Cornwall Ontario Syd Gardiner Still On the Loose! Police Investigation continues over Protest Signs Which Are Found!

Syd VisciousCFN – In an odd twisty turny snakey thingy Cornwall Ontario Councilor Syd Gardiner still hasn’t been charge with several counts of mischief under $5K or whatever the correct charge would be after he wrassled with protest signs from a week ago.

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CFN has learned that CAO Norm Levac found what signs remained and they have been turned over to Police.    There has been no count or confirmation if all the signs have been returned including the ones that councilor Gardiner destroyed although he gave an interview to Greg Kielec of The Journal in which he described his actions as “bending” them so as to get them through a door.

No answers have been given as to why the signs were missing from Monday to this past Friday.   Councilor Gardiner also has not been left off the hook.

So to recap; our elected official, incensed that the peaceful protesters left their signs outside of the council chamber made a spectacle of himself in the door way of the austere chamber in front of multiple witnesses.

And our police have now spent a week “investigating” with no results to date.

While I’m sure it’s not a priority surely this has become political.   Councilor Gardiner also has not issued any apology to the protesters or the public for making a total rabid arse of himself.

This could be very good news for former Councilor Mary Anne Hug who is next on the list if Mr. Gardiner is forced to resign.

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Protester Chris Cameron, whose eight year old son witnessed the events,  sent us the following statement for publication:

Last Mondays City Council’s meeting I and many others were stunned to observe Councilor Syd Gardener in a state of fury at the entrance of council chambers in front of a packed chamber glaringly staring at the protesters while destroying our signs.

I remained in chambers to observe the council meeting and was accompanied by my 8 year old whom I bring to council meetings to get a better understanding and teach him community involvement.I and obviously he was perplexed by a member in apparent good standing behave as such and much explaining was needed to have my son understand that the man violated our freedom of expression as well as destruction of our property.
Meanwhile other protesters went outside chambers to talk to the police at the disgust of a member of council who deliberately destroyed their signs.
My wife and others filed a complaint with police that night.
The following day I was apprehensive and was considering talking to the others about not following this up with the police Till I read the article in Le journal by Greg Kielec .   In the article Syd Gardener had fabricated a lie and informed Greg that ” he bent the signs so they would fit in the city hall lunch room but he did not destroy them.”
Had he apologized chances no further action would have been taken ,instead he allowed his integrity of his political stature to be tarnished for pride and fabricate a story .
I appreciate that the police have “found” what signs are left, but now my son has learned that bullying isn’t just in the school yard .
I certainly hope and will reinforce with my son that not all of the peoples representatives act in such a behavior ,though he has yet to see question period.     

 Laurie Branchaud, another of the protesters sent us another statement for publication.

Well it has been a week now and I have not heard anything back from Constable Sarah Van Den Oetelaar.  It was Monday, February 25th 2013 at Cornwall City Council meeting that we met under shocking circumstances.  My parents always taught me to stand up for what is right and to do it in a respectable fashion.  That is what I was doing…
That evening myself and a handful of other peaceful protesters decided that enough was enough and it was finally time to speak up.  Cornwall City Council had been having way too many in-camera meetings,  paying too many high priced lawyers and recently turned down an excellent opportunity with Cornwall Free News to promote the City of Cornwall. Funny thing is, this opportunity would not have cost the city one cent!  I could go on and on but I won’t.  My concern now is what had happened at that meeting and what are the consequences?
We protested outside with our signs for about 15 minutes before the Open Council Meeting.  Of course, Council was having another in-camera session during this time. We must have been a good bunch because the Standard Freeholder and other News Media walked right by us, not showing any interest whatsoever.  That was really weird.   A few minutes before the 7 pm meeting, we proceeded upstairs and respectfully placed our signs neatly against the wall in the hallway(as per proper protocol while in the meeting).  Most spectators, council members and media were seated at about 6:58pm.  All of a sudden I saw Syd Gardner standing in the doorway of council chambers.  With our signs in his hands, he glared at the crowd of seated protesters and began to aggressively bend and destroy the signs(just like the Hulk, without the green).  I’ll never forget that look of rage in his eyes.  I’ll also never forget what it was I had witnessed.
What happened to freedom of speech?  What happened to citizen’s rights?  My property was destroyed in front of approximately 50 people and by an elected city official!  That is not only shameful, but against the law. Nobody on council said a thing to him when he did this, they let it go as if he was doing them a favour.  I ask who keeps our Mayor and Council accountable for their actions?  It is the people.  If we don’t speak up, then things won’t change.  When laws are broken somebody has to hold these elected members accountable, or are they above the law?  Like I said, I am still waiting for an answer.  Hopefully the investigation is coming to a close.  I expect Syd to apologize to the protesters, resign from council and the city police to lay charges against him.  An elected council member should NOT be allowed to bully citizens or businesses. Question is, who is going to make him accountable to the public? To the Mayor, City Council and the Police Force :  SILENCE=CONSENT.
CFN viewers what do you make of this situation?  Should Syd be left off the hook?  Should he be charged?  You can post your comments and vote in our poll below.


  1. If Mr. Gardiner had been contrite and apologized right away then I would say he shouldn’t be charged. Now he is just using his position to avoid any consequences of his action. His arrogance shows that he does not respect the rule of law nor the taxpayers of Cornwall.

  2. Anybody who votes NO to this is either Syd himself or one of the spineless council members or mayor! Watch out because come next election for city council, signs are going to disappear and be folded and put into someone’s kitchen. So far it seems that is ok in the city of Cornwall! Kilger will never let the police force run a completely lawful and honest city or will the police do what is right? We’ll see…..

  3. Author

    According to a report by Greg Kielec of The Journal there are to be no charges. Now it’s up to the those that filed to issue a complaint and go to a Justice of the Peace.

  4. Yes Reg I agree 100%. An apology would have went a long way! Now no apology and he LIED when he gave a statement to Greg Kielec of The Journal. “Just folding them to fit in the kitchen”, OK I am no idiot and I don’t like liars. What was the rage-filled display all about then too Syd? You really should be ashamed of yourself. A young boy witnessed this. What message did you send?!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Funny that there is so much publicity on anti bullying and yet this elected official provided a example of bullying during anti bullying day/week.

    If no actions are taken does that little boy learn that its socially excepted that adults are permitted to bully but children are not.

    Is not leading by example the best method,let’s hope not by this example.

  6. They do what they please on council…disgusting!

  7. I will make all of you a big promise and that is that I will never move back to Cornwall dead or alive. I wil go elsewhere but never Cornwall and I will put it down if this continues to others. The people of Cornwall have to get out there and that is those who are of sound mind or else you will lose your town and I mean lose your town and that is the truth. Just keep up putting your heads in the sand and that is exactly what is going to happen. If you don’t stand up and throw those bums out of office and stand up to the Barney Fife PD you will get nowhere.

  8. Yes Sid Justice will come to you if not now most certainly if you
    wish to run for another term & some in this town will be waiting
    for you . You have displayed very bad judgement by doing what
    you did . Your buddy Kilger saved your a$$ this time just because
    he needs your support . Your wife should give you a good kick in the a$$ for a start and if she misses there and connects elsewhere so be it .

  9. Syd (the vicious) sinning sign bender’s legacy will live on in the court of public opinion

  10. If someone destroyed his election signs we would defiantly be charged…. Like the old saying goes it’s not what you do it’ who you know.

  11. OMG….I can’t believe this…..LMAO!!

    That is terrible, destroying “HOMEMADE SIGNS”. That in itself is a criminal offense. Thinking that facing a firing squad would teach everyone a lesson about “BULLYING” Too funny!!!!

  12. How much do you think the cost of your trying to have Sid charged cost tax payers?

  13. Probably less than what Kilger cost the taxpayers when he hit the panic button and brought all the police officers up to remove Mr. Gilcig from the council chambers. Im sure a “panic” button is put in place for emergency purposes and not that of a petty t-shirt wearing incident, therefore this should be treated as a “false emergency call” and should be dealt with accordingly.

  14. PATHETIC bunch of corrupt, lying, bullying…..I can’t even call them people! If they were people, they would be human and have a conscience. All I see is greed, self absorbed losers. SHAME ON THE BUNCH OF YOU and OUR LOCAL POLICE!!!! You all know that was not right and you get away with murder again.

    Well you got away with it for now. It isn’t over. Good will win over evil eventually…. it always does!

  15. Kilger and Syd both need to be put away for a very long time. Bullying bunch of thugs.

  16. We will never find him. He has become very small, shrunken in fact, cowering from the on slot of untoward, toward comments leveled at him.

    If you lied about this he’d of been okay and survived it, but you just had to go and repeat the truth you laughable cheery folks.

    Hey Syd, come up pence is a bitch. Ain’t that the truth. What goes around comes around my an.

  17. @Hailey
    What is the cost of our police force and Council doing nothing about Syd’s behaviour? Much man power and dollars are spent with the goal of attracting new business and population. How will this lack of action reflect on our city?

  18. The saddest issue at hand is Syd Gardiners’ feeble assertion that the signs were bent in order to facilitate getting them through the door.
    I would prefer to think that Syd was simply a liar, rather than wondering if he was in fact that stupid as to not have realized that he merely had to turn them sideways to make his getaway with the stolen treasures.

  19. @ concerned

    It will only attract more slime to come and live here in Cornwall because they know that they will be able to get away with anything! Just be good friends with Bob Kilger!!!

  20. shame on Cornwall council and the mayor… Not setting a very good example for young folks growing up nor new members possibly thinking of becoming councilors if elected… The will think they can get away with anything… sounds like a bunch of Hillbillies Beverly style! LOL

  21. It is a shame of an example that on the very day our school children were wearing anti-bullying PINK T-Shirts all this activity in council, in particular our modest and humble soft spoken (HA)
    Syd the big G. proves the anti-Christ of all flubs…….beating up on the “freedom of free speech” enthusiasts because it bugged him. Itolerable and bombastic. Way to show by example Syd.

    Time to hide w/your friend Bob.

  22. Mr. Syd didn’t just embarrass himself. He embarrassed his community.

    Has it made U-Tube yet? It should be on soon…….

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