Two Centre’s Traded – None to Habs – Sens Land Duchene by Jamie Gilcig 110617

Cornwall Ontario – Ottawa is leading all Canadian teams in points as GM Pierre Dorion clearly has a different understanding of “Going all in” than Habs GM Marc Bergevin.

The three team deal saw the Sens land Duchene while giving up Kyle Turris, a 1st and 3rd rp, the Hamburglar, and 2017 1st Rd Pick C Shane Bowers.    They didn’t have to give up their blue chip studs in the minors.

Turris was UFA and didn’t look to be signing with the Sens again, although did re up with the Preds at a friendly $6M x 6 year contract.

Duchene, who has a better high end than Turris and is younger, has one additional season at $6M after this year is up.   He has no clauses which means the team could trade him if they so chose down the road, and he gives the team an in season improvement.

The team paid a premium, but if Duchene reups with the Sens they clearly will have a successful trade.

Nashville also has shown that you can in fact acquire top centres in the NHL as Dave Poile has now landed Turris, Johansen and signed Nick Bonino over the last two seasons.   They land and sign Turris for a 2nd and two prospects, albeit Girard looks like a keeper.

Joe Sakic gets a 1,2, and 3rd round pick in a good draft class as well as a refill of the prospect cupboard for a player that had one more season to play and clearly needed to be moved.  Signing Turris means his cap won’t be impacted as Duchene will most likely cost more than Turris contract wise.  Patience was a virtue as Sakic lucked out.

It was a great hockey trade for all three teams as opposed to a play off rental.

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  1. Marc Bergevin has failed again. The one glaring need for this team when he took over was at center. In 6 years he’s failed to do so while trading away young blue chip d-men in the process. The results: a team that is one of the weakest down the middle in the league with a slow d that can’t move the puck. And you can’t win a cup paying someone 10.5 million dollars who doesn’t put up points.

  2. Basically Colorado gets seven players in getting rid of Duchene. Someone (read Nashville and Ottawa GM’s) need their freakin’ heads examined. This deal has some questions. Like if Turris signed for 6 yrs/ $36M with Nashville, why couldn’t he sign that deal here? As I said someone needs their freakin’ head examined.

  3. Author

    According to the buzz Turris wouldn’t look at a 6 year deal with Otown. Also, Tennessee is has no state income tax which is a huge benefit for Turris. IE, he could take less and still make more. It sounds like he just didn’t want to commit long term to Ottawa. He now has his security with a great team.

  4. Or as the saying goes….money, money, money rears it’s ugly head again. From what I’m reading here and elsewhere no matter what Ottawa did he wasn’t going to sign here.

  5. Author

    He didn’t want to resign in Arizona either Hugger. He’s earned the right to have a say in his future.

  6. Not disagreeing with you. But it goes to show how much money talks in sports.

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