Is it time for The Medicare Party of Canada? EDITORIAL

It really is all of our own faults.    In life we really have to decide what’s important to us.

In my opinion what really sets Canada apart from the US is our Medicare system.  It was one of the first in the world and emulated by many countries.

For almost 35 years now it’s been slowly attacked by various levels of governments.    It’s as if the bean counters in Ottawa figured out that for every % they cut from Medicare they’d save  a certain amount from Old Age pensions.

To me this is basically a culling of the herd and I don’t know about you, but I don’t like it one bit.

When I was a child in the 70’s just about everyone had a doctor of their own.   Now, forget about it.   No preventative care reduces the quality and length of life.  A  “GP” generally gives you faster and better entry into the system for needed services.

I’m a very very lucky person.  I found a super doctor in Montreal that I’ve had since 1984.   He’s going to retire one of these days.   I’ve lived in Cornwall for 5 years and still don’t have a local GP.    I use my doc and I go to a clinic on McConnell serviced by quite a few Montreal doctors because the Quebec system won’t let them work in Quebec.

When I arrived in Cornwall I came down with a Staph infection.  Normally the procedure is to have a nurse show up at your house to administer IV 3 times per day.  Because of red tape between provinces I was made to come to an emercency ward basically playing Russian Roulette with germs as I had a lower immune system at the time.

I have a list of personal horror stories from friends and family – I bet most of you that read this do to.

We vote for the Government we get.   If we don’t vote; if we don’t get involved in the process; we get what we are seeing now, and frankly it’s scary.

So I urge anyone that reads this to do a few things.   One, educate yourself about what Governments, our paid employees are doing to our health care system.

Two, take action if you’re as unhappy with the system as I am.  That can be contacting your local MP Jim Brownell and every other politician you meet.

Personally I’ve wanted to start The Medicare Party of Canada because to me if we’re not healthy and alive not much else matters and I don’t think any party in today’s policital system has the cojones to do anything about this crisis.

And there’s a rally this Saturday, the 18th to protest the situation in front of Jim’s office.   If you can attend please do and if you can’t honk your car horn as you drive by his office.

I’ll paste the press release.

Thanks and if you want any more info on helping to create The Medicare Party of Canada email me at

Jamie Gilcig – The Cornwall Free News

Media Advisory – Ontario Fights Back!

    April 18th: Cross Province Protests Over Hospital Cuts

    TORONTO, April 14 /CNW/ -

    What:  On April 18th, communities from across the province who are facing
    -----  major hospital cuts or closures of entire hospitals will be
           holding protests at their nearest McGuinty government MPP office.

    Why:   Consistent and intentional underfunding of hospital global budgets
    ----   by the McGuinty government are fuelling the kind of cuts to beds
           and services not seen since the unprecedented Harris cuts of the
           mid-'90s. Small and rural hospitals are under threat of closure,
           emergency rooms are being closed, mass layoffs are being
           announced, and services are being privatized, cut and/or
           centralized in hospitals far from patients' homes. The situation
           is slated to get worse in the fiscal year from April 1, 2009 -
           March 31, 2010 as more than 70% of hospitals will be thrown into
           deficit unless the government improves funding. For Ontario
           residents in both rural and urban communities, hospital cuts mean
           lost capacity, longer waits, worse overcrowding, traveling
           further, higher infection rates, and paying out of pocket.

    When:  Saturday April 18, 2009

    Cross Province Rally Locations, Times, and Contact Information:

    11 am at MPP Jim Brownell's office: 20 Montreal Rd., Cornwall
    -   for information contact: Diane at 613-936-0980

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