Your Choice Realty Pulls Plug on Cornwall Ontario 041119

You know a market is struggling when entire Real Estate offices shut down.

More bad news for Cornwall which recently finished 124th out of 125 in the CFIB Entrepreneurial Communities rankings in Canada.

Your Choice Realty is shutting down it’s office in Cornwall as of May 1st according to sources.

The firm leaves about 10 agents and brokers scrambling for new homes.

One source stated that the chain was sold and that the new owners simply notified agents, who work as independent contractors, that they were shutting down in Cornwall.

With over 100 agents operating in Cornwall it’s been hard sledding for many in a very tight, and some say depressed market.

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  1. Omg, that’s just awful. Their agents were at last weekend’s spring home show at the complex. Nice people like Phil Bellsmith and Carol. Good people.

  2. This is only the beginning of what is to come. We are sliding into a global economic depression the BIG D. Just this morning at breakfast I said to my husband take a look at the traffic here in Ottawa and it is a week day and mighty slow. This is the indication of a very bad economy and more to come very soon. Hang on for the ride folks Cornwall is finished and this is only the beginning.

  3. Pete we have friends who left Ottawa for Brockville and they have been living in Florida for some years now. I wish that our friends were all back. We have another friend who has a brother living in Silicone Valley CA because of high tech and I wish that he too was back along with others. Brockville is a retirement town with no excitement.

  4. With about 10 listings in Cornwall and a few in Embrun (??) I can’t see how this office stayed open.

  5. According to Jules, because there’s lighter traffic during the week in Ottawa that we are heading for a depression…. Out of curiosity, at what school do they teach this?

  6. Mike Lamarche it isn’t only yesterday about the light traffic but I notice it a lot lately and with the cost of gas and food, etc. people are cutting back and YES A DEPRESSION IS COMING. I am following what is going on with the jobs, etc. Housing has gone through the roof for a shack made out of wood and no sense at all. Anybody who buys is a sucker and to put the noose around their necks.

  7. There is no market in Cornwall at all and everyone is trying to get the hell out of Dodge as fast as fast can be. When you purchase in Cornwall you are hung out to dry and I mean that. We sure got the hell out of that mess and never again. When you see Real Estate companies folding up and getting the hell out of Dodge and only then will the sheeple open up an eye to know how bad the economy is.

  8. One word ….WOW!!!

  9. I ve been reading about the economy and it is in the tank. Cornwall is at the bottom of the cities and towns in Canada. Cornwall is THE CITY OF IDLE MEN for sure like the Toilet Paper of Record the Freeloader said one time back. How mighty true that is.

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