BREAKING – Shooting in 1st & St.Felix block of Cornwall Ontario – May 31, 2013

st felix may 31 incidentCFN – The SIU (Special Investigation Unit) has been called in after an incident in the 1st and St. Felix block of Cornwall Ontario tonight.   Reports of gun shots and an ambulance have not been officially confirmed.

Cornwall Police usually refer to the SIU when there’s been a shooting or death; but sadly SIU does not return calls promptly for media to confirm details.

Reports from bystanders were that this was a drug bust with a warrant – something Cornwall Police could not confirm as it is now a SIU investigation.

A forensic unit is reported on the scene.


from a witness

Heard a lot of pops cops surrounded rushed in they took one man out in cuffs and one on a stretcher they roped off the street forensics are still there some cops were in full tactical gear…they acted pretty quick it was amazing to watch them do their job and do it so well


We will be updating this story as more info and pictures and video become available.

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Milena Cardinal


  1. Besides this website, there is zero coverage in the media regarding a shooting in Cornwall.

    Makes one wonder if people mistakenly perceived gun fire for flash bangs.

  2. Well if people are mistaken – SIU only gets called in if someone is crititally injured, killed, or allegations of sexual assault by a police office – Seems strange that they would be there for “flash bangs”

  3. They’re keeping tight lipped until they make sure everyone has the same story. Obviously, someone was seriously injured during the raid, and they have to make sure that every story relayed to the press makes them look good. It’s the same old “make sure our asses are covered before we talk” We don’t want to incriminate ourselves of any wrongdoing. So rather than getting the truth to what happened that night, we will get an approved version of the incident.

  4. This website is great if you like drama or speculation. obviously the writer is unsure what happened and is creating a media frenzy. I enjoy checking updates on this site often however i am also an avid reader of the nation enquirer.

    Im sure police are attempting to catch one of the bad guys in our city and something may have happened during the incident requiring SIU. Any media belief or reporting would be pure blogging and unfortunately not media.

  5. the siu are still investigating but im really sure it will look good on them and make it look bad for teh two guys that never lived there they should pay for all there medical bills plus pain and suffering

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