There are so many challenges today for many financially. Divorce, debt consolidation, bad credit, defamation lawsuits, being over extended, and having to face hard challenges to access credit in 2019. That’s why specialists like Brock Frost find solutions for those that need them most. To start the process just scrollContinue Reading

Need Ca$h Fast? Want to Sell Your Property Today? Want to Save the Real Estate Commission? Don’t Want People Walking Through Your Place Endlessly? Email today. Include the address of your property  and how much you’re looking for! advertisementContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Spring is normally a time that has a good real estate professional chomping at the bit.   Likewise professionals that earn their dosh from servicing the sales and renovations of property as well. It’s an extensive net. This Spring things are dead in Cornwall and we examine someContinue Reading

Cornwall Residential Property Values Have Increased on Average By 1.8 Per Cent per Year Since 2012 MPAC’S assessments reflect local real estate markets across the province   CORNWALL, Ontario – The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) began mailing Property Assessment Notices today in Cornwall, where assessed values of residential property valuesContinue Reading

Over a dozen Cornwall real estate agents have been lamenting the weak market we’re seeing this season.  Inventory is fat and sales are few and far between. This of course is having an impact on businesses that depend on house sales, from support services to sales of furnishings and allContinue Reading