Protesters Hit City Hall in Cornwall Ontario Over Councilor Syd Gardiner’s Attempt to Destroy Signs – March 18, 2013

Syd Protest 1CFN – A small but spirited crowd braved the near -20 weather to protest in front of City Hall in Cornwall Ontario this morning.

Syd Anti Bullying

It was originally a protest about Councilor Syd Gardiner not being charged for trying to destroy their protest signs outside of the last city council meeting.

Those signs were only delivered to police 5 days after and the councilor was not charged with Mischief Under $5,000.

The protesters were also upset at the Kilger council whistle blowing cases and other acts of corruption.

There are also new allegations that Mayor Kilger after the last council meeting was seen joking with another alleged journalist and that  those same signs were in fact in the Mayor’s office.

I tried asking Mayor Kilger about that this morning as he was making a rare appearance in his office.

Jesse Tieman( yes, Randy’s kid!)  from The Cornwall Daily apparently had better luck speaking with the mayor and perhaps we’ll see what was said to him later.

What do you think Cornwall?   You can post your comments below.   Kudos to Cliff from Island Ink Jet who brought a pot of coffee out to the protesters!

Coffeys Coffee



  1. Thank you Cliff for bringing us the coffee,it was fantastic & much appreciated as it Warmed our bodies plus the honking horns warmed our hearts! Thank You all to all those who came out to support our small group…We are small but mighty!!!

  2. The time to take action and make a difference is at elections. That is when our voices count. Rallies just don’t cut it………ask the LFA.

  3. How many protestors were there?

  4. Your sadly mistaken stellabystarlight, protests between ballot days shape things and people’s views. We are so badly treated and sometimes lied to, I am surprised there are not more protests, but then again, our schools have been creating go with flow types for decades.

  5. Networking and social media such as this is far reaching.

    Kudos to those who had the courage of their convictions to brave the weather and the potential intimidation you may have experienced with your brave actions.

    For sure these statements will be mined as well as you actions reviewed by those being challenged and by their supporters.

    What I see a very wrong here is the intimidation leveled at the advertisers and the potential advertisers in the past no. of months.

    I myself had difficulty accepting some of the wild and crazy comments and statements of CFN yet now after Mr. L. Oshannassey’s(?) letter published in this media this morning, so much, if not all of the challenges Jamie Gilceg have been making have also been vindicated.

    This man may not have a style acceptable to all, especially to the print media as everything they have as news worthy seems to have been washed before shipping.

    Now to also see that our populous Mayor had possibly with held the damaged signs that drew ths protest as well as now being what appears to be a formal charge by Ms. Brunning of a conflict of interest or more, whilst running our council as well as ignoring council direction along with administration with regard to whistleblowing and certain other councillor issues having been challenged this media has shown their tenacity to appropriate bring them all in to heel.

    From this time, the law needs to be taken on within this town and I would even go so far as to call for an inquest by outside sources if necessary to get to the bottom of the bully mentality this council in particular have been using against other councillors and in the end, this cities ‘voters’ who do have a right to know what the hell has been going on.

    Circling the wagons, protecting perpetrators, not reckognizing or accepting jurisprudence in the conducting of city affairs, by this Mayor and council, must be drawn to account.

    Their, I’ve said it.

    Although I was not in attendance on site for personal reasons, you can sure see not that not all my attention has been lost.

    Advertisers, if you do not get back on board with this media, then you will have lost a strong potential market AND YOU WILL BE SEEN AS ADMITTING THAT YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM THIS CITY HAS BEEN EXPERIENCING FAR TOO LONG.

    Thank you Jamie for this opportunity to finally speak up………and I am not alone. What makes it tough for me is that I know these people. It’s hard to take a stand but in this we all simply must.

    Mr. Kilgor and Mr. Gardener in particular these two should resign forthwith. The kind of activity exposed here simply must not be allowed to continue.

    We have much to do to bring a positive attitude, trust and respect back to our city and in particular, back to our city hall.

    If we have a problem, it is not the problem, it is all our ‘attitudes’ towards the problem that immediately becomes the problem.


    Dave Windsor

  6. @Stella The time to take action is now not wait until October next year. This council is not waiting til then for their corruption, partisan favoritism, lying, overtaxing, and overspending on high price lawyers instead of providing services to All citizens of Cornwall. People need to know now what is going on here. I for one have no problem standing out on a cold Monday morning for the sake of Democracy and doing what is right. Hiding issues or reading coverup stories in the local rag who did not show up to this protest will not let people see whats happening at city hall and waiting another year tells them what they at Council are doing is acceptable. Really? This cannot happen for this city to grow or survive. How many protesters Hailey? More than one and less than 500 That really does not matter or is not the issue but our next protest is next Monday evening and you can join in. Bring a friend and you will hopefully see how important this issue is.

  7. Kilger is a coward and a hipocrite and can never face the people. Kilger is finished and should be thrown out as quickly as possible.

    I am glad that a lot of the people are finding out the truth about this coward. Kilger will drive Cornwall into bankruptcy. Get him out as quickly as you all can possibly do so.

  8. Hi Hailey,

    It appears that the turn-out was small, but we have to keep plugging away ? We will have to wait, for the Freeholder to officially give us a count ? So far, not a peep from them ? Qu’elle surprise ?
    One cannot argue, that the time to make our point, against this dysfunctional Council, is at the ballot box ! But, we must educate & show some of our electorate, what has been going on ! A lot of voters, have a “laisser faire” attitude, so we have to light a little fire under them ? Believe me, these little protests are so beneficial, to our overall success !
    Our organization the “BIG FLUSH MOVEMENT”, is extremely proud of the peaceful protesters, that braved the cold, to make their point ! Bravo !

  9. What was that again? Jamie makes up stories, creates situation for a story? So much criticism of Jamie for wearing a t-shirt and fighting back and so few looking at the bigger picture. I agree with Dave Windsor that these advertisers who have pulled their adds with CFN need to wake up and realize this isn’t high school any more. Take a stand and don’t let people intimidate you into doing what they want. These people are doing exactly what they accuse Jamie of doing. They just wrap it up in a nicer package and do it behind closed doors! Great job getting the story Jamie. Surprising since some people will say you aren’t a journalist and that CFN is just a blog!! Shooting the messenger and jumping on the band wagon is so much easier than facing the truth!

  10. The cost of litigation and higher taxation should now come out of our Progress Fund. It has to, if council does not agree to make YOU pay your own expenses for high priced lawyers.


    The taxpayers have been jilted, lied too, EVADED and screwed because of YOUR nefarious activities…not on the cities behalf but solely for your own cover ups and that of others you were covering up for, or who were helping cover up your activities, SIR.

    Then, get out of town. Ottawa is a good place to hide.
    Prove this media CFN wrong and I will eat my words.

  11. Diddlyscwat Bare Ass doesn’t deserve the word Sir but the word COWARD, THIEF AND LIAR AND SNAKE IN THE GRASS. He deserves no respect at all whatsoever from you or anyone.

  12. No you cannot wait till October you have to do it now. You have to get the ball rolling and to get people ready who can run as both mayor and councel. You have to get rid of those old bats ready for the Glen Stor Dun – they are not in the 21st century but are way back in the days of serfdom.

    Stella you want the best for kids and so do I but kids today are going to grow up very fast because they are going to see things that hasn’t been seen since the 30’s era and going to be a great deal worse because they are going to be paying the debts that are made today and they still won’t see it paid and will be living in a lower standard of living than what we are living today. That is why we all have to do something NOW and cannot wait any longer. Cornwall is in trouble and things can no longer wait anymore.

    Ottawa is a big city and is in a big hole financially. People are moving out of Toronto because it is too big, too much crime and people can no longer handle the expenses.

    You should see how expensive Australia is and there are Aussies moving to Canada to get away from the high cost of living – they can’t afford it. We hear about Europe and the US but this problem is worldwide.

    Banks are going to go on bank holidays in Europe and it is going to spread to N. America sooner than you all think. Read a lot more than Cornwall’s toilet paper of record that doesn’t tell you squat. You need to read the foreign papers as well as the NY Times and such papers.

  13. By the way Jules, the SIR was sarcasm. Your points well taken.

    To actually believe this man held high office as Speaker of the House of Commons, with a grade ten education is incredible.

    Obviously this was not a great feat for a man who has f-o-o-l-e-d everyone for years and years. It makes one wonder about how read this man really is.

    Someone once said he was dence as a referee and couldn’t even pass his courses in ref camp.

    He didn’t last long as a chicken manager either.

  14. Diddilyscwat…Amazing that he couldn’t pass the ref courses…just like his son couldn’t pass the written examination for the fire department but yet he was still hired after H.R. bypassed many good men and women. He must be saying “THANKS DADDY”
    Anybody want to bet that Kilger doesn’t show for the Monday night meeting knowing he will be met with many protesters wearing t-shirts that he so dislikes. Then again, the asshole has no pride…so he will probably be there just so he can push his little panic button again!

  15. Those guys in Island Ink-Jet are pretty great! The coffee from their Internet Cafe was absolutely fabulous!

  16. Jamie, I/we hope you have been getting some ‘come back’ calls for advertising. You sure deserve it.

    All the best.


  17. Diddlyscwat, did you say a grade 10 education? OMG I have grade 13 and find that low. I did a year of college in Cornwall in the secretarial and laugh at that too. I had to reread that sentence of grade 10 over and over again for it to absorb and I said is Diddlyscwat kidding or is it true.

    Here is that Adams woman working in the finance has university and is working in a back room somewhere and a lawyer as a councel and has university. OMG this is worse than what anybody would want to hear – some people with high degrees working under that scheeming thief, liar, coward and everything else that I can come up with that Jamie cannot print. This is really terrible. I don’t like Bernadette Clément but she is at the lower wrung on that totem pole being below Kilger and she is sucking up to him. Just who is she to go and do that when she can outdo him. This is incredible.

    Duddlyscwat the people of Cornwall better wake up because I truly believe that they deserve a great deal better. I am in shock about Kilger only having grade 10. The rest of us with better had to leave town to find work.

    Jamie you outdo most of us who read your paper – you have a degree in journalism. Jamie should have a job much higher than a mayor and more like a CEO in some position in Cornwall. If the mayor has only grade 10 no wonder the town is in trouble.

  18. Author

    Jules I do not have a degree in Journalism.

  19. Jamie you have at least a community college education in journalism. You know the laws of journalism. You are very good at what you do. I would say that you accomplised a great deal so be proud of your paper CFN. It will take the people of Cornwall some time to awaken to the changes that are necessary. These people are not used to change or to things that are modern or to world affairs. They have a mighty long way to go to know what is really going on.

  20. Author

    Nope Jules. Not a single journalism class. I’m a screen writer by trade.

  21. Yes, Jamie was never taught that integrity is a flexible concept.

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