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Soup’s on!! That has a nice delicious sound to it. “Comin’, Ma!” Oops! No! Ma’s not cooking. Twenty chefs are. And…if you want some, go to the Civic Complex on January 21st. in Salons ABC anytime from 11:30am until 2pm. According to information I received from the Alzheimer Society, there will be 20 soups by 20 chefs. Scrumptious, I bet!! I am hoping for some wonderful Chicken Noodle Soup and my favourite – Italian Wedding Soup…so good!!

Cost is $10 for a ticket. The chefs will be some professional chefs from our local restaurants/facilities in the area and some community members in Cornwall. There will be a vote for your favourite soups as well as music and a 50/50 draw.

Volunteers are needed and if you can help, please contact Marni Campeau, Campaign and Communications Coordinator, at 613-932-4914, ext. 206.

Hope to see you there.

A friend gave me this lovely Poinsettia pin as a gift. It has a little pamphlet with it about the Legend of the Poinsettia which states:

“In Mexico, it was a Christmas Eve tradition that people bring gifts of thanks and place on the life size nativity in front of the church. Legend has it that one Christmas Eve many years ago a small child was walking to church with nothing to offer. He was very sad and embarrassed. All of a sudden, a great light appeared and an Angel came to him and told him to gather weeds along the side of the road to offer as his gift. The child did just that.

As he set the weeds in the manger, he knelt and prayed. The weeds transformed into beautiful white, pink and red star shaped flowers. These symbolize the star of Bethlehem that led the Wise Men to the manger.

The poinsettia today is still a traditional flower for the Christmas season around the entire world.” Author unknown.

Beautiful story about a beautiful flower, an Angel and a little boy.

On these cold nights I wonder where the homeless find shelter? Did they have any food that day?? Where are they going to sleep? We see so many pictures of some of them on TV lying on the street areas with blankets. Heartbreaking to watch. And we have little homeless animals also. The thought of a homeless person or a little kitten scared and cold is alarming. Thank heavens the SPCA is available if you find any little animals that need help.

There is a new initiative in Cornwall and area to address poverty and homelessness. Go to their web site: Cornwall Akwesasne and SD&G Community Safety and Well-being Plan for more information.

We had mostly a green Christmas holiday this past year. I don’t remember one as a kid growing up. I wonder what our outdoor rinks were like? We used to skate at the Memorial Park rink and the Seventh Street Park rink. Guess we high-tailed it to the Water Street arena for our skating. The great tobaggan run behind St. Columban’s Church at the time would not have been available without a good abundance of snow. We maybe had to stay in and play Chinese Checkers and colour more often. And, of course, there were always the movies to see at the theatres and lots of radio programs to listen to such as “The Lone Ranger” ,the squeaking door of “The Shadow Knows’, “The Patti Page” show, “Amos and Andy”, etc. etc. Anybody remember?

My friend, Su Thompson painted this wonderful scene of two loons. Su said that she painted Loons because they are her favourite wildlife birds. Lovely oil painting. Thanks, Su, for sharing all this beauty with us.

Tiger survived the Christmas tree and so did his Mom (me)!! There were no problems once the barrier around the bottom of the tree was secured so he couldn’t try to munch on tips of the artificial branches. He is such a ‘puppy’ and likes to chew plastic, wires, etc. etc. I have to make sure there is nothing around or he will go for it. Now that the tree is gone, he comes into the living room and goes to the corner where the tree stood and looks all around. He must wonder where it went. And, for some reason, he is now back sleeping for periods of time on his little bed near that corner where the tree was. He hasn’t slept in it for months. All of a sudden, there he is all curled up on the little bed. What a cat!! Tiger boy- cute as they come!!

Here are some one-liners from a friend:

1) I have a chicken- proof lawn – it is impeccable.

2) I am terrified of elevators and am taking steps to avoid them.

3) Cows have hoofs because they lactose.

4) For chemists, alcohol is not a problem. It is a solution.

5) Whenever I try to eat healthy, a chocolate bar looks at me and snickers.

6) Irony, the opposite of wrinkly.

7) Just because you are offended doesn’t make you right.

8) When the fog lifts in California- UCLA.

9) Drink wine – it isn’t good to keep things bottled up.

10) Cow stumbles into a pot field – the steaks have never been so high.

Have a good week, Dawn

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