Is lying to the public at a party level good politics? Pinocchio Harper at work and play.

I just shake my head as I read this stuff. The first thing you see when you go to Mr Harper’s pinnwebsite are attack ads graphically displayed.

A click away you can participate in something called Where Mr. Harper and his team will actually instruct you to perpetuate lies to the media by writing letters to the editor or calling in radio talk shows.

I’m not making this up.  Just click the links and go to the site.    I can’t believe that this is even exposed to the public.

Here are points they suggest for letter writing:

“Canada’s Economic Fundamentals Remain Strong

  • In times of global economic uncertainty, Canadians want to know that there is a steady hand to guide us through these difficult times. Under Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, Canada’s economic fundamentals are strong and we will weather the economic storm.
  • Canada is not like the United States, our banking and insurance institutions remain competitive and strong.
  • Lowest unemployment rate in 33 years.
  • More than $37 billion of the National Debt has been paid off.
  • Liberals want to cripple the economy with a massive carbon tax that will drive up the cost of gas, electricity and everything you buy.
  • NDP want to reverse tax cuts for business and make Canadian industry less competitive

Hmm…do they think the Liberals or any party “want” to cripple the economy?   That makes zero sense.   There are sadly thousands of Canadians that make payments on their credit cards only to put them back at their limit to survive.

What good was allegedly paying off $37 Billion on the deficit and then driving it up past double that amount with no stop in sight?  Cut the GST by 2% only to see the HST appear?

And to suggest that the NDP want to make Canadian Business less competitive should be considered for court action never mind written in by hundreds if not thousands of well intentioned people.

Is this Democracy in action?  Is this what our MP stands for in this riding?  I hope not.

It gets better with Mr Harper’s advice for talk shows:


  • Liberals consistently planned ‘surprise surpluses’ by overtaxing Canadians in order to pay for their overblown spending priorities.
  • NDP want to reverse tax cuts for business and make Canadian industry less competitive.
  • Under the Conservatives, we have the lowest unemployment rate in 33 years.
  • More than $37 billion of the National Debt has been paid off.
  • Conservatives believe in lower taxes as we pay down the national debt.”
Hmm….you accuse the Liberals of over taxing and then you take those same taxes, blow the surplus right out of the water and create some of the highest deficits in Canadian history and that says…….what?
Where did they get the lowest Unemployment rate in 33 years from?  In our riding EI claims for men so far this year are up 58%!   That’s insane and those numbers are from Stats Can.
As for wanting to lower taxes and pay off the debt surely this is a huge example of  3card “read my lips, but don’t follow my hands”
People it’s one thing to actually act this sort of thing out; but to publically ask people to perpetuate it from your official website is beyond immoral.
What kind of reflection of Canada do we show the world when this sort of immoral, fictional, fanatical, and freakily 1930’ish style politics is practiced by a Country such as Canada?
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  1. You really did your research on this one. I find these actions deplorable after checking it out for myself.

  2. I especially enjoyed how I chose to write a letter to the editor, and the only option it gave me was to talk about the economy. And of course you almost have to fill in just about every detail about yourself. Are they keeping a registry?

    I saw just about every news outlet available to choose from as well.

    Either way, yes I agree, one thing I do not like is guided questions or topics. This is not right.

  3. A friend sent me an email for a job posting that required one to either write letters to the editor for the Saskatchewan Conservative (federal) office or be willing to sign some already drafted.

    Is that even legal?

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