JUNE 7. 2020 – Like a bad horror movie we are seeing political hypocrites put the health and safety of this community in peril.

COVID 19 still has no true treatment and no cure. There is no vaccine for it.

Cornwall is a city where if you end up in Intensive Care you end up shipped nearly two hours away to Ottawa, away from your loved ones, to possibly die alone.

As opposed to other cities sadly our Mayor and Police Chief conspired with the two alleged young people who wanted this to happen in Cornwall. One actually is a nursing graduate who works as a PSW.

Our public health officer instructed people that if they did protest they should remove their clothes and shower when they returned home. If you have to initiate home hazmat perhaps protesting without practicing enough social distancing and masking isn’t the best way to show the truly deserving anger towards systemic racism in the United States?

Imagine 50,000 emails or phone calls landing in politicians inbox? Or social media posts. Is there a reason to potentially cause illness and death at this time?

As we’ve seen recently in New Brunswick, because of one #covidiot, that happened to a doctor, that province saw its first death and a major outbreak.

That’s all it takes, one person.

So this begs the question, or questions, why the Mayor and Police Service violated the clear emergency order by the Province to not gather? LINK An order that was just extended to September? Heck, even the Legion was complaining about limiting D Day to ten people.



1. (1) Subject to subsections (2.1), (3) and (4), no person shall attend,

(a) an organized public event of more than five people, including a parade;

(b) a social gathering of more than five people; or

(c) a gathering of more than five people for the purposes of conducting religious services, rites or ceremonies.

The Mayor is sworn to serve all of the community. While racism is an important issue and the murder of George Floyd at the cruel hands of Police in the US is a worthy cause where was our mayor and police chief when Mr. Abdi in Ottawa was murdered by a police Constable Daniel Montsion  who was charged with manslaughter?? LINK

Political people tend to be hypocrites, risking the lives of people to push personal agendas is beyond pathetic. Mayor Clement is over 50 now. Where is her history of outrage over racism? She did not post publicly over anti semitic acts in this city in recent years including a series of cars at a local rental shop with swastikas carved into them that the police refused to brand a hate crime, even after arresting the alleged perpetrator.

How do you reconcile a message on her Mayor’s facebook page that tells people to stay home and then proudly help organize and lead an illegal protest march in her city using tax payer services and resources.

Would a reasonable person think as many people would attend without the endorsement of the Mayor and Police? Some actually posted on social media that they thought it was legal because the Mayor and Police led the March.

Photo: Social Media

While we have a racism issue in Canada we have one in our area too, but more importantly we have an accountability issue. IF you don’t have accountability at the top you essentially have a form of anarchy.

No social distancing PHOTO: Social Media

If the police service refuses to not only enforce the law, but break the law, then they really aren’t a police force any longer, but essentially in this case a $20M per year private security service.

That’s not Democracy.

Our public health Officer, Paul Roumeliotis has not ordered people to self quarantine for 14 days as has happened in other communities.

Frankly he, the Mayor, and Police Chief Danny Aikman and Deputy Chief Shawna Spowart need to resign immediately. And they need to quarantine themselves.

We need Premier Ford and his government to do to this police force what they have done to Senior’s residence that failed their clients and appoint the OPP to take over control until COVID is over so that this dangerous violation of Ontario’s Emergency Laws are resolved.

How do you fine stores and people for violating and not this circus led by our mayor? How do you tell other events they can’t happen after this horrific and embarrassing sham by this community’s supposed leadership?

The truth isn’t always popular, but there is no defense what happened Saturday June 6, 2020 in Cornwall Ontario. There is no defense if a single person gets sick or worse, dies alone.

While “I can’t breathe” is a powerful message, that’s exactly what happens to COVID victims.

CFN spoke to a family member of a local victim. Their spouse was airlifted to Ottawa, spent 62 days in hospital, 49 days in ICU, 29 days on a ventilator, and 16 days in an induced coma as well has having a tracheotomy. They are expected after coming through, with nearly another year of recovery from COVID.

The spouses message was clear. Don’t take this virus lightly, because it can happen to you or someone you care about.

Does it really make sense for an illegal march to put people at risk when they can’t be treated locally?

Should Mayor Clement, Chief Aikman, DC Spowart & BLM Organizers Be Charged for Violating the ON COVID Emergency Orders regarding public gatherings?

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Penalties under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (“EMCPA”):

  • Individuals may be fined between $750 and $100,000, and/or receive up to one year in jail;
  • Directors of corporations may be fined between $750 and $500,000, and/or receive up to one year in jail; and
  • Corporations may be fined between $750 and $10,000,000.

Accordingly, employers and workers anywhere in Ontario may be subject to these penalties if they violate any of the province’s Emergency Orders, which are being enforced by the police and municipal by-law officers across the province.

Further, anyone who interferes with an officer who is enforcing the Emergency Orders can be fined up to $1,000.

What do you do when it’s your own police that are violating the order?

Chief Aikman didn’t “Witness” the rally. His office helped coordinate and communicated to the public in advance. His own statements indict him. By his order Ontario tax dollars and police resources were spent mapping, communicating, and advising the two Millennials that were said to organize the event, but again, those two young people wouldn’t have had the crowds they did without the support and cooperation of the City of Cornwall via its Mayor and Police Service. The Province needs to do an inquiry here including accessing his official emails and phones, as well as Deputy Chief Spowart.

Mayor Clement was asked Saturday for comment but did not return messages to this newspaper.

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  1. Welcome to the “Upside Down”
    … where politicians and police proudly expose law making and enforcement as arbitrary
    … and peaceful demonstrators happily fall-in behind a banner emblazoned with a fist.

  2. Her Worship (next to His Wimpship), is holding a placard with a cryptic “I Stand” declaration, sadly reminicent of Melania`s trying-too-hard tagline, “Be Best”.

    Too bad these demonstrations against prejudice have the side effect of promoting the f`d up notion of races, as though it`s a fact based thing, but all in all a great cause, barring of course the risk of spreading disease.

  3. BTW, if John Baker matters…
    Following the American Revolution, a Lieutenant-Colonel James Gray (who served in the British Army), was granted lands where Gray’s Creek is now situated and which preserves the memory of this “owner” of four slaves, one of which may have been the last surviving Upper Canadian slave… Cornwallite John Baker.

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