Russia’s Vladimir Putin Loves Hockey – Loves Running Russia More

putin You have to give Mr. Putin Kudos for loving his country.   Here’s a link to  a story that sounds like he really wants the KHL to compete with the NHL for status.  L I N K

In a move that certainly wouldn’t suprise many Mr. Putin is now hinting on taking his old job back as President of Russia.  L I N K

And jumping back to hockey just to be confusing and get some weird search engine results, an Ontario Watchdog has stated that if the NHL wins the Phoenix Coyotes instead of Jim Balsillie they may investigate.


“We are concerned,” Taylor said. “We are looking at all the paperwork that’s coming out of the proceedings and we will take action if we believe that the veto that Toronto thinks they have is exercised and blocks a team. The exercise of the veto that effectively blocked a team from moving would raise concerns for us and would be something we would investigate.”

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