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CFNlogoCFN – Media play a vital role in our lives and communities.   In today’s world of media consolidation it’s rare to see truly independent media like CFN.

But we need your help to grow and deliver the news, views, and reviews, that over 60,000 of you per month want.

Because some of our stories “step on toes” in our local market some advertisers fear or are bullied into not advertising with us.   Heck there are some businesses that are afraid if we do a nice profile of them they will be punished by losing contracts.  It can be that crazy in some tightly knit communities!

Even larger media are wrestling with the shift to online.   That’s why we are asking the public to help us fulfill our Mission statement.

After all, nothing truly of value is really free.    And while we never want to put up paywalls or inhibit access to CFN if even 1% of our viewers subscribe it not only can keep CFN moving; but allow us to grow and provide even more value to the community!

There also has been a push in Canada, and elsewhere, with media consolidation for entities to throw their weight around and lean on media editorially; and that’s a very very scary reality in our industry.

Here in Cornwall for example CFN has been punished by the clique that support our corrupt mayor and council.  Too many ties that bind and because we’re a single outlet we’re far too easy to target. With that in mind it’s now your chance to be able to directly help CFN!

Buy clicking the Paypal button below you can help ensure that CFN keeps delivering what you want when you want it!

You can now subscribe either at one of two levels.

For $25 per year you can get access to our new newsletter and if you choose receive special offers from our valued sponsors.

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If 1% of you, our amazing viewers, donate it will go a long way towards helping CFN steer straight through these shark infested waters.

If 3% of you donate we can hire a part time position.  5%, a full time position.

If 10% of you donate we can start Seaway TV, our online TV station on schedule.
It’s always a challenge to move forward and grow; but I think the CFN family deserves it.  Now it’s time to see if you folks do too.

And it’s easy!  All you have to do is hit the paypal button above and rest is up to you.

If you have any questions email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com or click HERE.


  1. If you promise to leave regular content free to the public at large (as it is now); for the sake of the community, I will take a VIP subscription.

  2. Author

    That’s the deal Simon. We don’t want to change CFN. We just want it to keep growing and thriving. I’ve written over 6,000 entries in four years. We need some new blood!

  3. Absolutely Jamie. I see CFN as the last, best hope for my backwater hometown.

  4. The public needs to be ware that there is no other independent media in Cornwall.

    Media in Canada remains very predominantly under a few corporations and they act in the interest of their political affiliations.

    The Independent media remains paramount for a democratic society ,that being said the majority of the media is State run.
    CBC radio ,CBC TV ,CBC print all of which the interests of the corporation are not only politically affiliated but motivated as well.

    A free democratic society strives to hold our political institutions accountable and independent media is not only integral part but a necessary tool to attain this goal.

    I find it rather interesting that the Standard Freeholder has printed our mayor’s media release of his Lawyers opinion that our Mayor was not in conflict of interest.
    But yet a prominent Lawyer Fay Brunning has provided a letter early yesterday that clearly indicates that the mayor has been in conflict of interest since may 2012.

    Where is the Standard freeholder on this?As of yet NO article has been printed nor on their website.
    Many smaller local media outlets have provided this info ,has the Standard Freeholder dropped the ball on this ?
    Or was it too politically sensitive and not in their interests?

    A Cornwall citizen and member of the media had been forcibly removed from council chambers last Mon march 25( this last happened in 2004 Korey Kennedy) and not a word was mentioned by various media outlets -with exception of(Cornwall Free news and le Journal) till social media became involved.

    Has social media become the public’s tool to hold our politicians accountable rather then the media outlets?
    Does the mainstream media not realize omitting news is the same as misinformation?As it is the public they serve and to inform.

    Does anyone remember the editor of the Ottawa citizen a number of years ago who wrote an opinion piece of Jean Chétien who was promptly let go because the stakeholders of the paper were affiliated with the Liberal party?

    Not a big news story but should have been,as this violated freedom of expression.

    So people independent media and not having political associations have the freedom to write a story withought having “political interests” taint the story.

    Jamie I am on Board -We need independent media to work for US THE PEOPLE and not interest groups.

    Take care my fellow citizens.

  5. Jamie I can get behind that as well !

    Coincidentally when I read that you had suffered a withdrawal of support from certain sponsors I thought of how PBS operates on a subscription/donor platform and was going to suggest that I could support that format for CFN.

  6. I signed up for CFN and sent my support. I hope least another 1000 people will follow…..

  7. Can you provide a snail mail address for cheques?

  8. The actions, from some of our local media, can no longer be tolerated ! This is a great iniative Jamie, as a long time “CFN” supporter, I’m delighted to be helping out, in a small little way ! My subscription to that local paper, is the direct casualty. However, I do feel bad, as we have the most incredible paper-boy, just a really great kid !
    All the very best,



  9. I am good to go as well

    Thanks Jamie

  10. Yes, I will support CFN. Please record me as a $25/year member. A cheque to CFN is on its ways to your office.

  11. CFN is well worth the donations.Greatwork CFN.I told Macintosh 18 years ago i wouldn,t bye anymore stanard freeholder and i never did.I will donate to Cornwall free news.Hope this works Jamie. They can,t stop you from printing the truth but they sure as hell can bankrupt you,Goodluck to CFN.

  12. i shouldn,t say donate.i should say subscribe.sorry

  13. @ Chris Cameron…sure do remember the Ottawa Sun editor being let go. A travesty, in my opinion.

    Will support CFN for sure!

  14. Author

    Thank you Luckyred, and again thanks to everyone so far. It kinda feels like the end of It’s a Wonderful Life today. When it was suggested to do this I was against it; but there’s always someone out there that knows more than I do 🙂 This time she was right!

  15. Just cancelled my subscription to the Standard Freeholder and would love to sign up for the 25 dollar/year subscription here at CFN. I don’t have a Paypal account…where can I send a cheque?

  16. of course I’ll support you and subscribe, I went by paypal.

    and thank you for keeping us informed honestly, no hiding behind skirts.

  17. List everyone who boy boycotted you and we will boycott them. See how they make out after.

  18. good luck with this venture cfn deserves to grow and prosper.

  19. I have been a loyal and proud supporter of CFN for 4 years and now I will be happy to show and prove that I do support and can back this great service. See Jamie I told you that there is still good in Cornwall. Congrats and see you soon with a cheque.

  20. Boycotts only hurt the community so let’s not lower ourselves to the cliques and cronies level and start talking about boycotts.

    It is always the consumers choice where to spend their money and that choice is shaped by the business’s performance in the community. As individuals we can chose not to patronize a store but let’s let everyone make up their own mind without peer pressure.

  21. Yes, Jamie, I would LOVE to be a subscriber to the BEST online paper in Canada!

    Thanks for taking the path less walked & bringing us the REAL truth.

    I will continue to support you in anyway I can because I believe in Freedom of Expression & of course Freedom of Speech.

    Our community should be thankful to have you, otherwise our beautiful town would continue on it’s downward slope.

    As the expression goes; no pain, no gain. With time & perseverance I believe the best is yet to come for you & Cornwall.

    Hats off to you & your team!!!

  22. I agree with Debbie Cameron 100%! In the long run everyone will see what a great catalyst CFN has been to promote change for the better in our community and it will soon be one of the greatest assets that the community has in promotion of Cornwall. Just waiting for a bunch of the corrupt to vacate office and then it will be much smoother sailing with a more transparent and honest mayor/council.

  23. Great work CFN!!!!

    I believe in in what you do, count me in!!!!

    Thanks for being the voice of our community!!!!!

    Oh, bye the way Stella, wondering if you will support Jamie too????
    Just askin….

  24. Three lefts make a “right”, not two wrongs …and not a boycott against a small business that is being bullied.

    Later this week I have to deal with one of those local businesses. And I’ll tell the owner (truthfully) that I heard about his business through a CFN advertisement.

    I’m then going to mention (truthfully), that I haven’t seen his ad lately, …and politely ask why.

    Regardless of the answer, he’ll be reminded of the wrong that’s been done.

  25. Hi Jamie,

    Chris & I just signed up as a VIP.

    Very pleased to support you & this very important source of community awareness/information.

    Best of luck!!!!

    Deb & Chris Cameron

  26. You don’t necessarily need a PayPal account. I don’t think it’s been said but you can pay for your subscription using Visa or Mastercard. Theres American Express too.

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