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Well it’s all settling in for the fans of San Jose, Ottawa, and the NHL in general.   Some interesting coverage has been written with some interesting comments and suggestions.  And the more I read about Michalek, the more I like.  I can see him doing quite well with “Big Dawg” Alex Kovalev.

L I N K – Should a trade request nullify a No Trade Clause?  I say yes.

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And this coverage from a local Hockey Nut!

Sens move Heatley

“In a move that had to be made the Ottawa Senators have traded Dany Heatley to San Jose for Milan Michalek and Jonathon Cheechoo.    As bad as things have become in Ottawa it was not a surprise. Heatley arrived as he said he would, reported to GM Brian Murray who looked into Heatley’s eyes and knew he had to force the issue, and soon.

Gone are the back door one timers, gone are the powerplay rushes with Spezza and gone is a prolific goal scorer and fan favorite who just wanted out. In return the Sens get two proven forwards from the Sharks who should bring energy and grit to an often soft team.

Will that be enough to erase the memory of a true goal scorer?

Ottawa fans will have to wait until the 2010-2011 season to see their former superstar as the Sharks don’t play in Ottawa this season. Heatley is probably happy about that, however the other team he is accused of snubbing, the Edmonton Oilers, well the Sharks do play in Edmonton three times this year and if Dany Heatley thinks the Sens faithful are upset, just wait until the Oilers fans get their chance first.”

Did the Sens do well in the Dany Heatley Trade?

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