Six Questions – Mark MacDonald Cornwall City Councilor & Dad

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macHere are Six Questions with Cornwall City Councilor Mark MacDonald.  I’m going to thank Mark for being a good sport and being our first Question Participant.

Question 1:    What made you decide to enter politics and become a City Councilor?

mac As long as I can remember I have had a love for politics.  At an early age a cousin of mine, Mr. Garth “Sam” McCallum, worked for Richard Hatfield, Premier of New Brunswick.  As teenagers,my brother Michael and I had a chance to travel there and meet the Premier.  That experience left a great impression on me and I knew then that politics was for me.

Question 2:    What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment in life so far?

mac My greatest accomplishment so far are my two children Jason and Amanda.  They both make me very proud and I consdier them to be very “family oriented”, with strong traditional values, thanks in great part to my Mom and Dad.

Question 3:    What do you think the biggest challenge facing Cornwall today is, and what do you think can be done to face it?

mac Cornwall’s biggest challenge is leveraging our position with other governments.  What I plan to do about it is make people aware so that we can speak with a strong unified voice so we can move forward as a community.  Our taxes are to high, population to low (46,000 for years), per capita income to low and we are not doing enough to move issues like the bridge and equal payment for the Power Dam taxes along, just to name a few.

Question 4:     Where do you see Cornwall in twenty years?
In twenty years our community will be a mecca for young families and seniors alike.  Cornwall will be “THE PLACE” to live if you want to experience a truly cultural,economical and healthy lifestyle.  Our waterfront bike path, cost of housing and our own “French Quarter” in Le Village, will make us unique in all of Canada.

Question 5:     If you could do any one thing in the world to have fun what would it be?
Mostly because I have a very understanding partner, Karen Ann Eenkhoorn, I am living my dream and having fun right now.  I work hard on local politics and I meet new friends everyday.  I play music whenever I want (violin, guitar, mandolin and accordion) and every opportunity I get I try to connect with people with the hope that as a community we can all make things a little easier as we progress through life.

Question 6:     What do you dislike most about Politics?

mac I do not dislike politics.  Politics is everything and either you get involved or you are destined to become governed by those people that do.

Bonus Question:  Would you like to see part of the Domtar location converted to a Casino?

mac The former Domtar site would be better as residential and parkland, we have a Casino in Akwesasne and we should be developing greater partnerships with the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne.

Thanks again to Mark MacDonald for being our first Six Questions interview and please let us know what you think of this feature.

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