Project O-Titan CRTF Charge 37 in Massive Marijuana Smuggling Bust near Cornwall Ontario – June 20, 2013

Project O-Titan CRTF Charge 37 in Massive Marijuana Smuggling Bust near Cornwall Ontario – June 20, 2013

CFN – Today, the Cornwall Regional Task Force (CRTF) – Serious and Organized Crime team (SOC) and partners announced the results of a project that dismantled alleged criminal organizations involved in the trafficking of marihuana within Canada and the smuggling of contraband tobacco between Canada and the United States.

Project O-TITAN was led by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) – CRTF – Serious and Organized Crime team (SOC) in partnership with:

1)   Ontario Provincial Police (OPP),

2)   Cornwall Community Police Service (CCPS),

3)   Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service (AMPS),

4)   Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and

5)   Ontario Ministry of Finance


Project O-TITAN was initiated in 2012 and initially targeted individuals involved in the smuggling of contraband tobacco from the United States to the Cornwall area, and its distribution to various locations in Eastern Ontario.  Through investigation, the police identified five separate groups operating together as required in the smuggling of contraband tobacco, and in the trafficking of marihuana.


During the course of the investigation, the CRTF-SOC team seized, 11,615 cartons of contraband cigarettes,  over 100 pounds of marihuana, more than $52,000 in Canadian currency, four (4) firearms, seventeen (17) vehicles and two (2) boats which were involved in the commission of the offences.  Two marihuana grow operations were also dismantled and the RCMP’s Integrated Proceeds of Crime Unit (IPOC) has obtained a court order to restrain a Cornwall residence which was used as a marihuana grow operation.


O-Titan photo#1_1

“This week, following a long-term investigation, a criminal organization was dismantled resulting in the arrests of involved individuals, the seizure of contraband tobacco, illicit drugs, weapons, vehicles and a home” stated Insp. Kimpan, officer in charge of the Cornwall Regional Task Force – Serious and Organized Crime team.  “I wish to commend the dedicated men and women who had a part in this investigation.  The success of this investigation underscores what can be accomplished when law enforcement works cooperatively towards eliminating the threat of organized crime within our cities”.


O-Titan photo#2_1As a result of this investigation, 37 individuals from Cornwall, Bainsville, Ottawa, Prescott, South Glengarry, South Stormont, the Province of Quebec, and from the Akwesasne Mohawk Territory are facing numerous charges relating to criminal organization, smuggling of contraband tobacco, drugs, guns, forgery, and the proceeds of crime.


The following individuals were charged:


1)    Blake TRUDELL, 54 years old, of Cornwall, Ontario;

2)    Michael MORENCY, 24 years old of South Glengarry, Ontario;

3)    Mark LAMOUREUX, 48 years old of Cornwall, Ontario;

4)    Stéphane BRISSON, 28 years old, Cornwall, Ontario;

5)    Ryan LAPIERRE, 23 years old of Cornwall, Ontario;

6)    Josh GIBEAU, 25 years old of Cornwall, Ontario;

7)    Kevin WALKER, 41 years old of Cornwall, Ontario;

8)    Timothy WOODS, 41 years old of Cornwall, Ontario;

9)    Bradford LAUZON, 38 years old of Cornwall, Ontario;

10)  Steve JOHNSON, 27 years old of Akwesasne, Ontario;

11)  Luc WHITE, 47 years old of Cornwall, Ontario;

12)  Scott TRUDELL, 38 years old of South Stormont, Ontario;

13)  Casey FRAAS, 18 years old of Bainsville, Ontario;

14)  Josh LAFFIN, 32 years old of Akwesasne, New York;

15)  Chad LAFFIN, 31 years old of Akwesasne, New York;

16)  Robert MARTINEAU, 45 years old of Morrisburg, Ontario;

17)  Robert BRUN, 50 years old of Ottawa, Ontario;

18)  Lloyd PILON, 66 years old of Ottawa, Ontario;

19)  Gladys MULLIGAN, 40 years old of Ottawa, Ontario;

20)  Lynn MEAGHER, 46 years old of Ottawa, Ontario;

21)  Todd YOUNG, 39 years old of Ottawa, Ontario;

22)  David MARSHALL, 47 years old of Prescott, Ontario;

23)  Cory FLYNN, 42 years old of Prescott, Ontario;

24)  Danielle JUBY, 36 years old of Prescott, Ontario;

25)  Miranda LETCHER, 18 years old of Prescott, Ontario;

26)  Christian SAUMIER, 18 years old of Prescott, Ontario;

27)  Sonia BOUCHER, 44 years old of Cornwall, Ontario;

28)  Deborah FRANCIS, 50 years old of Akwesasne, Ontario;

29)  Joshua FRANCIS, 24 years of old Akwesasne, Ontario;

30)  Lynn LABRECQUE, 45 years old of Les Coteaux, Quebec;

31)  Robin FLORES, 29 years old of St-Zotique, Quebec;

32)  Donny CAMPEAU, 37 years old of Cornwall, Ontario;

33)  Mike THOMPSON, 33 years old of Cornwall, Ontario;

34)  Lam Tung LA, 51 years old of Cornwall, Ontario;

35)  Quach Ngoc LAN, 51 years old of Cornwall, Ontario;

36)  Nathan RILEY, 23 years old of Cornwall, Ontario;

37)  Quoc Vu BUI, 37 years old of St-Hubert, Quebec;


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WOW! Court costs will be through the roof.. We tax payers don’t mind.. Why don’t the police give themselves a 14% raise.. We don’t mind.. Stop wasting our money and leave these people alone. This is just plain bullying.. Legalize

Start Believeing

Less scum on the streets now!


AWESOME JOB!!! And Nonbeliever… if anyone is entitled to a raise it’s these people who we call when we need help. Rather see it go to them then a lot of others out there. Bullying… that’s laughable. Look up a word before you use it.

Jane Doe

I wonder how long these charges keep them off the streets….


Even if drugs were legal there would be such a humoungous problem like what is happening in Mexico and Columbia as we speak. I am for the cops who caught these scum bags and believe me there are plenty more than just these people.

annoynomous 12
first off this is for the “start believing” comment. what gives you the right to call any one of them scum. Do you know them personally? NO! Do you know the circumstances of all their charges and what they are accused of? NO! Do you know the situation that they are in and why the turn to this!!!? NO!!. Do you know if they are even guilty of any of the charges that they are accused of!!!? NO!!! So you should just sit back and collect the welfare cheque that you are receiving free and think that all is good… Read more »

Anonymous 12 was the loudest comment ever on
CFN. She must be in The Menopause. And I agree that this type of police expense is ridiculous. These coppers are too focused, Leave it alone for {MODERATED} sakes. I know admin believes in his civil liberties. {MODERATED} cops.

Anonymous should say that to the government where they charge tons of money for cigarettes that I have another name for it and I will just use the word “crap”. My son pays over $80./carton for cigarettes here in Ottawa (those are the legal ones) and my husband gets cheaper cigs at Costco here in Ottawa for over $50/carton. It is all highway robbery. I understand all too well about wanting to put food on the table and shelter over ones head and not wanting welfare or doing both but I can assure you that as one who sells this… Read more »
Anonymous 81

Maybe the rcmp should do there job and not hope that rats call every day and then they take credit for the bust

It Doesn't matter

So annoynomous 12, what your saying, is because I may be on welfare because I’m a single mom, or single dad and may need assistance’s help I’m a welfare bum? Oh and basically for a city to survive we need cheap cigarettes? Please, GET a Life….I hope next time you get caught…Life sucks ya, but maybe you want to try an HONEST Job ….Eventually my dear it all comes to an end, and most of these dirt bags end up in Jail and when they get out, they live like me…on welfare…A bum you call it…

Be Realistic
If you are against smoking marijuana, you are most likely uneducated in this matter. I am not calling anyone stupid or anything. Some one dies every couple of seconds from smoking tobacco. There has never been a reported death from directly smoking marijuana. Every couple minutes some one dies from drinking alcohol. There is no medical benefits from tobacco. Very limited benefits from consuming alcohol. There are numerous health benefits from smoking marijuana. I recommend the non believers to watch a movie called “Legalize it”. If you don’t want to watch it, take ten minutes and look it up. The… Read more »
Big D

Looks like a couple of jobs are available,

cotton weary
cig smugglers are not the crooks here, the government is the largest legalized mafia in the world they got us all hooked on these things when they were so readily available and affordable at 50 cents a pack to now 10$ on average, these guys are robin hood as far as i am concerned giving back to the people at a price they can afford to low income families single mother and the less fortunate, they are not hurting anyone except the government who have been screwing us for centuries, they are also the safest drivers on the road hahah… Read more »
annoynomous 12
Attention to “it doesn’t matter” first off if you can actually read, not once did I mention the word BUM for anyone on welfare. Second off, I never mentioned anything about me being involved in it. So before you assume something get your facts straight. And yes Cornwall wouldn’t survive dumbass without the illegal cigarettes in this city (ask any store or restaurant owner) because the businesses wouldn’t survive with just people on welfare. Because if you are on welfare, be honest, when was the last time you went out for supper and was able to afford a $100 dollar… Read more »
Seen Enough Through the Years
Seen Enough Through the Years
Note to Start Believing – the WORST “scum” – as you call people – is still on the streets. Pedophiles and murderers get slapped on the wrist and released back to the public on a daily basis. Child care workers abuse children and walk away with no criminal charges or minor ones. Crooked politicians at every level support their “buddies” businesses handing out taxpayers’ money like candy. The problem with this whole criminal justice system as I see it is that we focus on material things – especially anything that gives government less of taxpayers money to spend. The valuable… Read more »
Reg Coffey

It is a sad statement for our community that individuals have to turn to crime to earn(?) an income and sadder still that our community feels it has to depend on the income from crime to survive.

Having said that, this is not the prohibition era where rum runners were considered modern day Robin Hoods reacting to an unjust law. If you break the law you are a criminal and you suffer the consequences when you get caught. If you don’t like the law then you vote for your political party of choice to change the law.

“Seen Enough Through the Years” you are absolutely right in all what you said. Not everyone in past years was on welfare and they were smuggling. Many were Domtar employees, etc. As for collecting welfare people have to live. The real welfare gang is on Parliament Hill collecting 6 figure salaries and all the perks to boot and we the little people are paying for those bunch of low life crooks. The little people on welfare are mostly struggling and they are not the ones who could afford those speed boats and the gas to put in them to go… Read more »

It would seem that the type of money it would take to organize such a “sting” would be better spent on creating employment in this city. In my neighbourhood (in Cornwall) the smell of crack is much stronger than the smell of pot. Give your fuc ing heads a shake!!!!


if you deal Marijuana you get arrested and embarrassed.. yet if you’re a conservative senator and take a bribe for $90K… you offer an apology and walk free and everything is forgotten…what a country!!


Bang on Reg, “ya do the crime, ya do the time” ! I have not a tinkle of pity for them ! Let them get a legal job, like most of us ? Hopefully, when they appear in court, (if they show) here’s hoping that the Judge, was awake all night with a wicked tooth-ache & he throws the preverbial book at them . lol

p.s. , oh ya, if their found guilty……..

Thumbs up, “TASK FORCE”

Someone here said that marijuana is not addictive and that depends on the person. I remember in my senior year of high school back in the later 60’s a boy that went to school with me was always stoned on hashish. He said that his brother in law provided him with the drug. The history teacher knew all about him being stoned as well as the other teachers. I met that history teacher here in Ottawa when I was expecting for my son and we were at a gas station in the evening with my husband and he laughed about… Read more »
David Oldham

Careful REG sounds a lot like common sense .

Reg Coffey isn’t it strange that JFK’s father was one of the bootleggers during prohibition and he made his fortune that way. When it comes to the rest of us then we are considered as criminals. I admired JFK and tears run in my eyes when I think about him being assassinated but his old man did mighty bad things and people of the past generations before our day have never forgotten what the old man did. I am very much against drugs and always will be but I can see in a way why people turn to such a… Read more »
one of the scumbag
referring to all you people who has called us scumbags I was one of the scumbags I have a family of 7 children I was not collecting no from of assistant from the government as welfare or odsp a year ago had a stroke which prevented me from returning to work with a family so large and no assistant which I refuse to collect and no money coming in I chose to smuggle I did not have to work 80 hours a week to support my family because I could not do that because of the stoke which left me… Read more »
One of the scumbag I sympathize with your situation and having 7 kids is no picnic and when I was a child back in the 50’s and 60’s era I knew of families of 18, 21 and 22 kids and they managed very well to get by and many had to take their kids out of school to go and work to help provide for the family and all I will say is that there is one in particular that you all know and I get down on my knees and appreciate the living hell that this man and his… Read more »
one of the scumbags

jules when I started this I knew what the consequences were and I am more than willing to face it no matter what and I am not looking for sympathy I have a way of life and follow it if you can not do the time don’t do the crime but what they want to give me is pretty harsh 10 to 20 years for cigarettes but I am ready

boycott the system
I am a single Mom of 2 and I seen so much chaos and self-destruction in this city and anywhere else where the Gvt is concerned. If people would stand up for themselves and come together to fight for our country as a whole then we would not be electing the “biggits” we happen to be voting for would we?! I never voted, so frankly, I don’t care. They are all “crooks” in my eyes. I agree that it isn’t easy unfortunately to get a good, paying job when you’re limited to what is available. By bringing in more businesses,… Read more »
one of the scumbags what you do not know as well as the rest in Cornwall and many parts of Canada is that there are drones in the sky and they are following everyones move and you cannot run nor hide you always get caught especially with today’s technology. I sure do understand where you are coming from and you have such pride not to take social assistance of some sort. There is no sin in taking social assistance and if you are disabled like you say you are then you can get ODSP. My dad was on that system… Read more »

Lots of feathers flying lol… Prohibition is a war on people. No war, no problems. Until then our streets will be run by the gangstas/police. One in the same.

Prescott Resident
Well first off calling them scum is what it is. Everyone has an opinion. Second defending them saying ” Do you know the situation they were in”? Either your with one of them that got caught or you are just lucky you didn’t get caught. One of those people that did get caught has a very successful business and has been doing what he was doing for a very very long time. I feel bad for the minors but if you want to play the game you have to do the time also. I find it funny though that the… Read more »
Prescott Resident
I just wanted to also say that the topic went from people getting busted to economics to politicians. Believe you me I’m not saying that all of them are not criminals or greedy and their misdeeds don’t deserve punishments either. These people got caught through a long ass investigation, people ratting people out and just cop work ( either good or bad ). YOu do illegal crap then you also know what can happen if you get caught. The funny part is when you talk with these people they are laughs and jokes about what they are doing and believe… Read more »

I feel so much safer knowing that some weed and ciggies have been taken off the streets.

shake your heads

i know one of the people caught and one who wasnt caught …yet. neither needed the money to live or support kids or eat etc… they did it for the dollars!! now one is caught and he is an idiot anyways so i hope they throw the book at him!! he wont be a ‘bigshot’ in prison. he will be holding some guys belt loop as his little bitch.