BREAKING – Former Cornwall Ontario Deputy Fire Chief & Whistleblower Rob Hickley Loses Motion after Justice Johnston Rules Against Him

hickleyCFN– This has not been a great month for former Cornwall Ontario Deputy Fire Chief Rob Hickley.   Mr. Hickle,y after claims of being forced into retirement has now discovered that he has lost his motion for the City to pay the costs of his Whistle Blowing claim against the City of Cornwall.

The allegations stem from the hiring of Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger’s son, former NHL player Chad Kilger, to the city’s fire department via the graces of former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick.

The Honorable Mr. Justice J.M. Johnston denied the motion for advance funding according to a source claiming to have heard this from City Councilor Denis Thibault.

According to another source Justice Johnston wrote that Mr. Hickley still had his own resources to use if he chose to, and that Mr. Hickley still intended to pursue litigation even if denied.

Mr. Hickley and attorney Fay Brunning had not issued comment as of press time.

What do you think CFN viewers; has justice been served?   You can post your comments below.

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  1. This story may end up being true but the sourcing is rather sketchy

    according to a source claiming to have heard this from City Councilor Denis Thibault.

  2. Author

    We have now confirmed it and will be coming out with an updated story.

  3. Wasn’t putting you down Jamie but in earlier stories denis never came across as reliable about anything cept trying to sabotage year advertising base

  4. Author

    That’s true, but we have to stick to the facts. In this case the good councilor was involved allegedly. As it turns out the story was accurate. 🙂

  5. jezz
    my glasses fell down Your advertising base….not year
    I’m fumbling around like Pm Stevie Harper trying to put out new versions of my story
    Hope the RCMP case is better than the one that saw us give pm brian mulrunney 25 million
    then we find out later he was getting strange packages in the night like mayor rob ford

  6. This is a SAD story
    Whistleblowers…however noble…always get kicked in the teeth
    The Brave scientist and others who revealed the Canadian Red Cross and Federal Government
    rolls in the Tainted Blood Scandal were thousands upon thousands of Canadians got AIDS and Hep-C because they didn’t heat treat blood(cost about $5) ended up kicked to the curb
    Meanwhile Red Cross doctor got Canadians highest paid lawyer…and walked out of court untouched
    While so many others got a DEATH SENTENCE

  7. I have always said and continue to say that there is no justice at all in Cornwall. This good man has been hurt badly just like you Jamie along with Perry Dunlop and some others. Thank God that I left Cornwall and it was the best thing that I ever did in my entire life. I feel for Mr. Hinkley as well as for the nurse as well Diane and many others who were pushed down in the dirt for their good deeds. There is no justice only “JUST US”.

  8. Shades of Cornwall
    Hamilton city employee gets $25,000 after filing harrassement complaint
    Her Boss who ended up getting fired_for something else_ got 18 months salary worth $200,000
    Not pointing fingers but doesn’t this bring up memories of a recent story from Cornwall?????

    Hamilton Street Railway inspector has been awarded $25,000 by a labour arbitrator because the city did not seriously investigate her complaints about sexual harassment on the job.

    This case highlights the legal obligation of employers to investigate sexual harassment claims in a timely and thorough way. They must also later take steps to deal with a poisoned work environment.

    In February 2011, AB filed a grievance against the City of Hamilton, Richardson and Garrish, which was heard over 13 days between June 2012 and May 2013. On the second day of the grievance hearings, the City reported that Richardson had been fired for lying about the pornographic emails and that his severance package included 18 months’ salary worth over $200,000

    steven harper ducking questions during question period has a flunky answering for him LIVE CBC newsnetwork

  10. Jamie
    Maybe CFN could spear head a campaign to raise funds to make sure justice is served. Mr Hickley has used up his savings to prove that this city and council is corrupt..I for one will gladly start the ball rolling with a hundred dollar contribution to see that justice is served

  11. While advance funding has been denied this does not mean that Mr. Hickley is not entitled to recovery of his legal expenses when he has successfully proven his assertions in a court of law. I remain cautiously optimistic and if advance funding is required to bring this matter before the court then I would not be opposed to a donation to a legal defense fund in his name. Being optimistic with the potential outcome any recovery of monies (donations) from the City of Cornwall (ourselves) could be either paid out to Diane Shay if she was still out of pocket or held in trust for the next whistleblower.

  12. @BIG MAC …. this non event is petering out. The RCMP investigation has provided the answers already. Exactly how many times is it necessary to ask the same questions when the information is there for all to see. Personally I would like to see the efforts of the members of the house deal with more important issues than one that has already been dealt with. Now it is up to our legal system to deal with the likes of Mac Harb et al. Hopefully justice will prevail and the taxpayer is represented fairly.

  13. David Oldham
    Surely you jest!!! non event
    Even right wing Sun news admits that people might end up in jail for paying money to buy silence
    Just like Richard Nixon our Prime Minister is going to learn the coverup is worse than the crime
    Ninty percent of the PMO knew of the payoff but somehow magically Stevie the World biggest Control Freak was in the dark….even a blind man can see the truth

  14. Well you sure gotta give Cornwall Free News credit
    When somebody posts a comment it stays up
    Strange how the same can’t be said about standard freeholder
    When people post negative comments the whole comment section
    vanishes into thin air just like their credibility
    Then there is the strange behavior of mr hambleton who put an free ad for
    supplements at the end of a story about a local weight lifter…unbelievable
    but then again Toronto star did pay $5,000 for a video of Mayor Ford acting the fool
    This despite the fact many Journalism profs say this is bad way to do business
    You never know the intent of the person selling video taken secretly
    Sorta like George Zimmermans present girl friend trying to sell stories about him even
    before claiming he tried to choke her

  15. Well looks like the Free Loader has done it again…All comments relating to whistleblower case vanishes after 10 postings…Obviously city hall controls this rag as well……Hopefully Mr Hickley refuses to give any more interviews with them

  16. Author

    If people save some screen caps of this behavior we will consider doing a story about it. Email them to

  17. just wrong :
    I would also toss in $100 along with I believe many others to help Rob Hickley continue on with his
    case against injustice ( Fitz & Kilger ) re. the hiring of Kilger’s ex. Hockey Player son .
    On another note Cornwall Standard Freeholder what a sick group they really are over there they are obviously
    controlled by the city, money talks and they protect the City from any negative comments that are made and quickly close the site .
    CFN has the guts to print negative comments if they are made .

  18. They are all so crooked here that they squeak when they walk!

  19. The Freeholder is getting worse ? The mere thought, of a defence fund to help defray the legal bills for Rob Hickley, is obviously causing City Hall to burn the mid-night oil ! As some of our readers have noticed, any negative comments against the City, poof, they disappear ! What gives ? No obscenities, foul language, just negatives towards Council issues .
    Anyway, when the defence fund gets rolling, I’m in !

  20. Author

    PM we’re asking people to save screen caps. I can’t believe that any chain owned paper would behave in this manner. Please inbox them to

  21. Admin….not sure what saving screen caps is all about??? but you just look at the story in the free loader and it shows 10 comments…but ..poof they can no longer be viewed…

  22. Here are some of the comments that vanished…to save space the formatting is changed but all u have to do is REPLY TO between the names and u get the picture
    I wonder if the judge had found for Mr. Hickley if the Freeholder would have left the comments section open. The policy keepers seem to only be diligent when it favours their money men

    Stellabyestarlight LIKE THIS REPLY TO bella-b
    Well the comments under Senate scandal disappeared quick
    Hey how about that Jules at cfn blood oaths and people afraid of getting killed eh gads furtzie says shes a 62 yr old woman thats scary
    My dear friends I am sorry Prime Minister wasn’t in the House today to defend handling of the Senate Scandal
    Pastor_FigNewton SuperGuyFederalMP
    I am sure he is out checking with Canadian Military Veterans who have been forced to live on the streets after getting PTSD defending Canada overseas during the past hundred years…right???
    StellaTheFellaa Pastor_FigNewton
    No he borrowed the Toronto Police airplane and is trying to catch Justin Trudeau buying weed
    StellaTheFellaa StellaTheFellaa
    Not that there is anything wrong with a little weed Government takes in bilions selling booze that causes far more death and destruction
    Oh the steam will be coming out the ears of fedoraboy at cfn
    but Maybe Nigel Wright could do the right thing and pay this bill For The Good of The Taxpayer
    CFN “according to a source claiming to have heard this from City Councilor Denis Thibault.”
    Let us hope for the sake of journalism that SF is not relying on cfn for this story
    Cfn reports hearing something from somebody DOES NOT Seem to come from the courts!! stay tuned
    You Need TWO reliable sources for a news story unless its a handout from the courts

  23. SF
    IT doesn’t work/ people /just post comments /under a different story
    I am sure they will say..which ms brink stated…no comment section under court stories
    but they continue to post such stories with open sections almost daily
    If you notice beside hink story it still lists 10 comments that now have disappeared
    but…they didn’t disappear until they started to swing towards a FREE ROB bunch of comments went up
    I mean they are so overworked at sunmedia that the URsection of all there papers were they get your
    stories for FREE and demand u had all rights over to sunnews…HAS NOT WORKED FOR ALMOST TWO MONTHS

    • 16 hours ago

    Where oh were have all the Whistleblower comments gone
    Oh where oh were can they be
    First there were ten and now there are none

    bella-b Stellabyestarlight
    • 13 hours ago

    I guess you should blame it on me.
    I even made it rhyme for ya. lol 😉

    CornwallFREAKnews bella-b
    • 9 hours ago

    somebody dug them up like the rob ford crack video that was suppose to be deleted and then reposted them under the police lose sick days section

  24. Author

    Just wrong if you have a screen cap of what’s there and it’s not there any more and you can show a large amount of this behaviour then it in itself becomes a story?

    What is the meaning of deleting whole wads of comments in that fashion? Is it about journalism any longer?

    • 17 hours ago
    Police lose sick time
    Standard Freeholder loses 10 comments on whistle blower story
    Censorship city

    MR MAN RevGoshAlmighty
    • 2 hours ago
    Hey Rev, thank goodness, for CFN ?
    MR MAN
    • 3 hours ago
    Hi, Freeholder censors,
    What is so distasteful, with my comments regarding the “Rob. Hickely Defence Fund” ? Your buddies at City Hall, must be cringing at the mere thought ? lol
    When the fund gets moving, I’ll be definitely supporting it ! I’m not a clique member, nor, am I a big-shot, but I’ll be giving what I can to support Rob, in his fight with the City. Rob’s fight is my fight !

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  26. You can put me down for $100 dollars as well — towards Mr. Hickley’s cost in a case that exposes the corruption of our city governance.

    And in the meantime if there is someone with proper experience and skill with setting up crowdfunding… this might be a worthy and successful project.

  27. Author

    Simon I interviewed Mr. Hickley today and we talked about crowd funding and his possible future with the case. CFN has offered to shepherd a crown funding campaign on a site like indiegogo. It’s up to Mr. & Mrs. Hickley if they wish to proceed. There also is a chance that a law firm would tackle this case pro bono.

  28. For forum moderation, CFN is much worse than the SF. At least they allow anyone to post, and only moderate after someone complains.

    Here you mostly filter any comment which goes against your views and don’t even allow it to be posted.

    I am screen capturing this to show I am commenting but you are refusing to post it!!!!

  29. Author

    We filter Trolls, yes, exactly. That’s the point of pre-moderation. If you’re not on point or just trying to attack someone you don’t get to post. If you want to make personal attacks you also have to post your real name and your email can’t bounce. Hope that clarifies that for you Mr. or Ms. Troll.

  30. {MODERATED because I’m not here to debate trolls}

  31. Those who work for the toilet paper of record SF are known as “presstitutes” and they are all monitored by the powers that be. Those are very big corporations that own the newspapers and I know who owns them since I have been into this for many long years. It takes many huge amounts of millions of dollars to make a very small paper let alone something big.

    Cornwall is riddled with scandal and you don’t even have to go as far as old Harpo. I laughed when someone here posted Mulroney’s name as “Mulrunney” and yes that is a good one since he runs away with the loot. LOL LOL. Harpo and “Mulrunney” are in together to bring Canada down again and if the people “aka sheeple” were real they would go on Parliament Hill with pitchforks and any other equipment that they have and really give it to them all. We all complain but do nothing. The same should happen to Bare Ass and company – not one of them are any good at all. I made a promise not to ever vote again and when I voted I voted NDP and I am not a socialist person but I voted for the man who died because out of all of the crooks in action he was the most logical of them all.

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