Bridge CLOSED signs and Heavy Tractors at Bridge in Akwasasne 10:30 PM May 31’st 2009

It’s 10:40 PM as I write this having just crossed the bridge back to Cornwall.  

Numerous fires are lighting up a clear sky as hundreds of people mill about waiting for something to happen at MIDNIGHT.

It was suggested to me that I put my camera away so there will be no pics with this report. 

As I passed through Canada Customs I asked the agent if she knew about the signs?  She nodded and waived me through more quickly than I’m used to as I crossed the border.

As I write this I’m not sure if the bridges will be blocked or if this is just a really good bit of rhetoric.   If I were a betting man I think that when I wake up in the morning the bridges will be blocked.

Hopefully calmer heads will prevail and this will sort itself out peacefully and with as little discomfort to those of us that cross the bridge regularily.

And to that very rude girl working the bridge fee station I do hope they fire you for being unprofessional.

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