Did the City of Cornwall Ontario Dispatch 5 Municipal Works Employees? August 7, 2013

toddlalondeCFN – Cornwall Ontario Human Resources Manager Dail Levesque is refusing to speak to the media or comment over the termination of as many as five Municipal Works employees including Todd Lalonde who also is a School Board trustee and former board poobah of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.

Mr. Levesque has refused to confirm or deny the terminations.

Calls, email, and Facebook queries to Mr. Lalonde were not returned as of press time.

Bill De Witt Municipal Works manager stated to CFN that he was not to comment to media, and Kevin Lajoie also stated he could not comment.   Neither would confirm or deny the events.

The other workers first names according to sources were Pete, Lionel, Greg, and Glen.   The source continued that the issues stemmed from an investigation of theft of time; sometimes in a city vehicle and sometimes allegedly involving overtime hours.

Calls to several councilors were also answered with “I can’t comment.”

While we can understand the need for personal privacy the bigger question is why the City is refusing to speak to the media about the incident or even “officially” confirm it although the tenor of phone conversations clearly acknowledged an issue without a single city contact stating that there was no incident.


If the allegations are true they would be most damaging for Mr. Lalonde who was slated to be running for Municipal Office in 2014.

We will be updating this story as more info becomes available and if you see news happen email CFN at info@cornwallfreenews.com or call our hotline at 613 361 1755.

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  1. I heard today that 3 of the 5 got their jobs back, Who ?????

  2. WOW regarding the last post ” The City has been ripped off for many years????? “REALLY” YOU ARE STUPID ?

  3. I really hope all my good friends at public works get their job back and be wiser.

  4. re: baffled221

    can you back up your words with proof ? I am waiting

    jules …your 1st sentence does NOT make sense …!

    Listen… I heard they all got their jobs back…so happy for my friends at Public Works , people comment without even knowing the TRUTH and want to hang everyone without knowing the TRUTH, just because they work for the city, YUP

    Wait till the winter -30 and a water main breaks, who you gonna call, YUP City Public Works ! din dong !

  5. Re: cityBS

    REALLY ?

  6. I think that the good ole boys club just came up with this to take the bigger blame off of them,this is surely not new,there has been city worker jokes since forever……timing is everything,but it won,t work for long ….mayor,s corruption is coming to a head!!

  7. Well again I heard today that its NOT true

  8. Time theft is increasingly becoming a drain on businesses across the globe. Studies estimate that time theft might cost Canadian business $5 billion a year (and the US as much as $400 billion).

    Time theft occurs when an employee accepts pay for work that they haven’t done or for hours that they actually haven’t put into work.

  9. Time Theft from Employees

    How About Time Theft from Employers ?

  10. Re: The City has been ripped off for many years @ August 10.2013 @ 11:09am

    Have another BEER your statement is totally “CRAZY”
    You don’t know sweet ALL

  11. Author

    Derek if you know something please share. We really don’t tolerate abuse of commentators on CFN. Please debate the principles; not the people.

  12. It is about time you set Derek Sheppard straight. He needs to face reality, cool off, take a pill, and relax…… He should not dis people that know the facts, and know the truth. Thank you Admin, THANK YOU.

  13. This from the Standard Freeholder

    A Cornwall resident with several friends on the municipal works’ payroll claimed there has been a handful of firings in recent days stemming from accusations of time theft.

    He said he’s heard of employees spending hours at the gym, napping in their vehicles, or attending personal appointments while on duty for the municipality.

  14. @stellabystarlight, I disagree with ur statement that the city does not have to disclose any info as to why these individuals were terminated. These are “City employees” paid using public $$$$. The city admins do NOT have the luxury of keeping quiet. Municipal, provincial and federal employees, whether hired or elected must answer to the taxpayers. I am forced to pay property taxes to own a home in Cornwall. Therefore I have a right to know how my $$$ is being used and abused. PERIOD.

  15. Slimshady…..I respect your opinion however, I do not agree.

    IF IN FACT IT IS TRUE, and they got fired what else is there to know? They will be gone PERIOD!!!! Why should the reason be so important?

    If it is true, the employer saved your tax dollars by letting them go. This will be a warning to all other employees that time theft will no longer be tolerated which in the end will save more tax dollars.

    If they were terminated, the reason is irrelevant everyone knows what time theft is……..do we really need to know the itty gritty details……..NOPE!!!!


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