Dear Premier Ford – Carbon Taxes & Gas Gouging in Ontario by Jamie Gilcig 041119 PETITION

I don’t envy your job Doug. I would never want to be Premier of Ontario.

I admire your fight against the pointless and abusive cash grab that is the carbon tax.

While that is going to be a long fight there is something your government can actually nail down and help we struggling Ontarian’s with today.

When I left my home today gas right here in Cornwall Ontario was $1.22 at our local MacEwen’s. Outrageous!

Driving down the 401 about 25 or so kilometers it was $1.13 from you guessed it…MacEwen’s. Same gas. Same province. Same tax system.

Driving another 25 or so kilometers to Alexandria it was now $1.10.

That’s nearly a whopping 50 cents per gallon. That’s nearly $10 per fill up depending on your tank size.

I know you have to deal with those unruly teacher’s unions and civil servants.

It’s great that you killed emissions testing in Ontario, but this is something that truly is abusive.

In my town, Cornwall, many of our residents are seniors or on fixed incomes, or even worse, humbly paid journalists. I’m not sure we can afford such gouging.

You sir, and your majority government can fix this. I and I’m sure thousands of other common Ontarian’s implore you to please take action and stop gas gouging in our great province.

If you really want to show we’re open for business this is a great step.

Thank you,

Jamie Gilcig – Editor –

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