Did we say something? Cornwall Free News meter is spinning.

We are on a pace to double our traffic from last month.    Stunning.   We just blew past the 35,000 page view mark, but for some reason some of our content seems to be drawing a lot of you to read, watch, and listen.

In the last week we are on such a torrid pace that we may have more visitor traffic for the month of September than we have since the site’s inception.     Humble thanks to all of you that have taken a moment from your lives to help us grow and allow us to serve you.

Keep telling us what you want us to cover.    Our Online Radio show should be live as of October, and Season One of our Cooking with Kretz video show will also be shot in October and exclusive to this site.

We also are hoping to add a Sports Guru or two to the staff to cover the local hockey scene as well as the NHL and, the final tidbit to leak out is that we may have two more video shows about to be announced.

So keep visiting The Cornwall Free News and keep spreading the word.

Thank you, each and every one of you,

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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