Attention Seniors & Caregivers! Need Help at Home? DIAL: 310-2222 (no area code necessary) by Mary Anne Pankhurst

CCACCFN – Yes, it’s in its infancy.  But Ontario’s newly launched seniors strategy will help take the wrinkles out of an outdated healthcare model that was never designed to address the needs of the 21st century “age wave” in the first place.


Samir-SinhaThis was one of the messages delivered – today in Cornwall – by Dr. Simar Sinha, author of the Living Longer, Living Well strategy; a comprehensive plan that addresses the needs of thousands of Ontarians who say they want services that will allow them to age well “at home.”


A second and urgent message Dr. Sinha emphasized is that people – including Cornwall area doctors – don’t know who to call for help.


So take note.  Just dial: 310-2222.  The number will take you, directly, to a “real person” who answers for the Champlain Community Care Access Centre, (the CCAC), a government-funded agency located on Cotton Mills in Cornwall, which has the professionals, partners and programs that can help.


Question to taxpayers: Why is the seniors strategy important, and why now?


In part, because….


  • By 2030, Ontario’s older population will double, and the 85-and-over group will quadruple;

  • This means we need about $24 billion more to deliver services that today cost about $48 billion.


But take heart.  This is not an apocalyptic or gloom-and-doom scenario.  There’s good news to be shared.

 Just dial: 310-2222.


A second report will outline how the strategy will benefit taxpayers, and most importantly, elders and their loved ones.



  1. Seems too simple. Anytime I have ever called healthline for medical advice(several times) I never get a straight answer, get sent to emergency anyway and then get sent home without any real treatment. Hmmmmmm. Yes, very much so in it’s infancy. I just can’t wait to see when the phones start ringing in 2030. It will be mayhem folks. Sad thing is, there will be hardly any nurses in Cornwall because all of the English ones will have been run out of town!!!

  2. @ Sick of, Yes, many of us can relate to phone nonsense. But I assure you, if you call the CCAC number, they’ll answer your call, whether you’re calling on behalf of yourself or a senior you know. The CCAC employees and partners can help you navigate the healthcare system and get the right kind of help…delivered to you at home.

  3. I do wonder about cost effectiveness of extra administration, removing tax dollars from use for actual patients though. Funded from Local Health Integration Networks which gets funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, which get a piece of the pie from Ontario revenues, who are supplied from me you, shows a few levels of administration.

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