Pinheads, drunken parties, Floods, patio permits & Bob Bare Ass Kilger Dedicated to Claude McIntosh

Kashechewan_mapCFN –  I was hoping to not write about Cornwall politics this weekend.   I saw Gatsby last night.  Interesting.  The review will be up shortly.

But oh my.   I woke up this morning and it looks like I’m being called a Pinhead and a blogger!   Such are the barbs of life one must endure.  Of course if I really am a pinhead why on earth would the great and mighty McIntosh write about moi?  Are true Pinheads really worth writing about?   Isn’t he the one that has had to have two retractions and apologies published in the past year?  I haven’t.

This has been a strange week in Cornwall Ontario politically.   Sunday Mayor Bob Kilger hit the panic button and declared a State of Emergency in Cornwall to assist the flood victims of Kashechewan

While formally just a paper tiger to grab some cash from the Feds (our mayor was the former MP) he decided to turn it into a PR event showing up at the Airport and making some press with the highest paid media in the region from city tax dollars.  (no conflict there!)

The thing is that the NAV CAN facility was used before and if the rumblings coming from staff and the public are true the reason the flood victims vacated in four days had more to do with people from a “DRY” community being put up in a fine facility with a bar resulting in a chaos filled frat house four day party than anything else.

There was no word of support for the flood victims or maybe asking NAV to shut the bar down for the period that the flood victims were there even ?

No, instead another press release was issued without even stating that the State of Emergency has been lifted.   We have tried emailing and phoning CAO Norm Levac and Emergency Information Officer Bob Peters, but no replies have been issued until Friday night when the Mayor’s favorite speechwriter, Claude McIntosh, hunkered down and took his latest shot at yours truly.

Wacky Claude; never one to focus too hard on facts had some gems like;   link

Cornwall joined Thunder Bay in accepting the residents who left with the clothes on their backs and what could be stuffed in a suitcase.

Um, isn’t that what most people take when they leave for a short trip?   Not to make light of the suffering of the flood victims, but should they have taken their furniture too?

But it was the willingness of the community to get involved that made it possible, and that started with Mayor Bob Kilger declaring a state of emergency, which opened the doors for the relocation of the homeless residents.

Really?  As if Mayor Kilger played a role in the decision to come to NAV?  Or if he didn’t want them that they wouldn’t?  NAV is struggling to survive and Federally paid filled rooms with hungry people to feed is not a bad thing for them…unless they start urinating in hallways and destroying stuff on power drinking binges…

And, true to form, one internet pinhead managed to put a twisted, negative spin on the mayor’s declaration, claiming a panicky chief magistrate ran for the panic button in chicken little fashion sans any thought of what it cost local taxpayers.

See, the public isn’t dumb my senior colleague.   Why on earth would someone call the most read newspaper in this city an internet pinhead?  Over 1/3 of Cornwall clicked on CFN at least once in April.  Can the paper you work for claim the same?    Could that be why the Free Holder is on the brink of being folded and just stretching out the Ottawa Sun with an occasional extra Cornwall story?

See there’s a real difference between criticizing a story or what’s said (Claude’s sensitive and many times comments are off in his column) and trying to fool the public.  I was talking to a friend in LA and he was laughing how the mayor and his drinking buddy Claude like to call me a “Blogger” as though it’s a slur and Claude is somehow special because he writes for a newspaper in a dying medium, print.  LINK

And now for Claude’s biggest Porkie!

Bare Ass Bob

Anybody who knows Bob Kilger knows he is a cool customer not easily riled.

Bob hit a panic button and triggered seven police officers to enter his chamber because of a t shirt he couldn’t see.

Bob fled his own council chamber when I politely asked him if he was Claude McIntosh’s leak when the scribbler wrote about the two finalists for the CAO position.  In full view of the media and his confreres as well.

Do those actions sound like those of a cool customer or petty bully who can’t stand on his own without a ring of people there to support him?

Is it cool when one of our clients is allegedly threatened that if they don’t pull their ads with CFN that they won’t get their patio permit and that the mayor himself was on the inspection tour?  Or that the mayor is sitting in on real estate deals?

I think the Seaway News got it right this week.  As much as a light weight as Todd Lihou is their cartoon hit the mark mightily and they deserve kudos for publishing it.

As for Claude, wasn’t he the guy that said his other good friend Paul Fitzpatrick was bulletproof and that this “Blogger” was just making stuff up the same day that Fitzy hit the “Executive leave” button?

And for the biggest joke of the week the City at council debated whether to have a Strategic Planning exercise.   Something even Denis Thibault had problems trying to pass off.   Midway through a term they decide this?  A bunch of wily veteran politicians?  Can you say someone’s trying to pull the cord on the parachute below the deck?

All but two of the current crop of councilors are experienced; some having near twenty years in as a councilor.  If they don’t know right from wrong at this point do they really need to spend $20K to not learn more?

May 24th is drawing close.  If the judge grants Deputy Fire Chief Rob Hickley a victory and the City pays for his legal fees this most likely will be the end for the most dysfunctional and corrupt council Cornwall Ontario has ever seen.  If not we’ve heard that a group of citizens has been waiting to help fund the legal bill.

After all is not what Mayor Bob Kilger practicing not Gangsterism ala Laval Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt?  LINK  And with the Conference Board of Canada stating the obvious, that Cornwall between 2005-2012 has spun its wheels and not grown what does Bob Kilger have to show for his being mayor other than padding the wallets of far too many lawyers while jacking up taxes?

And they call me a pin head?   You can post your comment below or vote in any of our Kilger Council polls.




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  1. The only emergency Bob Peters might have noted is who’s girlfriend was the{MODERATED}at the middle of the party.

  2. Kilger and his council have embarrassed cornwall why won’t more people stand up to them?

  3. The people are “SHEEPLE” and that is why they don’t stand up to the likes of Kilger and company. If there was such a thing as a people they would never for the likes of it to tolerate such things. There are no people only SHEEPLE and those who do not stand up and take action deserve all what they get. Kilger is going to bankrupt Cornwall and mark my words. What am I saying Cornwall – no the new name is FOSSULI and FOSSULI and I sure love that name now thanks to the person who mentioned that. Thank you again.

  4. People are standing up to them–that’s why they continue to feed Claude the nonsense, only certain confidential info to make them sound okay, and encourage him to praise the guilty and the offenders–they have nobody else because the people of Cornwall have proven to be so much smarter than they thought. He may not realize it, but they use him to the max and succeed in making him the village idiot. Jamie, you and Greg have been the only reporters who have continued to research and report exactly what has happened, without question. May both of you continue the great work and the rest will fall into place.

  5. Jamie, does name-calling help your cause? Just a thought.

  6. Pizoli: I disagree with you that Claude is like a village idiot. Don’t forget that this is Cornwall and with this present City Council we are too poor to even have a village idiot!

  7. Freeholder keeps taking this down…how bout u???


    Fresh from his tko over seaway free news writer Bob Roth
    Big Mac Is dusting off the gloves, brushing off the brain cobwebs, preparing to TAKEOUT cornwall free news fedora wearing blogger Jamie
    Round One…Mac calls Jamie a Pinhead

    Round Two Jamie replies.. Pinheads, drunken parties, Floods, patio permits & Bob Bare Ass Kilger Dedicated to Claude McIntosh

    Please stay tuned as these top pro journalist cover the news in Cornwall

  8. There must be some HIDDEN reason big little mac has decided to keep going after you…even from semi-retirement

    He never seems to learn…a media professor …made special note of how bad the news coverage in Cornwall had been during project mistruth.

    Little mac got singled out…now with two(SEMI) least.. to his credit this year alone…I find it harder and harder to ignore the fact he needs to leave the field to others…like the guy who thanked US senate for not putting a tax on canucks in a UNSIGNED freeholder editorial
    Freeholder editor..pls note..u are sun news..not New York Times
    Least you don’t hide Jamie

  9. Author

    Hiding is for Hacks GoHabsGo. What bothers me most is what the Freeholder did during project truth and the story we are not allowed to tell about a conviction here in Eastern Ontario in the last 36 months. That’s what bothers me. It actually sickens me and makes me want to move somedays.

    And the Freeholder seems bent on behaving in that same spirit again. There are people living in this community that truly would rather live a lie and grasp to the illusion of power than build a better community. These are the true people that deserve to be run out of our city if not imprisoned.

  10. The people are “Sheeple ” Jules ,but they get what they deserve when they choose not to be informed .The politically connected prefer to treat the masses like mushrooms -keep them in the dark and feed them lots of bulls**t.

    The Standard Freeloader is a slowly dying media ,but with their continued ignorance to their subscribers by not printing Cornwall’s reality, it will only quicken their pace of death.

    I know many that not longer subscribe due to their deliberate omission of the news” THAT PEOPLE WANT TO READ” such as the city council’s many political screw ups.

    This does not come as a surprise as one does not bite the hand that feeds you ,but the freeloader must understand without subscribers there isn’t a newspaper.

    Jamie when is the next city council meeting?

  11. Author

    Meeting tonight at 7 PM!

  12. You are right indeed Highlander. People deserve the government they get whether it is at the federal level down to the municipal. If people do not pay attention to whom they elect then they get into real trouble. I can really say that taxes are going to go through the roof and there is no stopping that with people like Kilger and his gang at the helm. I was in shock and laughter reading about lawyers charging $2,000./hour and wondered what planet are we living on.

    Jamie is a good man and he does his best to expose some of the things going on but so many prefer to shove their heads in the sand instead of doing something about it. The SF “toilet paper of record” is on the way out and I want people to know that the printer is no longer in Cornwall aka Fossoli but instead in Brockville. That is another of Kilger’s boondoggles is that he is sending jobs elsewhere.

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