Canadian Coronavirus Patients from Diamond Princess Cruise Ship to be Moved to Cornwall Ontario a Really Bad Idea 021620

By Jamie Gilcig: Where to we start? Coronovirus is scaring the world. With over 70,000 victims of the flu we are just learning about it.

For example when SARS hit it was discovered that drain pipes in apartment complexes played a role in the contagion spreading.

Moving victims to Bases like Trenton make sense, but to NAV CAN?

This is a virus that has hit medial staff heavily and appears to be highly contagious. It appears to have killed about 1 patient for every four that recover at this point.

All it takes is one oopsey and we will have a viral hot spot within an hour or so of Montreal and Ottawa. It’s also close to the US border.

NAV CAN in Cornwall is not a military facility. It is not, secure. And while I’m sure steps will be taken to make things safe it is not a military base.

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit has refused to answer basic questions for this newspaper. We asked their media person questions like:

How many isolation units are available in SD&G? We were refused any answers and told someone would call us from the unit. Someone never did.

The Canadian government owes the residents of this region some answers before they plop down contagious patients with a deadly virus. It really does. Especially as this virus is more deadly to seniors so far and this area has a high percentage of seniors living here.

And while it’s nice that the government of Canada is shipping off emergency supplies to help China, perhaps if they are going to plant potentially deadly patients in our backyards residents of Cornwall should be given some masks and supplies in case as well?

We will be updating this very important story.

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  1. While not military,there could be many simply walk out just like some did from their tents , manager from Nav had told me that some simply walked off

  2. Any Canadian showing symptoms of infection will be transferred to the Japanese health system to receive care, and will not be evacuated to Canada With their ship quarantine after being at NavCan they will have been quarantined for almost a month. NavCan is not a military facility, but a hotel like the facility being used in Trenton.

  3. 100% ACCURATE !!!!!

  4. Author

    Hugger until we know a factual incubation time we are playing Russian Roulette. Likewise, questions as to Cornwall’s capacity to house patients in quarantine have been refused to be answered to this newspaper by the EOHU and other health officials. We are playing with fire with a virus that kills seniors at a greater rate like most flus and viruses. These folks should be house in Trenton or likewise facility.

  5. I agree to a certain point. But Trenton is no more secure than NavCan. In Trenton they are being housed in a glorified military hotel, not a medical facility. They can go outside unsupervised. My point being if we don’t know the incubation period why should they be allowed to roam free?

  6. Author

    They shouldn’t until they test clear.

  7. Exactly!!

  8. Insanity 101, all infected individuals should be in strict quarantine facilities with strict rules. No contact with the outside world until proven cured by the medical system.

  9. Bad move by the Nav site. Visitors and guests of the hotel getting sick and infected, possibly death. Then sued by the family. Wondering if employees can refuse going to work?

  10. Author

    We have been told that workers can refuse to show up; but that of course they don’t get paid which can cause hardship.

  11. To admin You think not showing up for work causes hardship,what about being dead because you showed up for work

  12. Author

    I agree. My point is simply that while the employees have the choice of risking their health or financial hardship; NAV is getting funded by the Feds for this circus. Shouldn’t the employees as well if this can’t be stopped?

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