Cornwall Lawyer Maurice Gatien Attacked in Office Over Covid 19 Vaccine Mandates. By Jamie Gilcig

FEBRUARY 11, 2022 – Cornwall area lawyer Maurice Gatien has been working for a few generations now, but until Covid he’s never seen anger in his face to the point that he was assaulted in his office Tuesday February 8th which resulted in a trip to CCH via ambulance.

His assailant was wearing a mask….and hoodie. The lawyer was clubbed and hit his head while falling which resulted in his being knocked out. One of the last thing he recalled was his assailant calling him an old (XXXX XXXX) and to get vaccinated.

The Cornwall Police are refusing to speak with this newspaper, again sadly, as we tried to get some basic info. Nor have they issued a release.

We were able to speak to Mr. Gatien who confirmed the assault and gave us a quote for publication.

Being assaulted having to go to the hospital in an ambulance is an unsettling experience. I wish to thank the EMTs and the hospital staff who looked after me – that was the positive side of a negative experience. The CT scan came back clear and I don’t have any brain injury, luckily. Lawyers with brain injuries are not as highly valued – though some people think we all have them. Lawyers are an important element in dealing with the friction points in society – we need to be allowed to do our work.

Maurice Gatien

Mr. Gatien has been involved with a group called the Eastern Ontario Health Alliance which has been painted as an Anti Vax group. In November Mr. Gatien was Doxed by another Cornwall area lawyer which led to an attack on his rural area home as well as other abuse and vandalism.

Violence of any sort of course should not be tolerated by any position regarding the World Wide pandemic that has killed over 35,000 Canadians.

Mr. Gatien is going to walk to Ottawa to create more awareness with his 100K Old Man Walking tour to Ottawa that starts today and ends Sunday with a grueling 40K per day schedule. LINK

He stated about the trek:

This trek is not about anger and it’s not about who’s necessarily right and who’s necessarily wrong. It’s about respect and being kind to each other – a much better foundational value for society than intimidation. I invite people to join me – for any distance, short or long – and to bring a bell with them, The sound of bells is an uplifting one – and that’s the message I want to deliver.

Maurice Gatien


  1. I am so sorry that some masked idiot attacked you. I am also happy you didn’t suffer lasting problems. I am behind you 100%. Have a safe walk to Ottawa. You are in my prayers and for all who support this important mission.

  2. The world needs more people like Maurice Gatien. He has integrity, he is kind and generous genuinely cares about people. He believes in our Constitution & Charter and so should we all. There is no place for violence or hatred and this was a pathetic act of cowardice. Wishing him all the best in his journey to Ottawa.

  3. Mr. Gatien l’m grateful you’re on the mend with no serious injuries. You are a gentleman and a warrior for peace and truth! A true hero for those who lost their rights and freedom. God is with you!

  4. So sorry this happened to you ♥️much love from our home to yours
    Kimberley and Robert Dean

  5. You are an absolute inspiration. I truly admire your passion. What you are accomplishing shows the strength of a true man. One with patriotism for your Country and kindness for humanity. We are all walking with you every step of the way. Very proud of you.
    God bless and safe travels.

  6. Here’s hoping a gentleman can walk to Ottawa unaccompanied by a swastika, confederate flag, or air horn, and when he arrives not intimidate a soup kitchen into feeding him, nor be hurling racial slurs, or strutting on a grave, and surely not disparging the memory of a young amputee that ran that distance every day in a fight to cure disease (rather than to undo the measures that fight disease).

    And here’s hoping that he will turn around and go home if joined by the “hangers on”, that would undo democracy, put-self interest ahead of public health and safety, and spout nonsense and lies, in order to cloud the real issue …that they are socially and intellectually impoverished, and woefully ignorant of that shorcoming.

    And here’s hoping that the inevitable brood of “vipers” and “hypocrites” (that hijack any constructive action), will render their complaints unto “Caesar”, without invoking the Lord’s name in favour of a deceitful cause.

  7. So sorry to hear of your assault Mr Gatien, that should never happen to anyone. Our Queen Romana tour is in Cornwall right now in Walmart parking lot, She will meet people at 9 am – to 10:30 this morning, I,d believe that she would like to talk to you.

  8. Queen (Heavy on the “Q”) Romana… if not for that blight’s followers outing themselves, who would have guessed the enormity of impoverished minds and needy souls that walk among us?

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