FIRE Guts Historic Catholic Church in St. Isidore Ontario JULY 23, 2016

The day was marred by a fire that gutted a historic church in the small town of St. Isidore near Ottawa Ontario.

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The rural town has approximately 750 residents.  NHL player, and former Montreal Canadien Benoit Pouliot hails from the town.

The fire quickly engulfed the building in the centre of the community.

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The fire gutted the Church.  CFN will update as more information becomes available.

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  1. It’s a shame that the video includes so many uses of foul language. I’m glad I wasn’t watching it with my 4 and 5 year old kids near by.

  2. The idiot that took this film kept using profound language every few words that he could utter out of his snout. I am surprised that Jamie didn’t bleep a lot of his vulgur language. Marianne kids are learning a great deal worse in school these days. I wouldn’t send my kids to the public school system these days.

  3. Author

    Jules it’s not my video so I can’t edit it. In 2016 I’d think that most people would have heard that word before, even if it’s offensive to some.

  4. Jamie we have all heard those words before and so much more but this has to do with young children as Marianne pointed out. Yes children learn a great deal worse in the school systems these days and I thank God that I no longer have any kids left in school. Gee these are the words that my husband told the principal in Cornhole many years ago.

  5. Nothing wrong with a potty-mouth describing a fire. I mean, Holy (moderated).. that was one mother (moderated) hot fire! You don’t get on-the-spot reporters like that every day.

  6. Sounded like a tamed down version of a Cornwall eastender.

  7. I remember when we first came to Ottawa in the mid 70’s and my husband was working for an embassy and one of the drivers was teaching my husband the potty mouth French Canadian words and he was from Hull Québec now Gatineau. Only the low lifes speak like that over the air waves. Jamie you shouldn’t have posted it like that because it belittles you.

  8. It does not belittle Jamie. He posted a video that he felt we needed to see. “Air waves?” This was not broadcast over the radio or TV. Time to join us in reality.

  9. Hugger the air waves also have to do with the internet and most people today used the internet more than radio or TV. Only the old folks use TV and radio. We have everything here at home and I don’t look at TV at all. My husband falls asleep watching TV with thousands of channels working.

  10. Raw video has its advantages and disadvantages. Being unable to edit or mute is one disadvantage.

  11. Jamie we have all heard those horrible words before but these words are “blasphamous” and not the usual words that begin with F or with S or whatever. You know what those words mean since you were raised in Montréal and it is very offensive. I wish that there was a way of blocking off the words in that video – many people look at your site and listen to it.

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