Alleged False COVID 19 Coronavirus Allegations Lead to Shut Down of ONRoute Near Ingleside. 032520

The SD&G may be investigating a strange case of an alleged Long Sault woman claiming to have COVID 19 who worked for the Tim Horton’s at a nearby Enroute outlet on the 401.

” Turns out the whole thing about the Tim Hortons at the Ingleside on Route was a lie. Not that it happened. And employee a woman in her thirties that lives in Long Sault went in and told her employer she tested positive for Coronavirus. So the owner immediately shut down the Tim Hortons and sent his employees home then spent how many hours on the phone calling all of the employees to tell them one of their co-workers tested positive. He was closing the restaurant and for everyone to self quarantine for 14 days. “

A concerned CFN viewer sent in the above and the enroute issued a statement on social media.

“Then six hours later they get the phone call from the same employer stating it was all a hoax. That the woman never had any symptoms she never got tested. They don’t know why she lied?? But they have now stated there’s going to be criminal charges as well as civil because they lost a lot of money “

Kudos to their management for taking swift action to prevent any possible tragedy.

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UPDATE 2:PM March 25th

The SD&G OPP confirmed that there was no call for service to them regarding this issue. There probably should have been if proven true, but so far there hasn’t been.

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  1. So much for that employee’s / former employees 15 minutes of fame!!

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