Seniors Situation Room by Dawn Ford – Happy Easter & Passover & Senior Concerns About COVID 19 Coronavirus 040520

In the next few days Christians will be celebrating Easter and our Jewish friends will be celebrating Passover. It will be the most different Easter and Passover just about all of us will have ever experienced. No church or synagogue services or usual family gatherings. Certainly no Easter Parade anywhere.

However, the news is that I have it on good authority that the Easter Bunny is immune to the Corona virus and that he will be hopping down the Bunny Trail delivering his Easter treats to the children Easter morning. Thank heavens for that.

My snowbird relative has returned home to Canada from Florida. Before she left she took photos of her ‘friends’. This one, she calls her ‘good buddy’, looks as if he is calling to her…maybe not to leave…like the song “Oh, Lonesome Me”.

Wow!! What a BIG mouth. She said he is an alligator at the Largo Nature Preserve. He is sure a big fellow. But to this snowbird he is a ‘good buddy’. Who’d a thought??? He will miss her, I guess.

The virus emergency has brought up the subject of lifelines for seniors and people living alone. Life lines would be a real help for their safety especially for anyone fragile or feeling isolated by having to stay in so much during this crisis.

There have been special reports issued because of the close quarters some people are living in apartments, condos and senior residences. In these types of dwellings there are shared things such as elevators, hand railings on stairs, washer and dryers, lounges, doors, etc. There are delivery people and others coming into the building. Residents will have to be more careful and vigilant.

Care workers also come into the buildings. Thank heavens for the services of these care workers. And they would know all the health guidelines also.

If you are in your own home you at least have some control over what it is in there including yourself and what you are doing or allowing into your space.

One thing that is a big question and has not been addressed as far as some of us know, is what do you do if you have to self-isolate where there are more than two people in regard to using the one and only bathroom??? Anyone know?? Lots of good cleaning I guess.

Another question is about people arriving at the airports from out of Canada. How do they get to their homes? Taxi, buses, trains, or a friend driving them if they hadn’t left their car at the airport. How would anyone know if these travelers were carrying the virus??

One thing I noticed when I went out the other day shopping in two stores was that the people I encountered seemed very focused on what they were doing. I didn’t see much banter between people. It was kind of like “get it and get out”. I found it stressful shopping even briefly that day because you never know where you might be exposed to the virus. I wore gloves and did my best to be careful. And, I got my things and got out. For today, that is what we have to do to make sure we are as safe as we can be and respect the safety of others as well.

If you are shopping, even briefly, it could be an opportunity to help a neighbour by picking up a few items for them as well. And there are lonely people who could use a friendly phone call. Nice way to check on the elderly and those living alone also.

It is a good time to try to put as much fun, joy or interesting things into our day to balance it from all the info and stress coming our way all day about the virus. One day at a time for sure. Some of my friends are outside in their gardens raking and getting rid of old leaves in their flower beds. Nice activity and one they would be doing sooner or later anyway. For those in apartments, when it is nice weather, it is nice to go for a walk or outside around the grounds for fresh air remembering to keep our distance. I was thinking of the old song, “We Need a Little Christmas”, meaning a little joy in our lives for sure. Up to us to do it as best we can.

Remember the old ad about only your hairdresser will know for sure? Well, if this keeps up too much longer, we may all know everyone’s true hair colour. And, with no haircuts, some of us, me included, may look like ‘hippies’ pretty soon.

I was surprised that Prime Minister Trudeau doesn’t have an interpreter for the Deaf with him when he addresses us each morning. If he does, I can’t see the person on TV.

A friend sent this in: “I know this. When this ends -AND IT WILL – every game will sell out, every restaurant will have a 2 hour wait, every kid will be so glad to be back in school, everyone will love their job, the stock market will sky rocket and we will all embrace and shake hands. That’s gonna be a really good day.”

I received this pamphlet in the mail from the Public Health Agency of Canada. You probably did also. At the bottom are a phone number and an on-line website for more information on the COVID-19 virus: 1-833-784-4397 and

Locally, the EOHU has a 12hour/day health line to ask questions and speak with a Registered Nurse at 1-800-267-7120. For regular inquires you can also call their main line at 613-1375 or email at:

From a news letter from the Alzheimer Society are announcements of Webinar Education sessions: Canadian Mental Health Association will be running 2 series next week that you can join from your computer:

1) Isolation and Loneliness, April 6th, 2020 from 1300-1400 EST:

2) Being Mindful at Work (from home), April 15th, 2020 from 1300-1400 EST:

My friend Jack Bornais, a very talented local artist, painted this gorgeous bouquet of peonies in oils.

Jack said that painted this for a patron. Thanks, Jack. Beautiful.

A friend ‘s neighbour owns this lovely cat, “Gismo”. Look at that gorgeous fur. She is sitting on her owner’s laptop. Little monkey, just like my Tiger. What a cutie!!

Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo .

I found this old newspaper clipping of a concert by Charlie Pride.

I was not able to find out what year it was even on line. I think it was probably in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s because I used to take my Mom to concerts at the Civic Complex. Besides that, the price of a ticket was only $26.50. On the back is an ad for the Academy of Learning at 12 Second St. West, Suite 2. No date on that either. He came other times as well to the Civic Complex. His concerts were wonderful and we always enjoyed his music.

A friend sent in these funny jokes:

1) Teenagers! Tired of being harassed by your parents? Act now!! Move out, get a job, and pay your own way while you still know everything!!

2) Aliens probably ride past earth and lock their doors…!!

3) I asked the Librarian if the library had any books about paranoia. She whispered: “They’re right behind you…”

4) Police came round last night and told me my dogs were chasing people on bikes. My dogs don’t even have bikes.

5) If my kids knew there was a light in the oven, they’d leave that one on too.

6) I’m on two diets now… I wasn’t getting nearly enough food on just one.

7) So apparently RSVP’ing back to a wedding invite “maybe next time” isn’t the correct response.

8) I think senility is going to be a fairly smooth transition for me.

9) First time in history we can save the human race by lying in front of the TV and doing nothing. Let’s not screw this up.

10) They said a mask and gloves were enough to go to the grocery store. They lied. Everybody else had clothes on.

Have a very Happy Easter and Happy Passover. Dawn

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