Round 1 of the Play-Offs – Predictions

Habs vs Bruins

My brain says Bruins in 5.   My heart hopes for something totally different.

What will it take for the Habs to win?   They have to HURT the Bruins early.   They HAVE to win game 1.    They have to HURT Lucic and Chara EARLY and OFTEN.

That means they have to FORECHECK hard and make it count.   They have to use their speed to keep the puck in Zone 3 and not in their end.

On a personal note I’d like to see Halak start in net.

Caps vs Rangers

I see Washington winning this in 5 or 6 games.    It’s hard to shut down Ovechkin and Green.   I don’t think the Rangers have the ability to do it although I really do like their coach.

I also think Jose Theodore can put on a show and just might.

How can the Rangers win?  Score more goals than Washington 🙂   It’s not going to happen this round.

Devils vs Canes

I love Marty Brodeur.   I knew him before he signed in the NHL and I want him to win.   I think though as talented as NJ is that the Canes will pull a shocker and win in 6 or 7 games.   You just can’t underestimate the veteran laden Canes who have a good goalie themselves.

How can the Devils win?  Marty has to pull a Patrick Roy…or a Martin Brodeur and steal the show.

Penguins vs Flyers

This should be the most entertaining series of the first round.  Both teams can score.   I lean towards the Flyers because they can also beat the crap out of the Penguins.   I also don’t think Geno can do it in the play-offs.

Flyers in 6.

I’ll do the West tomorrow.

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