Police Search for Assailant After York Street Incident in Cornwall Ontario – March 16, 2013

York StreetCFN – Cornwall Police confirmed a weapons attack today on York Street near Second West.  One victim was taken to CCH.  Police stated that they are in search of the suspect who is known to them.

The investigation is ongoing.

We will be updating this story as more information is released.



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Milena Cardinal


  1. Sure seems like we have a lot of crime in a city this size!

  2. ur right jane too much crime

  3. More crime will come when D-tox closes

  4. There is very little violent crime in Cornwall. Let them do each other in, taxes go down. Don’t buy into the coppers hype unless you want to pay for it. Detox is not closing.

  5. The problem in Cornwall has to do with illegal guns, drugs, and smokes coming in from the US. When there is poverty nothing will stop the hoodlums from doing crime – it exists everywhere. You can live in the better areas and it exists as well because those in the better areas are sometimes the dealers. As for detox centers it is needed.

  6. does any one know who thw victim is

  7. The Detox Center is changing due to funding cut backs, there should be changes to this propgram as it is client led. There is little in house programming, a gate way into community services in addiction counselling and a long wait list for resident addiction therapy. Hey there is always the Methadone Clinic; that is such a busy place, line ups for the morning fix but no peer group counselling, no community referrals, just a quick fix. Three upscale professional people own this clinic, its a private, profitable business in this town! Think about who is getting rich on the backs of a lot of our youth dealing with opiate addiction.

    As for Cornwall, the crime rate is very high, addiction related crimes like B & E’s, family violence and assults and not to mention smuggeling, fraud,
    and theft. There is much poverty in our Town, we must encourage our youth to attain higher education , trades, business, and give them a reason to remain in their community.

  8. @Newsworthy
    Best thing that could happen here is for one whole generatiion to leave and never come back. Ten thousand useless cotton mill inbreds or metis dolts gone forever. Seventh generation welfare was not the intent of the government. Stop selling hot dogs, Export A’s, and {MODERATED} and they will leave.

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