South Stormont Council Updated On Solar Farm by Reg Coffey – March 27, 2013

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CFN – The council of the Township of South Stormont met last night for one of their regular council meetings. The agenda was published before the meeting on their web site and was followed exactly as posted.

There were no protests, no angry comments, no posturing by councillors and all questions were right on topic. Good governance is not exactly exciting. While occasionally there have been extraordinary topics of interest to the general public, the regular council meetings typically cover reports from the various township departments and other housekeeping topics.

There was one presentation at the meeting by David Patterson of Saturn Power.

David Patterson from Saturn Power Inc.
David Patterson from Saturn Power Inc.


David updated the council on the progress of the solar farm that is planned for the section of land directly southwest of the 401 & Dickenson Road exchange between the CN railway and the 401 Highway. The land is private industrially zoned property. The project will have a 10 MW maximum capacity and has been awarded a Feed –In Tariff contract by Ontario Power Authority. The project is currently waiting for the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) from the Ministry of the Environment.

Saturn Power is an Ontario company located in New Hamburg and the solar panels are manufactured in Ontario. More information on Saturn Power can be found on their web site

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  1. I get the impression the panels are only assembled in Ontario, but I love how the website lists the word scheme for the payback via the Green Energy Act.

    I wish them well of course, but when is the sign proudly listing half way to the North Pole going to be capitalized for tourism? A place to pause and reflect perhaps?

  2. Good question Eric, good question! The CBC today at noon did a piece on the Money Sense ranking of cities based on liveability. Someone wrote in detailing the benefits of Ingleside and the surrounding area.

    We need more of that.

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