The Difference between Winners & Losers is how they deal with ADVERSITY! April 2, 2012

The Difference between Winners & Losers is how they deal with ADVERSITY!  April 2, 2012

CFN –   Hi!    Welcome to our new site design.   It’s been in the works for quite awhile and isn’t quite finished.

It’s been an interesting weekend.  An act of faith.  Trying to take over 5,000 stories, 7,000 images, and far too many words and take them from one piece of software and implant them in another.

It can be scary to change; to try and improve.   It’s not for the faint of heart, but in life when we come to Cross Roads we have to make a decision.

My decision was to stomp on the gas pedal and burn some asphalt.

It was good to take a break from writing this weekend, but I missed it.  I’m back as are all of the Cornwall Free News team.   There are more new things unfolding too including a return of

We have new people joining the team and in spite of the devastation caused by certain elements at City Hall and a certain Service clubs attempt to run off our sponsors we are not only weathering that challenge, but starting to see immense support from the community.

As I’ve always said; it will never be the bad guys that run me off or cause the demise of CFN, but good people not standing up to them.

This community does have heart and it does care.  I saw that this weekend when our maintenance message caused an outpouring of emails, phone calls, and facebook messages.

It also caused some petty nattering and that’s good because it exposes people like it did Graham Greer.

Graham Greer (@grahamgreer)
3/31/12 9:36 PM
A local bully-blog seems to have closed shop. With April Fools tomorrow, I’ll wait ’til Monday to send condolences to it’s sycophants.

Luckily there are more good people out there than people like Mr. Greer and the clique.

Well there’s a ton of news to catch up on; Justin Trudeau winning his fight and most likely securing his chance to be the next Liberal leader; the Habs finally firing Pierre Gauthier, and like Hunter S Thompson’s crusade against Richard Nixon, I’m going to see if we can further expose the exploits of our CAO Paul Fitzpatrick here in Cornwall and those that seem bent on protecting him from questions from the public and abuse of the taxpayers limited resources.

And having zoomed straight through those crossroads I wish to thank all of you again for your support and viewership of The Cornwall Free News.   We’ve added some new features which I am still learning and hopefully you’ll enjoy!

You can post your comments below or reach us at or via our hotline at 613 361 1755

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22 Comments on "The Difference between Winners & Losers is how they deal with ADVERSITY! April 2, 2012"

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Clifford S

It was hardly a maintenance message. I thought you disappeared. Was that an April fool’s to your critics? I bet some of them were cheering only to come back to this. Beautiful site redesign by the way.


WHEW! (Sigh of relief) God Bless You Jamie Gilcig!


You can’t keep a good man down! Love the new design on the site. Keep reporting and exposing the crooks that are running this city. Hopefully, they will slink away never to be seen again. Well done!

Reg Coffey

Great job partner, the members of the cliques and cronies club are probably crying in their bar towels today in disappointment.

PJ Robertson

It’s Spring again!

Congratulations, Jamie. Lovely job and an excellent headline to this piece.


It appears the Greer needs to brush up on definitions:

A person who acts obsequiously toward someone in order to gain advantage; a servile flatterer.

Clifford S

lol. I think CFN made a point of not flattering where wanted. Isn’t that kind of what started all this in the first place?


Phew,,,,, must admit Jamie, you had many wondering, what was going on ? Glad to see “they” didn’t win !


Love the new look!!!!……”Let the games begin”


Great new design … I am so disappointed in Graham Greer; I did not believe he was so mean spirited. I guess I am not as good a judge of character as I thought.

p walsh
one person is like a drop in the ocean but many people can become a wave . you are creating that wave that will bring change to this city we needed someone like you for a long time now . i hope every good person will get behind you good luck god bless
Tammie Grant

keep writing….more readers are joining your site daily, including myself!

Debbie Cameron

When the site was officially “down” we felt a loss for our community !We as a community must support your impartial approach for writing of many issues ! To maintain open honest media in an otherwise OVERLY politically correct society .
Thanks CFN for taking the Road at times that is the most resistant.
Bringing these issues to light credits your profession and improves OUR community .

Miss Steak

Yummy, prime rib at it’s best. Nice new look and serves up great!
Can’t wait to see what new dishes turn up on the menu this spring.
I’m shocked at Graham Greer’s comment. For a public person to start calling names….it’s just wrong. Shame on him.

Darcy Neal

I endorse Debbie Cameron statement. Jamie, please accept my gratitude in your decision to “stomp on the gas pedal”. You are our community educator. You have the will to drive your media channel as you see fit to drive it. We, your followers and supporters are encouraged by your perseverance. Those who engage in ad hominem behaviour are usually chastises by society. Mr. Greer is earning his community reward “Shame on him”. Thank you Miss Steak for identifying an appropriate community response.


Mr. Greer your new job gone to your head already? Should join the City. Jamie don’t look back you have more support then you could shake a stick at.


Happy to see CFN alive and well….


Bastard. I thought you were done. And Graham Greer will be eating crow before he sings another bad song out of tune. Butt muncher. I gave him the benefit of the doubt as a cool guy but was I wrong. Did he get a job at the college sweeping up his broken musical dreams or what?


Hi there

Thoroughly enjoying the honesty of your paper Jamie.
Keep up the good work.
The people of our community need to know the truths.