Cornwall Pride to March in Parade of Nations September 26, 2009

From Paul Aubin:


Greetings all.

We’re pleased to announce that Pride/Fierté Cornwall will be in the third annual Parade of Nations to be held on Saturday, September 26th. The Parade of Nations is an annual festival celebrating oneness, acceptance, inclusion and harmony between all of people of Cornwall and the world, regardless of their background. In the three short years of its existence it’s grown to be one of Cornwall’s biggest festivals and we’re truly honoured to be invited to participate.

This year’s parade begins at 2:00 pm at St. Lawrence College and makes its way to Lamoureux Park via Montreal Road and Water Street. The park will feature information tables and loads of free entertainment at the Cornwall Lions Club bandshell all weekend.

We really would like to see Cornwall’s LGBT community make a very visible presence in this year’s parade, which is why we’re inviting you – our Queer sisters and brothers, our families, friends and allies – to join us in carrying our colours. Please bring your rainbow flags and/or whatever other Pride themed gear you may have if you’d like to march with us.

Registration for the parade will be on the grounds of St. Lawrence College and will be about half an hour before the start, but we feel it would be prudent to get there a little earlier. We’re asking all of you who want to take part to arrive at the college at around 1:00 pm so we can get the paperwork done and decide on how we’ll go forth. Please come if you can.

For more information about the Parade of Nations, visit their web site at

Please forward this message far and wide.  Many thanks indeed.

Webmaster/Member at Large
Pride/Fierté Cornwall

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  1. Since when is an gay person a nation unto themselves? Gay people are not a nation or a culture, it’s a sexual orientation. No different than wither I like Starbucks or Tim Hortons. Ooooo I like Tim Hortons, I want to be different like people from Tibet.

    Get bent.

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