in a different bed. Either that or he’s helping his firefighter son climb the ladder to the top. To the top of corruption that is.
    As for Gardiner the sign destroyer, I would like to see Chief Parkinson reply as to why no charges have been laid as of yet.
    Grant and Carr…When you are ready for an old age facility (which is in the near future) I hope your family puts you both in a place with no fire alarms, panels and lots of fire hazards.
    Can someone PLEASE tell me…Is it possible to have a revolution against your municipal council?

  8. Thank you Andre For all your hard work and standing up for what you believe in but most of all for fallowing your hart and for doing right for the safety of the seniors at the lodge!!!! We are and always will be proud of who you are and all the good you have done and continue to do for Cornwall just wanted you to know !!

  9. A++ job done by all concerned. D- to council for dithering until the backlash. This is what city journalism is about in normal cities, Son. Keep it up.

  10. Mr. Rivette you have so much support and respect in this City. Please do so many people a huge favor and run for Mayor. You can end the corruption, you can get rid of the trash that is involved in the city employ, you can rid the cliques, you have nothing to lose but so much to gain.

  11. Non mainstream media has become the savoir of democracy. Thank you Cornwall Free News.

  12. Thank you andre for bringing this forward,bless you for your compassion to always do what is best for cornwall & having the seniors back,wish there were more like you on council,you have my utmost respect.Thank you to CFN for great superior reporting,without your help Kilger & his band would have swept this under the carpet possibly endangering many lives of seniors & staff

  13. Councilor Rivette I previously had commented in this forum about jumping onto the “alarmist bandwagon”. I was commenting on your decision to “storm” out of a meeting regarding the fire alarm situation at the lodge. I retract and apologize for the innuendo.

    I will instead now say, THANK YOU.

    THANK YOU for your patience, determination and commitment to making a difference to our/your community.

    THANK YOU for bringing to attention and teaching your fellow councilors the meaning of PRIORITY. Obviously most of them understood the message with the NOTABLE EXCEPTION of DENIS CARR and GLEN GRANT who failed to comprehend course material.

    And let me not forget to mention our part time, lacking in class Mayor Kilger who repeatedly relays the message to Cornwall taxpayers that his PRIORITIES LIE ELSEWHERE.

    Lastly, though certainly not least, THANK YOU CFN for having a voice not afraid to speak and providing this forum for others to speak out as well. THANK YOU

  14. No wonder Kilger has bags under his eyes he doesn’t know what bed to sleep in next. Isn’t this just like the nursery rhyme of a bear testing out different sizes of beds. LOL LOL. ROLF! I am laughing so hard writing this that my desk is shaking.

    André you are the best and we respect and admire your very much and you keep up the good work.

    Jamie if it were not for you in Cornwall all the crazyness and corruption would be swept under the rug. We salute you and I respect you and I personally don’t care what you wear as long as you are safe and come out with some good stories. Some would like to see you more professional in dress but personally I take you as you are. You are a very good person and an honest one. People don’t read “mainstream-lamestream news” these days. No wonder I get so many calls from both the Sun and Citizen to sell me papers that I never read. I don’t buy any and haven’t in over 35 years. Very few people buy their papers. All the very best wishes to you. Keep up the good work. I am laughing and can’t stop.

  15. Jamie your milk carton T-shirt with Kilger on there proved yourself to be right after all. He is always missing. My God people go around and look to see whose bed he is in tonight. LOL LOL.

    Your T-shirt proved Kilger to be corrupt and he knows that deep down he knows that and so do the others but they are all intimidated by these clowns.

    I have said it for years all young people leave Cornwall as soon as you reach 18 and go elsewhere whether for school, university or a job leave. Only those old fossils will be left behind and you wouldn’t want to be one of them. Don’t bury yourself – the world is big and lots to see.

  16. Bob Kilgor and Syd Gardner should go immediately. Both have lost credibility of the citizens of Cornwall.

    Both have caused reasons to disgust them.

    They embarrassed this city, therefore, litigation and all legal inquiries by them that cost this city one dime must be charged back to them.

    Wasn’t it these two ya who’s, with the support of a majority of other councilman/women who wanted to spare the city legal costs of the whistlers to be paid by the whistlers WHO WERE TELLING THE TRUTH ?

    Further more, both should hold their heads in shame before they are run out o town.

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