Water Meters in the News – Cornwall Ontario – December 9, 2009

Water Meters in the News – Cornwall Ontario – December 9, 2009

watermKevin Lajoie has covered the water meter story in today’s Standard Free-Holder.

“City officials insist the water meters aren’t intended to generate more money from users. Instead, they said the ultimate goal is to make the system more equitable overall and more sustainable in the long-term.

“We’re not after more money here,” said environmental services division manager Morris McCormick.

Levac said the new rate structure will have two components — a base rate (depending on the size of the water line to a house) that will support the cost of maintaining the system and a consumptive rate that will be charged based on usage.

Levac acknowledged that some homeowners’ bills will go up under the new system, while others will go down, but a big part of it will depend on usage.

“If you use a lot of water, you’ll pay a lot more, but if you don’t use a lot of water, you’ll pay less,” he said.”

I wrote the following comment in his story.

“This seems to be like an awful lot of investment for a service that isn’t intended to make money for the city? What is the service then exactly for? Are we experiencing a water shortage in Cornwall?

And if it’s an important service why aren’t we rushing, or at least moving promptly?

I think this is what it is. The city has to come up with an awful lot of money for not only the new water & sewage plant, but also the higher costs of supporting the new plant.

Those dollars have to come from somewhere thus the introduction of water meters. While physics can prove that elephants can in fact fly I think the probably amount of taxpayers that save any money with a water meter will be an extreme few. Sure higher water users will see an increase, but over all the citizens and taxpayers of Cornwall will be paying more for these services, and that overhead to implement them.

I don’t like this whole water meter program, and I think it should be stopped in the bud and be an election issue.

Jamie Gilcig

I haven’t spoken to that many people excited by the concept of water meters.  In a time when we talk about bringing more people to Cornwall I think not having water meters is an attraction.    We don’t face some of the water issues that some communities have.  As a matter of fact we are exporting water to some nearby communities.

We have to cover our costs, but I just see this as a big fat money grab.    There are ways of charging excessive users other than water meters, and frankly in some cities you lose half the water you pump via cracks in the lines through the city.

To me this is simply not having the cojones to tell the public we need more money for water & sewage, why we need more money, and how much we need and instead holding out the carrot that a few residents may save a few pennies.

Meanwhile almost all of Cornwall has to foot the bill to purchase and install these meters.

Let’s make this an election issue, and let’s have the public decide if they want water meters or not.

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It costs money to get potable water to each citizen’s taps. I think the whole idea of water meters is to insure people use water responsibly. When people have to pay for something they place more value on it, therefore we can surmise that people would be a little more respectful and careful with their water usage. I’m thinking this will most certainly eliminate the citizens who water their lawn in the middle of a hot day with a sprinkler that has been directed to water the sidewalk more then the lawn or those citizens who spray wash the driveway… Read more »

What do you think of them wanting to install water meters on those that are on wells then eco-chick? Some are not on city water. But are being faced with the possibility of having to pay for the water that they pump themselves from wells. Do you think that they are trying to teach well owners responsibility? when well owners already have to deal with enough problems with trying to pull water from the ground in some areas?


I agree, make it an election issue. This money-grabbing from the public HAS TO STOP!

Chef Shawn
The pointless arena should have been a larger issue. I don’t think people really understand how much water they actually use. When you have a meter, you see that you do not use as much as you would expect, and a cubic meter is a very large volume. Unless you are constantly watering your lawn, and I see a lot of that here in Cornwall, you are guaranteed to save money. Recently purchasing a home in Cornwall, coming from Kitchener-Waterloo, which has had meters for decades, I was intrigued at having no meter, until my nearly $400 tax bill arrived.… Read more »

Chef Shawn you could cut back even further and fill your bathtub perhaps twice a week. The kitchen sink could be filled every two days and the dishwasher dishes could be done once-a-week. You could skip one of the two showers a day and shower together. Now thats saving money.

Chef Shawn
I am trying to demonstrate just that, thank you, that I am not making a concerted effort to save water.And at that I am still only using 30 cubic meters in 3 months. Yes they havent decided on rates, but that is irrelevant. I live in riverdale. I see all the green, lush lawns, where homeowners are wasting drinking water because there are currently no financial repercussions, hence the backlash. I think it is better that everyone pay their fair share, instead of having a few that abuse the system and cause higher rates for all of us. I think… Read more »

Chef Shawn, you talk about saving drinking water but you forget that ALL living things need water to survive! Even grass!

Chef Shawn
that is a hyperbolic statement to say the least. We had the rainiest season on record, yet people watered their lawns daily. Does grass need chemical herbicides and fertilizers to survive as well? There are many unneeded excesses. And I am no rabid environmentalist, I simply to not see the point in mass consumption and waste. I know some people think this is an inalienable right. However, it is not, and sooner or later everything is going to be much more controlled if we want to survive as a species, starting with food production and population growth. I never said… Read more »