Pride/Fierté Cornwall Shutting Down with a Bang!


Due to a lack of interest and support from the LGBT community, Pride/Fierté Cornwall will cease all operations effective Sunday, November 1, 2009.

Since October 2007, support for the organization and attendance at our various events has been steadily decreasing, and numerous calls for volunteers and fresh ideas have mostly gone unheeded.  This has led to shortfalls in revenue and burnout for the existing board members, which in turn has resulted in a lower quality of our product.  This cycle of circumstances can only go on for so long before it completely does away with our credibility as an organization.  There are always times in life where one must graciously concede defeat and walk away with dignity; for us, that time is now.

Perhaps the novelty of having a Pride committee here has worn off.  Perhaps LGBT people believe that because they’re now (for the most part) legally equal in Canadian society, the fight is over and Pride is no longer needed.  Whatever the reason, we have come to accept that the overwhelming majority of Cornwall’s Queer population doesn’t consider us relevant or desirable enough to make supporting our initiatives a priority.  So be it.

We’ve decided that since we’re going to wrap things up, we’re going to go out with a bang.  Our last ever function will be the annual Halloween party on Saturday, October 31 at 9:00 pm at the Best Western Parkway Inn.  This will be an all ages event.  Admission is $10.00 which will include a late night buffet and prizes for outstanding costumes.  Music will be provided by DJ Alain Merizzi.

Whatever loose ends are left over in the days following our dissolution will be expediently tended to, including the closure of our bank account.  We’ve decided that all funds left over will be donated to local charities.  We invite all individuals, businesses, service clubs and advocacy groups who have contributed to Pride/Fierté Cornwall over the years to submit suggestions about which charities would be the most deserving.  All our financial records may be viewed upon request.  You may contact us at

We sincerely thank all those who over the past six years have made Pride/Fierté Cornwall the success it has been.  While the public mood suggests otherwise, we still believe in our heart of hearts that the LGBT Pride movement is a vital force which adds to the quality of life in Cornwall.  We genuinely hope that someone, somewhere, someday may take the initiative to pick things up where we left off.  We wish them well.

Webmaster/Member at Large
Pride/Fierté Cornwall

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