Eastern Ontario Health Unit – Rabies Clinic for your Cat or Dog – September 26th

Eastern Ontario Health Unit – Rabies Clinic for your Cat or Dog – September 26th

Why do they do a rabies clinic for only one day with a 4 hour window?  I know, vets need to make a living too.

For $18 you can vaccinate your dog or cat.  No examination of your animal is given or other shots.

For more info visit their WEBSITE.

From the site:

“Attention all pet owners! The Eastern Ontario Health Unit invites you and your furry friend to attend the Rabies Vaccination Clinic being held in your area.

September 26 from 1 to 4 p.m.
$18.00 per cat or dog

To protect pets and the community from rabies, all cats and dogs three months and older must be vaccinated against the disease. Even if your cat or dog is an indoor pet, they still need to receive the rabies vaccine because bats, a potentially rabid animal, can enter into residences.

As a pet owner, there are many things you can do to protect your furry friend from rabies:

  • Supervise your pet when outdoors.
  • Have your pets spayed or neutered.
  • Call Animal Control to remove any stray animals from your neighbourhood.
  • Most importantly, keep your pet’s rabies vaccination up-to-date!

For more information on rabies and the upcoming rabies vaccination clinics, call the Eastern Ontario Health Unit at 1 800 267-7120 and ask for the Health Line.

Click here to see a complete list of rabies vaccination clinic locations.”

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Granny 54

In regard to the post about the pet vaccinations. Pray tell me, how does having your pet spayed or neutered help them against rabies? Rabies doesn’t differentiate between intact (as nature intended) animals and those that have had invasive surgery. If the intent is to just simply encourage people to spay or neuter their pets, then say that, but don’t imply that it has anything to do with rabies. Responsible owners can have intact pets and not have unwanted puppies or kittens, that will not make they any more likely to get rabies. And to be factual, the incidence of… Read more »