Did the City of Cornwall Ontario Dispatch 5 Municipal Works Employees? August 7, 2013

toddlalondeCFN – Cornwall Ontario Human Resources Manager Dail Levesque is refusing to speak to the media or comment over the termination of as many as five Municipal Works employees including Todd Lalonde who also is a School Board trustee and former board poobah of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.

Mr. Levesque has refused to confirm or deny the terminations.

Calls, email, and Facebook queries to Mr. Lalonde were not returned as of press time.

Bill De Witt Municipal Works manager stated to CFN that he was not to comment to media, and Kevin Lajoie also stated he could not comment.   Neither would confirm or deny the events.

The other workers first names according to sources were Pete, Lionel, Greg, and Glen.   The source continued that the issues stemmed from an investigation of theft of time; sometimes in a city vehicle and sometimes allegedly involving overtime hours.

Calls to several councilors were also answered with “I can’t comment.”

While we can understand the need for personal privacy the bigger question is why the City is refusing to speak to the media about the incident or even “officially” confirm it although the tenor of phone conversations clearly acknowledged an issue without a single city contact stating that there was no incident.


If the allegations are true they would be most damaging for Mr. Lalonde who was slated to be running for Municipal Office in 2014.

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