Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce Mike Metcalfe Threatening CFN Advertisers? Again?

mikemetcalfe-tcCFN – I thought I’d ask our viewers what they think of this very sad and pathetic situation.  Imagine someone from the Cornwall Area Chamber of Commerce running around to our advertisers and not only sharing his negative opinion of CFN, but threatening them that if they didn’t stop advertising with us that there’d be repercussions?

Can you imagine?  An organization whose only real purpose is to foster and develop business trying to not only tear one down, but impact a local economy by telling clients that their choice of advertiser would cause them harm?

That apparently is what Mr. Mike Metcalfe of the Cornwall and Area Chamber has been doing.  Last winter we sent a communique to the Chamber asking them to have Mr. Metcalfe cease or we’d hold the Chamber accountable, but lo and behold it seems that Mike has been a busy and nasty person again.

It’s a free world of course.  We all have our likes and dislikes, but to threaten any business, service or organization is wrong; totally wrong and we’re perplexed as what to do about this chiefly because those clients of ours that have shared this with CFN have suffered enough and don’t need to be dragged through a court process.  (as if the Cornwall Chamber doesn’t already have enough problems to deal with)

It’s so destructive to a local economy so I thought I’d ask our viewers thoughts.  I can’t imagine how any responsible organization would tolerate and allow any employee, staff or contract, to put them in such liability….

You can post yours below.

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  1. Almost sounds like something the Mob would do.

  2. Author

    If the public truly knew what we and CFN have been through these last few years….

  3. The behaviour mentioned in the article is nothing new for Cornwall . . . it has occurred in the past to curtail career opportunities in Cornwall, for people who were as being too disagreeable. At the time, it was still possible to commute to and from Montreal aboard conveniently scheduled trains. Then Hwy 417 opened and it became possible for Cornwall residents to commute to and from work at Ottawa.

    A few years ago, a commuter bus service began carrying Cornwall residents to and from places of employment at Ottawa. Then the internet became widely available and it became possible for some people to live in Cornwall and work for people and organizations at very distant locations, including outside of Canada. The free market solved the problem of a tiny handful of people in Cornwall who sought to curtail career opportunities for select Cornwall residents.

    So some one in Cornwall has now chosen to revive a behaviour that was long abandoned in Cornwall . . . and by threatening local business owners. Perhaps the person may be aware that by engaging in such behaviour, they’re making a pathetic statement about themselves. And it make a sad and pathetic statement about Cornwall for some one connected with the chamber of Commerce to actually engage in such deplorable behaviour. If that is the kind of behaviour of some one connected to a chamber of commerce, why would anyone want to open a new business in such a community?

  4. Author

    Yes Harry, but many businesses caved into these threats from Mr. Metcalfe and others. We only know about the few that have stepped forward and identified who their bully was. Others have not. At one point we lost 80% of our clients in a six week period. It’s a tribute to our supporters, clients, and from the public who pulled through and helped CFN endure this prolonged attempt to run us out of Cornwall by a very petty and ignorant clique.

  5. Wikipedia: “Bullying is the use of force or coercion to abuse or intimidate others. The behavior can be habitual and involve an imbalance of social or physical power. It can include verbal harassment or threat, physical assault or coercion and may be directed repeatedly towards particular victims, perhaps on grounds of class, race, religion, gender, sexuality, appearance, behavior, or ability.[2][3] If bullying is done by a group, it is called mobbing.[4] The victim of bullying is sometimes referred to as a “target”.”

    Wikipedia: “Coercion /koʊˈɜrʃən/ is the practice of forcing another party to act in an involuntary manner (whether through action or inaction) by use of intimidation or threats or some other form of pressure or force, and describes a set of various different similar types of forceful actions that violate the free will of an individual to induce a desired response. These actions can include, but are not limited to, extortion, blackmail, torture, and threats to induce favors. In law, coercion is codified as a duress crime. Such actions are used as leverage, to force the victim to act in a way contrary to their own interests. Coercion may involve the actual infliction of physical pain/injury or psychological harm in order to enhance the credibility of a threat. The threat of further harm may lead to the cooperation or obedience of the person being coerced.[citation needed]”

    Wikipedia: “Aggression, in its broadest sense, is behavior, or a disposition, that is forceful, hostile or attacking. It may occur either in retaliation or without provocation. In narrower definitions that are used in social sciences and behavioral sciences, aggression is an intention to cause harm or an act intended to increase relative social dominance. Predatory or defensive behavior between members of different species may not be considered aggression in the same sense. Aggression can take a variety of forms and can be physical or be communicated verbally or non-verbally. Aggression differs from what is commonly called assertiveness, although the terms are often used interchangeably among laypeople, e.g. an aggressive salesperson.[1]”

    Wikipedia: “The non-aggression principle (NAP)—also called the non-aggression axiom, the zero aggression principle (ZAP), the anti-coercion principle, or the non-initiation of force—is a moral stance which asserts that aggression is inherently illegitimate. NAP and property rights are closely linked, since what aggression is depends on what a person’s rights are.[1] Aggression, for the purposes of NAP, is defined as the initiation or threatening of violence against a person or legitimately-owned property of another. Specifically, any unsolicited actions of others that physically affect an individual’s property or person, no matter if the result of those actions is damaging, beneficial, or neutral to the owner, are considered violent or aggressive when they are against the owner’s free will and interfere with his right to self-determination and the principle of self-ownership.
    Supporters of the NAP often appeal to it in order to explain the immorality of theft, vandalism, assault, and fraud. In contrast to nonviolence, the non-aggression principle does not preclude violence used in self-defense or defense of others.[2] Many supporters argue that NAP opposes such policies as victimless crime laws, taxation, and military drafts. NAP is the foundation of most present-day libertarian philosophies.[3][4][5]”

    CFN “… but to threaten any business, service or organization is wrong; totally wrong…”

    Our society is governed by coercion. Our governing agencies achieve compliance to its laws by aggressive threatening and bullying strategies and tactics. Based on my understanding of Mr. Mike Metcalfe (of the Cornwall and Area Chamber) actions, he is implementing the laws of his business governing agency. Any business such as the CFN and its customers that doesn’t comply to the Chamber’s commands will be prosecuted according to its own governing agency’s laws. CFN will be assimilated, resistance is futile.

  6. Scumbag…..

  7. Hi Darcy, not all local businesses are members of the local chamber of commerce. With regard to CFN, the Constitution of Canada does uphold freedom of the press and of the media. There is a passage in the Constitution that clearly identifies it as “the supreme law of Canada” and that other laws that conflict statutes in the Constitution, are to the extent of the conflict, to be NO force and of NO effect.

    If some Chamber by-laws and rules conflict with Canada’s Constitution, then the Constitution will prevail.

    Any attempt to interfere with the Constitutional freedom of the media may classify as a criminal offence. Perhaps some contact with the Canada Competition Bureau or other government people in Ottawa may clarify as to whether an officer associated with a Chamber of Commerce could be indicted for having conspired to knowingly damage a news organization for allegedly intimidating, coercing or threatening supporters of the news organization.

  8. Is Metcalfe a Chamber Board member or is he simply a member of the Chamber?

  9. Author

    Harry I’m not really big on running to law enforcement or litigating. I always hope for common sense to win the day. I have sent an email to the Chamber and directors whose email addresses I have.

    I’m hoping for an apology from the Chamber and for them to make sure that Mr. Metcalf can no longer speak such drivel while being associated with them.

    I know he’s not full time on staff but right now the clients he’s approaching connect him with the chamber.

    As much as some of the board there and Ms Strasser might not like CFN surely they know right from wrong and how brutal the optics are of a Chamber trying to kill a business in this manner and hurt our clients as well.

  10. Author

    Mr Metcalfe has worked sporadically for and with the Chamber for a number of years now.

  11. Are you sure he was threatening? Is it possible he was just warning business that being associated with a site that allows profanity and vicious personal attacks would no doubt have repercussions? What was he threatening them with?

  12. Mr. Valentine, I appreciate your feedback on my comment and you are correct. Canada’s Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

    The Canada Competition Bureau could be engaged to look into the possibility that some form of anti-competitive activities are being perpetrated by an administrative organization. Here is a link as to the type of activities it may investigate;

    The question remains, Does the Chamber have authority to engage in coercive activities over all commercial enterprises within its claimed trading area?

  13. If business are being threatened for advertising with CFN, what is the nature of the threats? Is an officer of the chamber going to use municipal political connections to ‘encourage’ enforcement officers to pay regular visits to ‘offending’ businesses? If that is the case, why would any one want to open a new business in a city where they will be singled out for ‘special treatment’ for not toeing some body’s political line?

    Over the long term, such a business environment would encourage business to open outside of the city, perhaps hoping that residents of the nearby city would drop by. Cornwall has undergone episodes of citizens crossing over the international border to do their shopping . . . and businesses that were also members of the local chamber actually complained about a loss of business.

    It is the mission of a free and independent news media to report on public officials and their (mis)- behaviour. A news agency as Pravda would publish glowing testimonials about public sector officials. We actually had some people publish reports in the print media in this area that read as if the reports had been written for Pravda . . . and worthy of high praise from information minister Josef Goebbels for having attested to the fine character of certain public officials.

    However, some of CFN’s news reports have seriously violated the editorial standards of Pravda . . . notably the absence of glowing testimonials upholding the fine character of noted public officials. Readers have instead being treated to reports of alleged mischief and misbehaviour of certain public officials . . . definitely not the kind of reporting that information minister Josef Goebbels would have approved of.

    What kind of world and what kind of community would we live in if nobody reported on such events? If an officer of a chamber of commerce can legally make threats of repercussions against members of the business community for having supported a free and independent local news media through their choice of advertising, then such threats make a powerful and very negative statement as to the kind of community in which we live.

  14. Metcalf is just a little fish in the sea….and a want to be liked by the upper scum….how low will he go. If someone told him to go fetch, he would….Get a life Metcalf. Are you jealous of CFN as they uncover all of the Cornwall crap?

  15. Hi Darcy,

    There is a statute in the Canada Competition Act about “conspiring to restrict competition”. Threats made to local companies that advertised at CFN to curtail their support of CFN could have the potential to possibly undermine CFN’s viability . . . and would likely have had the effect of reducing competition between news media organizations in the area.

    The Canada Competition Bureau will have to determine as to whether the threats classify as some one conspiring to restrict competition. The telephone companies are required by law to record all telephone communications . . . if the threats were made by telephone, there would be a record and the Competition Bureau is empowered to subpoena the telephone records.

    As well, the Constitution of Canada gives citizens the right to freedom of the media, including freedom of speech via the media . CFN does allow citizens to comment on news items . . . upholding a statute spelled out in the constitution. Attempts to purposefully harm the telecommunications media could have the effect of indirectly restricting citizens’ access to the media.

  16. If the Canada Competition Bureau gets involved in this issue, there is a statute related to conspiring to restrict competition . . . conspiring to monopolise a market Subpoena telephone records could reveal if there were any attempts to monopolise the local media market.

    The telephone record could prompt the CCB to investigate other local media groups that depend on advertising revenue . . . . including 3-weekly area in-print publications.

  17. I know that guy. He’s an {MODERATED}. He’s been seen {MODERATED} in public almost getting pounded for his vulgarity until the victims of his {MODERATED} verbal attacks realize he is just too pathetic to hurt. He’s one of the 99% of {MODERATED} making 1% of the money.
    Sad man

  18. I wonder how these bullies would feel if one day a few citizens of Cornwall protested at their office to show disdain for their actions. Bullying and threatening is not acceptable at any time. No matter how important these people think they are. People in position here need to realize that Cornwall belongs to the people and not to the poison we all know as the clique.

  19. Author

    Thanks Gary. This isn’t the usual clique abuse. This is a CHAMBER OF COMMERCE trying to destroy business. Surely a total embarrassment. I hope that the board does the right thing promptly.

  20. Readers may be aware that a person accused of a criminal offence has the right to remain silent . . . even witnesses may decline to make statements with low risk of being cited for obstruction of justice. Commercial law is very different . . . . someone accused of contravening a commercial law may be cited for obstruction of justice for choosing to remain silent. Even alleged witnesses may be cited for obstruction of justice.

    While criminal law is very precise, commercial law is ‘fluid’ and open to a very wide range of interpretation. If staff of a commercial establishment communicated very politely and courteously to business owners, to discourage them from patronising a particular supplier (CFN) . . . with the result that the supplier experienced a loss of income . . . . there is the possible interpretation that the staff member may have conspired to restrict competition in a given sector of the market.

    People who know about such an act and choose to remain silent . . . . if a government official investigates, they will want to know the identity of persons who knew of the act . . . . the ‘fluid’ nature of commercial law brings into question the possibility of obstruction of justice.

    Someone is going to have to convince me beyond any reasonable doubt that despite me knowing about a possible case of conspiracy to restrict competition, that the concept of obstruction of justice in no way applies to me in regard to events surrounding the alleged behaviour of some one connected to the chamber of commerce.

  21. So thick, you are spot on with your reference to “go fetch” with regards to Mike. A lowly teacher who couldn’t receive respect from students loved rubbing elbows with his interpretation of the elite in Cornwall. We have other more accurate adjectives for them. This is a man who was enamoured with Phil Poirier and believed that all his financial indiscretions should be overlooked by the citizens. This is a man who worked for Paul Fitzpatrick in Economic Development for a number of years and took no offense to Paul’s abusive behaviour with all staff (God bless CM). Therefore, he also believes in City abuse. Whether he’s a go-fetch guy, a kiss-ass guy, or a proven boot-licker, he truly is a sad man and he picked the wrong side. What are you thinking, Mike? And Leslie and the Board, if you condone or are behind this behaviour, you should definitely be investigated.

  22. Who needs to be ‘closed down’?

    These apparent ‘illegal’ or more specifically done with CRIMINAL intent is deserving of a $7,000.00 fine very similar in comparison to the last federal elections phone gate…….plus NOT a resignation but a formal firing.

    This Chamber ( and that is what it has become) has now an embarrassment to the community it has sworn to serve.

    The more serious question has to be, what complicit encouragement has been given by Leslie Strasser AND the entire board of management of the said Chamber.

    Further, what implicit back slapping was passed to them by city mayor and council……..what did they know and support.

    What ‘coffee break’ talked praised the effort to defame and mob bully CFN.

    Who else or what other business’s in Cornwall were mob bullied to comply by illegal tactics such as these and what blackmail tactics or further crimes were committed to project the Cambers lack of honesty with integrity?

    Further too, what or who within Team Cornwall was complicit and may have sent phone messages and emails recommending these crimes against CFN.

    Note the extent of interference is likely catching like a virus to all members od city wide ‘Team Cornwall’ members, tarnishing even their projected mission statements.

    I raise Team Cornwall in this because all Chamber, city management, fire, police, departments and our Mayor himself as well as all other media players within this city may well have been had knowledge and complicit in this criminal act as well.

    To me that totals somewhere in the 2000 number range.

    Reviewing in my thoughts the history of Cornwall over many, many years, these methods have likely been the normal mode of protectionism causing ‘my business only’ for personal survival.

    No wonder we have stagnated and regressed to the near bankruptcy state with litigation costs through the roof and expansions that could have been constantly denied.

    No wonder crooks like Willy Wise and others were able to smooze there way into fraudulently buying and demolishing the former Domtar properties. One would then question who took gifts and perhaps monies under the table to screw the tax payers for personal gain.

    I best stop there.

  23. Author

    We at CFN would like to offer our sympathy and wishes of a speedy recovery to Mr. Metcalfe who apparently fell off a ladder Saturday and injured himself.

  24. Where do these groups/organizations get the idea that they are Cornwall’s elite and have the right to run the place? You get a gang of people together and they all have their own agenda, it has nothing to do with what’s best for Cornwall, it all has to do with belonging to the right clique and be seen and praised by the Chamber.

    These businesses that belong to the Chamber/Team Cornwall all want the same thing, for the residents of Cornwall to patronize their business. I won’t go to a business just because you are a Chamber/Team Cornwall member.

    I will go because I like the service the employees (which are really the backbone of any business) and they happen to have the item I am looking for at the time.

    Who ever made the Chamber of Commerce/Team Cornwall so important?

  25. The cards are starting to fall people from City Hall to the Chamber. Karma straight up the ass.

  26. Driving the Karma bus
    July 28, 2013 at 7:23 am

    Quote: ‘Who ever made the Chamber of Commerce/Team Cornwall so important?’

    Well D.K.B., THEY DID and to a certain extent they became like any mom and pop store
    ‘making a living and living off their making of it.’

    The issue is that they have unwittingly become a closed ship with a self survival mentality under the guise of being open and inviting.

    To be sure, these are often and very likely in this scenario also very hard working and people of integrity and most very honest people who dream up great ideas and sleep well at night.
    It then becomes easy for outsiders to paint all with the same brush. That is/would be unfair.

    No, I think those who become over political and fraternalistic have incurred over doers such as the Metcalfe scandal and others of his ill ilk. Karma is a bitch as we know hear he has fallen and damaged himself.

    Perhaps now he will have time to have a ‘leg up’ on things, time to reflect and be more graceful with his activities.

    To be sure, as Jamie gracefully ‘offer(ed) our sympathy and wishes of a speedy recovery to Mr. Metcalfe who apparently fell off a ladder Saturday and injured himself’ said with honesty, humility and respect.

  27. Harry Valentine July 27, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    Well, we all know that most business’ fail because of the make up of it’s hierarchy. In other words, the s&$t rolls down hill once it hits the fan.

    Let’s see now, we start with the leadership of good ship Cornwall and from their to the attitudes of the Downtown Business Association, attitudes within the Chamber of Commerce, attitudes of the leadership (driving forces) of the Team Cornwall, attitudes of all other media by ignoring or belittling or downplaying ‘protecting it own’ to protect itself from being blackballed, (all driving forces).

    To wit then is our Mayor and council believing themselves as little gods, edicting here and there, willy-nilly as befits their intent.

    Presto, pass the pity potty plate please.

  28. Hi Diddlyscwatt and Karma Bus,

    It would be damn sad a federal official from the competition bureau issues a subpoena for the telephone and e-mail records of people related to this deplorable case. They’d begin at the C of C and them extend their investigation to other news media that depend on advertising revenue. I am of the opinion that the Seeker Chics had no involvement and no connection whatsoever in these alleged events . . . except that their telephone and e-mail records could also be subject to a subpoena during the course of any investigation into an alleged conspiracy to restrict competition.

    If Competition Bureau people start to investigate, some very innocent people could be dragged into this mess.

  29. Author

    Harry while I’m not currently following your sphere of thought on this subject it should be noted that one of the Seeker Chicks is on the Board of the Chamber, as is a Corus Radio employee, News Director Bill Kingston. Rick Shaver just finished his term as President and Traci Trottier’s old boss and good friend Scott Armstrong actually while Chamber Prez actually told City Councilors that my radio station, Seaway Radio, while it was alive was a Pirate Station he’d get shut down! (Which it certainly was not)

    Crazy, Crazy, Crazy….

  30. When it comes to economic development and business development, Cornwall does compete with the Vaudreuil-Soulanges region of Quebec (includes St Lazare, Coteau and Vaudreuil-Dorion) and Northern New York State. Across the border, they’re talking tax breaks and even tax-free zones, see webpage:

    In the past, both federal and provincial governments could have declared Cornwall a tax-free business zone or a low-tax business zone. Local businesses would have had more revenue available to re-invest in local development . . . provided that municipal taxes were also kept on par with other nearby municipalities.

    Instead, places like Cornwall became zones for government grants . . . some business received a grant that was almost equal to their tax bill. When the receive the grant, there’s a photo-op for a local elected person to be seen as giving money to a local business . . . and most people will actually fall for this ‘smoke and mirrors’ trick.

    If Cornwall were declared a low-tax business zone, there’d be no more photo-ops for elected officials in the local news media being depicted as handing over business development funding. New York State is already going that route . . . and right across the border from Cornwall.

    Without a steady supply of government grants coming into Cornwall, people who allegedly have power would lose that (illusion of) power. The conspiracy to shut down CFN was consistent with protecting the interests of people who hold (an illusion of) power in the community . . . an independent news media such as CFN is in a position to expose events in the community that people oo power, would want to keep secret.

    Where taxpayers money is involved, the public has a right to know . . . even when people who hold (an illusion of) power prefer that they not know.

  31. Author

    Harry something the public doesn’t know also is that CFN has twice been offered cold hard cash to move; once to Ottawa and once to Montreal. Both times I refused and it wasn’t about the amount offered.

    We also don’t have google/internet ads because we wanted to help build the local market. With our traffic that’s a loss of about $10K per month!

    And yet myself and CFN are consistently branded a villain by the clique.

    One day I will write about what we’ve endured and the person I most feel bad for is my lone shareholder other than myself Reg Coffey who has bravely endured these brutal attacks over the last few years.

    Even the CFIB asked the Mayor for example to allow us to speak before council to rebut the City’s slurring of us with their Online Advertising policy. It’s all insane and yes, most likely all illegal and a conspiracy by definition.

  32. Admin . . it seems that the plot thickens . . . and the guy who made the contacts may just be the tip of the ice berg . . and he may end up being the fall guy just to protect many other people.

    I was disturbed to hear of an alleged fall off a ladder . . . if there was a bucket and/or rope involved . . . then somebody else can officially contact the Canada Competition Bureau.

    If the CCB starts snooping around, its anyone’s guess as to what the will dig up (going through records of telephone calls and e-mails obtained by subpoena) . . . or who will be dragged in. There could be potential for quite an upheaval in the town.

    But then again, if some politically powerful and politically well-connected people have the proper connections, they may be able to side track any possible snooping by the CCB.

  33. I do have a bit of a Don Quixote streak in me. What I really react to is injustices and unfairness in business and politics and even in personal relationships. I invested in CFN because in other markets it should have prospered but in this market, while the most popular media site in the area, commercial acceptation is limited because of mean spirited interference by Cornwall City Council and their Chamber of Commerce.

    At one time I would have just complained about the injustice of it all with friends over beer. Now I want to be part of the change. I know there are people who will not buy my coffee because of my association with CFN but that is their loss. My business will not be run by the whims of a collection of self-entitled vigilantes.

  34. Harry, as always, your research is impeccable.

    I reviewed the link you provided for Upper New York,

    They have 9 links from Facebook to Twitter and U-tube….and yes, are now a tax-free zone.

    Looks like personal photos are causing losses to the citizens of Cornwall as well as those business’s who do not fall in line for the perky grants.

    So too goes the competitive nature of pricing comparisons of Upper State New York vs Eastern Ontario.

    Lots of questions arise yet again here as in the scandalous behavior of our glorious ‘teams’. Never has been an equal playing field in Cornwall. It’s the cowards way of bullying/keeping the big boys out.

  35. Author

    Harry do you mean like Ed “Chester” Lumley?

  36. I recall the movie – Walking Tall:

    Based on the life of Tennessee sheriff Buford Pusser whom almost single-handily cleaned up his small town of crime and corruption, but at a personal cost of his family life and nearly his own life. Sheriff Pusser was a technical consultant during the making of this film and a lot of what is in the movie most likely was from real life events during his time as sheriff.

    Joe Don Baker really pours his heart out in this movie…He is a much better suited to portray Buford Pusser in this movie…The real Buford Pusser was still alive when this first movie was made. The reason Joe Don Baker did not return to play Sheriff Pusser in Walking Tall part 2 and 3 was that he received numerous death threats and there was also a high suspicion that Sheriff Pussers car accident may have been deliberate…At any case it is a classic movie and this movie is way better…..

    I never did see Walking Tall 2 or 3 but now I intend too.

    Hey, does anyone happen to have a spare hardwood baseball bat? It would make a nice ‘clean house’ prop for anyone running for next Mayor of Cornwall county.

  37. He may in a position to act as the White Knight in Shining Armour . . . . . however, I am of the view that he’d just as soon not want to be involved in something like this.

    The fellow who initiated the campaign against CFN may have to take the fall himself . . . . if he starts to sing to the CCB, he may implicate many other people . . . but then so could an investigation of the telephone and e-mail records.

    With regard to the deleted e-mails at the former premier’s office . . . there is way of retrieving such information . . . . the only way to permanently erase all naughty information from a computer, is to totally destroy the motherboard and everything on it . . . also the computer chip. That’s how somebody ‘recovered’ deleted e-mails from staff in the former premier’s office.

    Some internet service providers may already have technology in place that may record the previous several months of e-mails that went through their system . . . something for the CCB to access should they choose to investigate . . . at somebody else’s prompting

  38. I said it before and I will say it again is that politicians are only good as its people and when people lack good moral character then what do you expect from your leaders. Some good moral character and they go into these “Catholic clubs” and put on a good front and all they have are fat pockets but nothing else – they are spiritually and morally bankrupt and it is all show.

    I said it before that the people have to change and if one does not have good moral character then don’t expect the leaders to be any different. You have to look in the mirror in order to make good changes. I bet there are good people in Cornwall who can do a good job as a mayor and council but they are held back by the evils that run the town.

  39. Reg Coffey if I were in Cornwall I would surely buy your coffee. I support Jamie and all good people.

  40. WOW! So Metcalfe really did fall off the ladder. My Lord what was he trying to accomplish there – play Santa Claus in July? LOL LOL. I must be getting giddy again – time to wash the dishes.

  41. Too bad people just can’t talk to each other face to face. This ‘social congress’ is taxing.

    The only fortunate difference is that people can be more expressive with their missives.

    Provides an even playing fields you would say?

    The good thing is we have faced a lot of pro’s and ‘con’s’ where they were well covered up with out the openness CFN has been providing. So much light has come out of the tunnels and corridors of Cornwall. So much we will never know.

    Some one above talked about a baseball bat? Perhaps a golf club would be easier to manage, on the golf course of course.

    Well, the idea is nice, but the exposure may not be so nice.

    Any other ideas……..hey, how about confessions from the bad boys before the subpoena’s start flowing?

  42. Author

    Duckers there are now at least three lawsuits that most likely require the mayor, many if not all of the councilors, and others to testify under oath. In other words the days of hiding in the shadows are drawing to an end.

    The conspiracies, conflicts of interest such as Councilor Carr drawing a very large fee/salary from Heart of the City, about equal to the yearly city kick to HOC, while voting on issues related to HOC on council; a mayor and councilor voting on whether the city should donate to a committee that they sit on and other antics have to end if this city is to move forward and grow.

    Hopefully clearly catching people like Mr. Metcalfe in the act is a step in the right direction. Now if more businesses and people would step forward or stand up to these thugs and bullies we can put them in the past like nightmares should be.

  43. Metcalfe is a disgrace to Cornwall. He needs to be shamed all they way out of this city! Perhaps if the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t deal with it, maybe the citizens of Cornwall will starting with another protest.

    Business’ hold you head high and make a statement by staying with CFN and the thugs and bad boys will eventually go away. You are getting by far the most bang for your advertising dollar on CFN let me assure you!

  44. nonbeliever has it right! The people running Cornwall are the Mob! They are really wolves in sheep’s clothing!

  45. Whenever the day comes that Amin writes about all the evil, corruption, coverups and all the bullying and harrassment that CFN has had to put up with over the years due to Cornwalls elite band of super asshats we all know as the clique and their wannabe friends I will be first in line with a large cup of Reg’s coffee, A CFN button t-shirt, buying the book promoting all the actions of this Dirty Little Town openly exposing all the dirty Under our Crooked Bridge. Not to confuse this with Admin’s other book with a somewhat similar name.

  46. Some staff at Canada Competition Bureau (CCB) may by now be aware of recent events in Cornwall that relate to possible conspiracy to restrict competition . . . . that is the exclusive jurisdiction of an official government market regulation agency that issues licences in select sectors of the economy. The definition of ‘racketeering’ includes the use of intimidation tactics and/or threats of reprisals . . . . except that Cornwall police would never touch this one in regard to recent allegations of intimidation of businesses in Cornwall.

    It remains to be seen as to what if anything that the CCB may do in regard to possible allegations of conspiracy to restrict competition at Cornwall.

  47. A family member reports that Mike is doing fine…

    In fact the reason he was on the roof in the first place was part of the clique’s celebration of recent attacks on the CFN advertising base… He heard that the drinks were on the house.

    Anyway, have a nice summer Mike, see you next fall.

  48. Harry, with respect, do you really think they would waste their time with such a trivial matter?

    Trivial in that it’s a bullshit act of sabotage, solution, lying and deceit only contravening the competition act in as much as ‘all ways’ ever, being purposeful and with malice, so why should they even bother????????????????????????????????

    What will THEY get out of it? What would WE get out of it? What would the ‘scape goat’ get out of it? Who gets the royalties for this saga?

  49. Diddlyscwatt,

    You’ve raised a good point . . . . if the matter is too trivial for the Competition Bureau to deal with, then they’ve just given the licence to anyone located anywhere in a small community across Canada, to do the exact same thing . . with impunity. There’s a law on the books . . . except that nobody is going enforce it or hold law-breakers accountable.

    Why the hell bother paying bureaucrats to occupy office space in the Competition Bureau . . . if they going to portray the image of a stud breeding mule? . . . Good physical appearance except nothing functioning under the tail.

  50. The issue of bullying behaviour initiated against business owners has occurred previously in Cornwall . . . and involved public sector people who had come up with an initiative that they though would boost tourism revenue.

    Except that the initiative failed after a few years.

    However, to get the initiative started and to sustain it during its inception, business owners were approached in person and on their premises by some high ranking municipal officials . . . to cough up cash to support the initiative. The tactics involved high pressure and bordered on intimidation and emotional bullying . . . as if Lucky Luciano and Al Capone came to visit.

    At the present day, the main players who enacted the pressure tactics are long gone from the municipal scene.

    In my view, the majority of business owners in Cornwall would just as soon seek to make a living by serving their paying customers who are area residents coming visit their premises to purchase goods and/or services. They benefit the community by employing local residents . . . and without need for public sector subsidy.

    Cornwall deserves better than to have business people being bullied and intimidated for their choice of advertising, or to be required to provide cash above and beyond their taxes to fund some hair-brained scheme that involves personalities from the public sector. I am of the view that the majority of Cornwall City Council would not support such behaviour . . . but then??

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